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  1. SnarkyTart

    Emmylou Loves #37 Catch ya pepe and smell the cheese, someone think of The Children - PLEASE!

    Congrats to @ChunkyCustard for thread title number 37! Your prize is an uncooked African sausage, just waiting to be sizzled outside your local football club canteen the next time they're operating. I've also thrown in a bottle of bewdiful cheeky red. Both items await you in the refrigerator -...
  2. EmmyLou_Spew

    Emmylou Loves #36 Mexican Barry and 50 Shades of Parm - the Glad Bag Hag just can't find calm.

    Thanks for the new thread title @ChunkyCustard
  3. Michy02

    Emmylou Loves #34 Embarrassing herself at tribe & increasing followers with a bribe. No friends Moulin Lou :(

    Hi new thread created sorry had to shorten it! Congratulations to @EmmyLou_Spew for the title 😃 You win a stale packet of saladas and a hunk of slightly used expensive cheese.. Enjoy!
  4. YouveAllBeenAsking

    Emmylou Loves #33 Moves like Tinky Winky, too-tight clothing makes it stinky

    Congratulations to queen @Messychaotic - one word for the new thread title! Please report to Dundas & Fausset to claim your prize of one pair of black clodhoppers, a Rachel Gilbert Alice McCall string bikini-inspired dress and a voucher for a bilateral hand and wrist x-ray. You may celebrate by...
  5. Dalej7

    Emmylou Loves #32 Wax your flaps and strap on in while we watch Emmy convince us she's thin

    Ok guys. I hope I did this right. My anxiety was not great seeing us on page 52 😂 I have no idea how to write or recap (please rescue me @sure...media! Why can I never tag you?) But basically after being MIA for 9 days, she came back with a new lease on life. in the space of 5 days She gifted...
  6. Messychaotic - one word

    Emmylou Loves #31 Emmylou has done a runner, ALove has a new lover, no more Bali retreat, what a bummer

    Congratulations to @Drama Filled Llama for the winning title! You have won a very special prize indeed: They're very bewdiful so please make sure you show them off when you're having your steak out at The Graham, turning the street into your catwalk and for the 'gram...
  7. Messychaotic - one word

    Emmylou Loves #30 In the foreskin skivvy she resembles a chode, one more cheezel and her guts will explode

    Congratulations to @liar liar flaps on fire for the winning title! I had to change it ever so slightly to make it fit (hope you don't mind). As your prize, you get to choose a maximum of three items from the left-hand side of the warehouse: And just like that, we're on thread #30! Which is...
  8. Messychaotic - one word

    Emmylou Loves #29 Urine angles and lettuce a’plenty - Mama’s headin to Bali for knock off Fendi

    Huge congratulations to @ChunkyCustard for the winning title! 🥳 You have won ... let me see what we have in our prize cupboard ... oooh, it's a lovely item of clothing from Emmylou's Warehouse Sale. Congratulations! 🎉 Who wants to do the recap? Previous thread...
  9. SnarkyTart

    Emmylou Loves #28 Equestrian Shrek, what the heck, EL's Swim School all hands on deck. Need a new man

    Thank you @YankeeRoo for our 28th thread title 👏🏼🐎🏊🏼‍♀️🥓✌🏽 🚨THE BALI EMAIL HAS ARRIVED. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.🚨 Grab ya Canasten and a box of Cheezels, put your feet up on your second (or third?) hand recliner and get comfy. The Emmylou Shitshow rolls on! Edit: fricken hell....the title was so...
  10. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou Loves #27 Buy my clothes and eat my cheese, line my pockets and catch my disease.

    Put down the cheese, pick up a mangy second hand dress and blink twice if EmmyLou films you and you're one of us at the warehouse tonight.... Thanks to @YellowFingerDustforDays for the thread title!
  11. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou #26 Aged meat and Bali retreats, banana condoms and clod hopper feet

    Welcome to lucky thread #26 for Emmylou from Emmylou Loves! Congratulations to @cheezelfingers for the winning thread title! I’ll be sending you a big slab of meat and some pre-cooked rice in the mail. Don’t worry about the lack of refrigeration, it’s just air drying to add some extra flavour...
  12. SnarkyTart

    Emmylou Love #25 Her body shut down, it all went caput, now she's in Udbud with Ketut

    Congrats and terima kasih to @Scaredweirdlittleguy for our 25th thread title ✌🏽👏🏼 This thread is bought 🤭 to you by the letter B, in honour of Bali, bananas, Big Bird and Emmylou's abominable style. The boorish bully surprised us all and took her clown show on the road, arriving in Udbud...
  13. 1001 others

    Emmylou Loves #24 Yo yo mumma looking for a man, flashing her cans, about to start her Only Fans

    Congratulations to @TrainwreckinTulla for the most-liked new thread title! You have won a leftover bag of cheezels (they've been on the floor under the bed so might have a bit of fluff on them); some pre-loved, unwashed, jeans; and a lovely selection of used aprons! Special mention to @posty...
  14. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou Loves #23 Aaron’s a witch, Tattle’s a bitch, so get ya sponsored kitchen tits out for Mitch

    Thread number 23 for Emmylou from Emmylou Loves! We are flying through these! Thank you to @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor for working like a mad dog to come up with our new thread title 👏🏻
  15. Michy02

    Emmylou Maccarthy #22 Our Lady of Perpetual Cringe Is Receiveth By The Angelic Order of Cheezels

    Emmylou Loves #22 Our Lady of Perpetual Cringe Is Receiveth By The Angelic Order of Cheezels (by @SnarkyTart thank you for our new thread title! 👏🎉) Follow the light Emmylou 🙏🤲🕯📿 👼⭕ Last thread we were treated to ELL’s personal space! We found a hidden surprise of a packet of cheezels under...
  16. 1001 others

    Emmylou Loves #21 Spent the last 6 yrs glued to her phone, still can’t work out why she’s waking up alone

    Congratulations to @icouldsizedown for the great new title! (I had to abbreviate 'years' to make it all fit). A special mention to @Fungal flaps whose post about her incredible weight loss was the most liked! The previous thread can be found here...
  17. 1001 others

    Emmylou Loves #20 sirrums and tonic, daily colonic, the Camilla catsuit looks moronic

    And just like that, here we are at thread #20! Congratulations to our MVP @YouveAllBeenAsking for the hilariously witty new title! In thread #19, we were exposed to Emmylou's solo fashion show for Camilla ... that took up most of the thread, as there was enough content to keep us snarking for...
  18. 1001 others

    Emmylou MacCarthy #19 Mad dog busy, showing her titties, trying real hard to make ALove Jizzy

    And here we are with yet another thread! Congratulations to @chkchkboom for a fabulously funny (not to mention popular) thread title! And thank you to everyone else for being here! In thread #18, EL changed the world ... there were too many things to mention, but just a few: She traveled to...
  19. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #18 The Sisterhood Of The Disappearing Pants

    Yo yo yo! Thread #18 for our girl Emmylou MacCarthy from Emmylou Loves! Thank you @b!tch_eating_crackers for our thread title and the divine picture. You’ve earned chips with your steak tonight ✌🏻
  20. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou MacCarthy #17 Batten Down the Flaps WA, the Hot Mess Express is Headed West

    Today’s thread finds us touring Bunbury by minibus. We anticipate further non-consensual filming, disordered eating patterns, shrieking, cheezels and non-disclosed #collabs Thanks to @b!tch_eating_crackers for the thread title!
  21. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #16 You can’t polish a turd, but you CAN put it in an 80’s crop top & clodhoppers

    Yo yo yo!!!! Another new thread for Emmylou MacCarthy from Emmylou Loves. Winning thread title was “fuck off”, but I can’t find it now to credit the author 😫. Unfortunately we can’t have swear words in titles, so I’ve gone to second place from @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor ✌. If you lost, I’m...
  22. Michy02

    Emmylou MacCarthy #15 Conjunctivitis, gingivitis, dermatitis & Cheezelitis

    Emmylou MacCarthy #15: Conjunctivitis, gingivitis, dermatitis and Cheezelitis congratulations @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor !!
  23. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou MacCarthy #14 Fanging laps and scratching flaps who knows where the children are at

    Thanks to @mariah cachia for the thread title Today’s new threads finds us wondering how we burned through 50 pages of the last thread in 5 1/2 days although we have had plenty of material to discuss and speculate over: A reference to visiting the Supercars that was actually a promotion for...
  24. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou MacCarthy #13 Sausage casing, soul love chasing and farkin’ car racing

    Thread number 13 for our cheezel loving, soul loving, scratching, itchy queen of Port Melbourne Thanks to @b!tch_eating_crackers for the new thread title - you won 37 likes and a part pack of cheezels
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