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  1. Orangeinessex

    Geri Halliwell #3 Winkie or pinkie? Place your bets ‘Poor’ Geri deserves everything she gets

    Phew - well that took longer to create than it should have ! As you were people - keep it coming (euw, soz).
  2. Yel

    Geri Halliwell #2 Imagine your husband was the 2024 version of 'what color is the dress'

    Thread title by @Lovenews, as one of the most liked comments which fits (y) Honorable mention to @MrsDimSum for "Christian Horner backed in a corner for shagging his PA’s pie. He sent her his thumb covered in cum while in a loo way up in the sky", but it was too long. Unlike.. *badum tss* 🥁...
  3. Clemmieinwonderlust

    Geri Halliwell

    Somebody said Geri doesn’t have her own thread on here so I was wondering if it was ok to make one now what does everyone think of her? I think she’s changed so much and is a shadow of her former self since she got married! And does anybody notice that she always wears white ??? What’s with that ?