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Face 2 Face is a 2004 album by 2face Idibia. It became a major hit (sold up to 2 million copies), initially in Idibia's home country of Nigeria, but quickly spreading through western and southern Africa, and eventually making an impact in Europe as well. Its success owed much to lead radio track "African Queen", a guitar ballad with elements of West African folk music and hip-hop. "Nfana Ibaga" also became a local hit.

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  1. A

    Faces By Grace #19 Harvested basil but still has a crusty vagazzle

    Thanks @Beebles for the thread title Can someone do a recap - it involved harvesting some basil and a lot of crusty, red raw vajayjay talk, all while still photoshopping and doing crap ads
  2. J

    Faces by Grace #18

    Thanks @Hansnomesmans for the thread title. Was a bit long so shortened Faces by Grace to FBG Mod edit, not allowed to shorten the name in the title sorry as it needs to be easily identifiable and consistent otherwise affects everyone in the forum. If there's a shorter thread title report to...
  3. Malone

    Faces by Grace #17 half woman, half bed. Can't feed herself, so calls Krips instead

    New thread for FBG thanks to @josephsgal Mod edit, thread title was messed up as didn't start in the right format and didn't have the tag. Please report when you start a new thread Thank you Mod ! Was half asleep 😀
  4. Y

    Face by Grace #16 Smokey eyes and a hairy lip, I need some me time and an afternoon kip

    We’re running through threads more than she’s running trough tan brands that will work with her 😂
  5. Y

    Faces by grace #15 The gowl in the dirty towel.

    Sick to death of this idiots shit.
  6. Malone

    Faces By Grace #14

    Hope it’s done ok !! Thanks to @AnnaBananaPie for the thread title 🤩 Sorry made a balls of it 🙈 FBG14# Brek on a plah, vag in a stah , kids behind a gah still losing wayh
  7. H

    FacesByGrace #13 I’ve cured my angzyahee, now to cure me itchy gee

    Thread 13 for faces by grace, Grace Mongey! Thread title with the most likes a whopping 103 😯 thanks to @ahtisyourself
  8. T

    FacesByGrace #12 Restriction rules don't apply to me, when I was given a #gifted par-hee

    New thread. Title courtesy of @HarleyG (sorry hun had to shorten slightly because of word count!)
  9. OliviaPope

    Faces by Grace #11 Grace ventura and the pet detectives

    Top voted thread title @ItsBritneyB*itch Edited to fit- Faces by Grace you big disgrace hiding her cat all over the place! Sing it, she will she will block you, she will she will block you!
  10. T

    FacesByGrace #10 secreh to beahin' the bloah? Simple girls, I just take off me coah

    New thread - title winner is @Carlyq92 - 133 votes!! Flying through the threads guys what with all that contenh.
  11. T

    Faces By Grace #9 Covid symptoms, panic attacks & wine, get her a sitter and she'll be fine!

    New thread. Title courtesy of @Hansnomesmans with 109 likes! 😮 (shortened slightly to fit) Please can someone do a recap of the previous thread? There was so much discussed!!
  12. H

    Faces By Grace #8 Didn’t you know she’s the next Oprah? All she needs now is a Gifted bra

    Thread #8 for FBG! Thread title by the one and only @Janeymac ! Edited ever so slightly to fit
  13. H

    Faces by Grace #7 Trush trike, ill go for a hike, Bob the builder will mind the childer

    Thread 7 for FacesbyGrace, thanks to @Malone for the thread suggestion with the most likes! Pic attached in case anyone thinks they were robbed this time round🤣
  14. H

    Faces By Grace #6 Lazy two-faced Grace, just needs life at a slower pace

    New thread for Faces By Grace as the old thread managed to reach a staggering 61 pages😂 Thanks to @I drink & I know things for the thread suggestion name! It came in with the most likes!
  15. Yel

    Faces By Grace #5

    Couldn't see a thread suggestion on the first page of the most liked posts. I've no idea who this Shannon is, but can someone create a thread for them if popular enough to keep this on topic.
  16. Femma

    Faces By Grace #4 #Failgate

    Tailgate was #failgate still scratching our heads, don't mention the " Guh " or she'll take to her bed.
  17. Kissmeimirish

    Faces by Grace #3 Mud on her face, big disgrace, gettin dropped freebies all ova the place

    Many thanks to @storminagcup for the title (Had to change it a little to fit the space)
  18. Cleanoutyourpockets

    Faces by Grace #2 Freebies by Grace

    New thread title thanks to @Beebles
  19. Kissmeimirish

    Faces by Grace (FBG)

    Grace Mongey is an Irish Instagrammer/Influencer/ blogger
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