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  1. gossipgirl59

    Erim Kaur #14 Buying bots and fake awards, she is still such a bore

    Thread title credits goes to @beans01!! Thread number #14 on Erim Kaur, when will these end?! To recap, she is still the same bully who is desperately trying (and failing) to get her products into retail. As these threads go on, she seems to get worse rather than take any accountability. She...
  2. gossipgirl59

    Erim Kaur #13 She bullies other people’s mums while she sticks out her bum

    Thread number #13 on Big Bully Erim Kaur A recap of the thread is coming soon but to summarise: She targeted Parv Sahota’s mum through fake ChatGPT defamation emails and fake accounts Whilst she was sticking out her bum If you would like a full detailed overview of what we have discussed...
  3. wafflesnwings

    Erim Kaur #12 My best friend is my dentist whilst my family thinks I'm a stingy pest a

    Thank you @classytikkamasala for a witty title for thread #12. Welcome everyone. This thread's recap will be split into two parts. The first will be a rundown of Erim's antics from thread 11 with a special FAQ section. Part 2 contains information about her products, people's honest reviews of it...
  4. classytikkamasala

    Erim Kaur #11 Daddy runs the brand, while I buy awards and pretend my life is not bland a

    most liked thread title with credits to @wafflesnwings! please recap!!
  5. gossipgirl59

    Erim Kaur #10 Greenwashing her brand and whitewashing her skin, flashing her mage and her bathroom is beyond grim c

    Thread title with the most votes (made by me). Credits go to @classytikkamasala for the first bit ☺ Guysss I thought for this special double digit thread, I would act like Erim *weird giggle*!! I mean WHO AM I, I have 10 threads about myself. But guys, everyone that hates on me here are just...
  6. gossipgirl59

    Erim Kaur #9 Complains and complains, but doesn't realize that she's the human version of a migraine c

    Thread title made by @wafflesnwings, it describes Erim perfectly 😂😂 Recap of the past thread coming soon, please note that most things we have exposed Erim for is on her wiki page (pink button at the top) so please give that a read if you haven’t already. You can see how problematic she really...
  7. gossipgirl59

    Erim Kaur #8 Crab Queen uses community and culture for clout, but is a massive sell out d

    Thread title credits go to @wafflesnwings If anyone would like to do a recap, please go ahead. There is so much she has done that I can’t think of everything 😭 For anyone wondering why she is called a crab queen. She once said that the Punjabi community have a “crab” mentality where they look...
  8. xx3221

    Erim Kaur #7 My mother’s death financially benefits me, I am morally c

    If anybody would like to do the recap, please go ahead. All I can remember is that she spent the whole of March profiting off of her Mums illness and death, and continued to be a compulsive liar Credits go to @gossipgirl59 for the thread name
  9. gossipgirl59

    Erim Kaur #6 Daddys money, my tiktoks aren’t funny, pick me girl vibes, all I do is tel lies c

    Credits for the thread name go to @blairwaldorf09! Thread number 6 exposing influencer Erim (or irum as we like to call her) who is this beauty right here: A recap of the last thread is appreciated, all she does is tell lies after lies! Also, a summary of all the threads which exposes the...
  10. classytikkamasala

    Erim Kaur #5 Telling tales, desperate to be pale, business is a fail, no wonder it is not in retail c

    Thank you to @gossipgirl59 for the thread title! Recap: -more and more people are speaking up about what she has done and how she has treated them and also how much she lies to her audience and manipulates them as experienced by her "friends" she pays -revealed that she has paid someone who...
  11. tattle420

    Erim kaur #4 Employees are fat shamed, given a £2 pay and have to sign NDAs, bye bye Erim! C

    Thread title credits to @gossipgirl59 who had the most likes on their thread title suggestion. Recap of the past thread: 1. Still claiming that her trolls are being arrested/prosecuted 2. Lying about irrelevant things and begging for free shit on IG stories 3. She's a shitty person. Evidenced...
  12. tattle420

    Erim Kaur #3 She's tracking your I.P address, MI5 are coming, trolls must confess! C

    Thanks to @tattle420 for the suggestion with the highest votes 🥴 Summary of what Ms UK has done: - continue hiding bad reviews of her hairfall oil - report tattle to the police inspector - moved in with her dad's 🧿help - fuck all - holidaying in cyprus but masks it as a "business trip"...
  13. A

    Erim Kaur #2 Aliexpress hair oil causing hair loss, daddy’s money made her a girl boss$$ d

    Thank you to @tattle420 for the thread title suggestion (this one had the most likes) Another thread on our princess hairless Erim 🧿🧿🧿 I would do a recap/summary of the first thread but erim tells so much lies, I can’t keep up 🤣 For any newcomers, I recommend quickly reading the first thread...
  14. A

    Erim Kaur gossip thread

    If you don’t know who she is, she’s known within the brown girl community on Instagram. She seems lovely and I respect how she’s built her own business at a young age. But why are her hair oils so PRICEY- like £40 for a 100ml bottle when I can get the same oils and mix them myself for cheaper...