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  1. hol20x

    Emmawill2014 #3 Can't make it to the bog and is having another sprog

    I don’t think there’s much to report from the previous thread except she’s pregnant with baby #6, anyone want to do a recap? Thanks to @Pumpkin9 for the thread title!
  2. teatalks

    Emmawill2014 #2 House a riot, Daves still quiet, another failed ‘calorie counting’ diet

    Thanks to @lilacbutterfly for the thread name.
  3. V


    Couldn't find any forums about her on here considering she has a youtube family channel/big tik tok acc. She seems OKAY if not a bit over the top, I just think the concept of buying sweets/crisps/drinks from someone who has them in a room with a carpet is gross?