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Face 2 Face is a 2004 album by 2face Idibia. It became a major hit (sold up to 2 million copies), initially in Idibia's home country of Nigeria, but quickly spreading through western and southern Africa, and eventually making an impact in Europe as well. Its success owed much to lead radio track "African Queen", a guitar ballad with elements of West African folk music and hip-hop. "Nfana Ibaga" also became a local hit.

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  1. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #110 Dressed like a hooker, eats like a trucker, she's a freebie grabbing mudder

    Congratulations to @Lady Bug for the winning thread title! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Your prize is one of Grace's Jacob's PR drops! Hey Grace, pass the bickies! Oh, wait, Grace is not willing to part with the biscuits so no prize for you. Ah well. Full title was: Dressed like a hooker, eats like a trucker, where...
  2. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #109 When yer arse is as saggy as yer chest Try the scrunchy bum from Women's Best

    Congratulations @Tiredandemotional for another winning thread title πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You win a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly but Grace is going to get them taken in for you for that burst sausage look 😘 Full title is: When yer arse is as saggy as yer chest Try the scrunchy bum from Women's Best...
  3. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #108 The car is OTTHO MATTHICK, it's HYDRO MATTHICK, why it's Grease lightening

    Congratulations to @Skinner for the winning thread title suggestion with a HEWAGE 114 likes. Your prize is you get to go on a lihl run around the industrial estate with ol' Mongey herself. Grace went to lots of events. She told us feck all about them. Her kids are nowhere to be seen. She's...
  4. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #107 Piercings, Bulmers, 5k by December, two little kids she never remembers

    Congratulations to @MiamooMoo for the winning thread title. Your prize is a polyester jumper. Grace has worn it a few times but assures me it's in brand new condition. Grace is a runner now She's threatening us with more lives with Mags The taxman cometh (hopefully)
  5. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #106 Absenteee Mudder, house filled wih cluhher, food full of buhher looks like scuhher

    Masso congrats to @Tiredandemotional for yet another winning thread title πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Had to do a little editing to make it fit, full title is: This absenteee Mudder, has a house filled wih cluhher, her food is full of buhher and it still looks like scuhher It's Sienna's birthday but it's Greasy's...
  6. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #105 Cup for me waher, cup for me flah whih, kids need pickin up? Couldn't give a shyh

    Congratulations to @Ggeeeeeeee for the winning thread title. I had to butcher it to fit. Full title is: Stanley cup for me waher, nespresso cup for me flah whih, me kids need picking up? I couldn't give a shyh Your girl is currently asking for people to vote on what outfit she should wear to...
  7. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #104 Everythin' I do, I do for them That's why I'm out the gap at 5am

    Big congratulations to @Tiredandemotional for yet another winning thread title! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Your prize is a flesh coloured WB set at least 2 sizes too small x I had to edit the title to make it fit, the full title is Everythin' I do, I do for them That's why I'm out the gap at 5 am Flah Whites, Naps...
  8. jazzbot

    Faces by Grace #103 Takin me coffee into gym class, any excuse to sih on me ass... (tbc)

    Congratulations @Ggeeeeeeee your thread title had the most votes. Unfortunately it's full brilliance doesn't fit but here it is in all it's glory: " Takin me coffee into me class, any excuse to sih on me ass. Crackers 'n' cheese, I'm posh as can be, nothing as noice as food that's free." Your...
  9. jazzbot

    Faces by Grace #102 Eating a sandwich down on the beach, Off to Wexford to behave like a leech.

    Congratulations @StopSayingObsessed, your thread title suggestion had the most votes. Your non transferable prize is some of Greasy's left over face crea-um (don't ask her which brand, sure she's OBSESSED with them all) from her nightoime regime. She was going to rub the excess on her own neck...
  10. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #101 I'm a Greasy girl in a Greasy World My parenting is drastic But I think I'm fantastic

    Ahhh heeyorrr #101 threads on Tallaght's finest 😲😲😲 Congratulations to @Tiredandemotional for the winning thread title. Your prize is a night in Anne's caravan. Grace will collect you later today. Or maybe tomorrow. Recap of #100... Hallelujah 🎺 🎺 🎺 there was apparently no freebie hotel stay...
  11. jazzbot

    Faces By Grace #100 Gracetopher Columbus in all her glory, Exploring the mysterious streets of gorey.

    Grace!!!! wakey wakey, time to get up out the boffice bed. You've finally achieved something!!! Grease: waa? gimme dah πŸ₯΄ You've hit 100 Tattle threads!! Congratulations! That's over 100,000 posts calling out your lies, bullshit, manipulation, dishonesty and mistreatment of your kids!!! Sit...
  12. T

    Faces By Grace #99 Filled up my cup, til it overran, Got called out, so I bawled to Mam!

    Congrats to @StopSayingObsessed Amazing 124+votes for this one !!! On to 100 Anyone want to do a recap?! @jazzbot πŸ‘€
  13. jazzbot

    Faces by Grace #98 This little piggy went to Trim, this little piggy stalks Dim..... (tbc)

    It is with great sadness that I couldn't edit this BEAUTIFUL thread title by our delightful gimme dah @Jackjack38 without ruining the lolz. Full title is: Full thread title: "This little piggy went to Trim, this little piggy stalks Dim, this little piggy loves to be on her own, this little...
  14. jazzbot

    Faces by Grace #97 go home Grace, stop stuffing your face, your poor kids could do with a loving embrace!

    Fabulous title from @harleyquinnjoker. Your prize should you chose to collect it is a €2 voucher towards a sausage in bah-her neck tattoo. Disclaimer: it unfortunately resembles a penis and cannot be used in exchange for another design. πŸ₯΄ Disclaimer: I found it difficult to keep up the last few...
  15. jazzbot

    Faces by Grace #96 Crying for da, scroungin' off Ma, still exploitin' me kids, My "career" is on skids.

    I had time so went ahead but @usefullyuseless hope you don't mind we need your skills back!!!!!! Congratulations to our wonderful gimme dah @Tiredandemotional with another 'stomper' of a thread title (had to edit to fit). Your prize is the yellow dress Greasy tried on in Arnotts!* Credit to...
  16. jazzbot

    Faces by Grace #95 Haven't a dime to holiday with me & mine, but if its a solo trip, I'm first in line!

    @usefullyuseless is the one and only for these but I'll give it a go! Slightly edited thread title to fit. Congrats to our gimme dah @StopSayingObsessed. Your prize is a cold sausage cooked by Paddy's Ma last weekend. But eat it quick, your girl is coming!! "Ah heeeyooor, dah's mine!!!!!" πŸ₯΄...
  17. A

    Faces by Grace #94 Runnin' out the door,diddies on the floor...she gets lots for free but wants more!!!

    Thanks to @Tiredandemotional for the winning thread title -- had to edit it slightly to fit. Original title was: Runnin' out the door, Diddies on the floor ... she might gets lots of free stuff but your girl wants more more more
  18. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #93 Swinging baps, flowing flaps, "your girl" is addicted to daytime naps

    Here we go Gimmes, thread 93 😎😎😎 Congratulations to @ThatGeebag for the winning thread title with a massive 90 votes! Your prize is a dessert delivered to your bedroom. Ice cream on the bedsheets? #OBSESSED! Grace put in a few hours minding (not parenting) her kids so she could ditch them...
  19. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #92 Mon-Sun I'm all abouh the vibez, if I've to spend time with me kids I break out in hives

    Here we go Gimmes, thread #92 πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Congratulations to @Jackjack38 with the (second most voted) winning thread title. Your prize is a fine selection of vape pens chosen by the Grease meister herself. Puff puff. Apologies to @begaphobia who had the winning thread title but after consultation with...
  20. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #91 Gimme dis and gimme dah while I’m watching the dog roidin' the cah

    Welcome my fellow Gimme Dahs to thread 91! Congratulations to @FabulousDarling for the winning thread title. I had to edit it for ✨decency✨ full title is 'gimme dis and gimme dah, while I’m flickin the bean watching the dog roidin the cah.' Your prize is a jar of arctichowitt cream. Verdy...
  21. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #90 She's such a has been, the most absent mother I have ever seen

    Welcome to thread #90! Big congratulations to @Ggeeeeeeee for the winning thread title πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ Your prize is a Women's Best co-ord set with questionable stains. De burst sausage look suits ye, hun ❀ In honour of it being the 90th thread I've included a poll for what our collective name should...
  22. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #89 Screeching kids and a filthy jumper, how long til these brands wake up and dump her?

    Congratulations to @Tiredandemotional for the winning thread title πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Your prize is you get to be Grace's plus one at her next PR event. Whenever that will be πŸ₯± Recap of thread #88... 1. We suspect Grace attended a Dermalogica event as Dom's plus one. As @Onlyhereforthegoss so beautifully...
  23. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #88 Dom has her wedding Jen has her book Greasy uses old meat & overdoes the blusher look

    Congratulations @jazzbot for the winning thread title with 76 votes πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I had to get creative to make it fit - the full title is 'Dom has the wedding, Jen released a book, Greasy uses month old meat, and overdoes the blusher look'. Your prize is a bowl of slow cooker month old meat stew...
  24. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #87 My kids love me salmon bowels, I scrape their plates to fill me jowels!

    Congrats to @teeteebee for the winning thread title! Your prize is a mystery dinner cooked by Grace. Chicken or mushroom, who knows. Hope you've no allergies, hun x Recap of last thread: Grace went on a last min #pr holiday to Portugal and did a piss poor job advertising it. We are not...
  25. usefullyuseless

    Faces by Grace #86 Yiz seriously didn’t think I’d pay to take the kids on holiday

    Huge congratulations to @SpendTooMuchTimeOnHere for the winning thread title. You win a #pr trip to a resort of your choice (OFF PEAK). Flights not included. Recap of #85. Jaysus lads the thread is moving so fast I can't keep up but Grace is on a freebie last min holiday to try salvage her...