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  1. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #33 Ding-Dong Whitney’s Finally Gone

    Thanks to @Timz for the new thread title 😁 Whitless has finally gone but we have good news. Nishman has been tweeting 😃 Yes he's returning 🥰 and has been on the blower to @Eirawen
  2. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders # 32 I lived there for 30 years and never touched an eel

    Welcome to the new thread everyone and thanks to @Eirawen for the new thread title 😁 Ooh er.... no thanks Let the Eastend shit fest continue!
  3. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #31 Is Zack the next Jack?

    Thanks to @Timz for the thread title 😃 Whitless is back inflicting us with hideous outfits 🫣 and orphan kids like The Dodger 😉 Thankfully we've all been distracted with the offer of a rub from Ravi 🔥 🥵 🔥
  4. onlooker101

    Eastenders #30 And tonight is the night, when Six become Four

    Well done @AdApathy on the thread tittle!! Thought I would do a poll to see who we all think has the murder weapon/ meat thermometer….vote away!
  5. AdApathy

    Eastenders #29 Denise's D is buried with Keanu, while Jack's burying his D in Stacey

    Congrats to @IllBredHen for the title! So Kat is doing Nish, and he's out making moves.
  6. AdApathy

    Eastenders #28 seduced by Peter's special sausage

    @Scotch Mist takes the winning title, you're on a roll! Special mention to @Timz: as it should say Sausage SURPRISE! As you were, slaaaaags
  7. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #27 Ben has been slapped down for good

    Hope this title is OK for everyone. Carry on slapping down, slagging and being philthy. Someone's offered Phil a Scotch egg 😄
  8. AdApathy

    Eastenders #26 Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

    @LittleMy takes the thread title crown, and what a beauty it is! Nish is still on the floor (in the recovery position, cheers Denise), Canoe's under the caff, Dean is presumably chilling upstairs and Sharon's son is in the kitchen eating a biscuit! I can't wait to see what happens next!
  9. AdApathy

    Eastenders #25 Happy Dead Body Day!

    Thanks to @Amydior1947 for the winning suggestion, with @Timz in a close second! It's the day we've been waiting all year for, Dead Body Day! Who will be the body(ies) on the floor in the Vic? Place your votes and the winners will get a free bargain box from McKlunky's, and 30 minutes in the...
  10. Doingitforthegramhuntake2

    Eastenders #24 Feel like pure s, just want Mitch & Chantelle’s tree back

    Congrats @GrilledCheese for the winning thread title.
  11. Orphan_Black

    Eastenders #23 Ravi got wood.

    Well done @Timz for our new thread title. Ravi indeed got wood.
  12. AdApathy

    Eastenders #22 Canoe is up hit creek without a paddle!

    Credit to @Timz for the thread title! ICYMI: Karen is sitting on £50k of Phil's cash thanks to Canoe's master plan to pretend to kidnap his own kid, and somehow becoming irresistible to Sharon, who is no longer moving to ABBEEDABBEE Cindy hates everyone and finds any excuse to fall into...
  13. Orphan_Black

    Eastenders #21 Nugget reunited with Goatee Gulati while Sharon's off to abbeedabbee

    Well done @AdApathy for bagging the thread title. Nugget has ben joined by chips and his muvvvva, Sharon is getting lovebombed by Keanuuuuu to stop her going to the Middle East, Rocky has had a character assassination, Jay paid Lola-look-a-like for sex, and Ian Beale is a twat.
  14. merlot

    Eastenders #20 right then you slaaaaaaaaaaaags

    Thanks to @Kat5998 for the thread title 😂
  15. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #19 Charli XYZ is already taller than Vinny Panesar

    Thanks to @AllSeeingEye123 for the new thread title 😃 An enormous baby has arrived in Walford ! Meanwhile Phil is being Philthy with plastic Patsy
  16. AdApathy

    EastEnders The Six - Christmas Predictions

    After February's flash-forward we're so close to finding out what happens at Christmas involving "The Six", an unidentified male, and a pair of amber cufflinks. Post your predictions in this thread! Do we have a secret EastEnders writer amongst us? Or are we all miles off the mark? You've...
  17. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #18 Take me down to Ian Beales chippy, where the sausage is long and the chips are greasy

    😊 Thanks to @Ktb for the great new thread title 😄
  18. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #17 You're the mushroom nobody wants on a plate of full English

    Love her or loathe her Jo Cotton has had some great lines including the new thread title, and "You are as deluded as a sandcastle in the arctic" 😁 We all enjoyed the high camp wedding of Kathy and Rocky and we're looking forward to squealy Beale returning with 'Rose' 😄
  19. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #16 The Feeble and the Furious starring Vin Weasel

    Thanks to @AdApathy and @Oohthatsgood for the new thread title 😁 Recap Vin Weasel has been acting like a total arse. Ben is chucking up in bins. Sonia is morphing into Dot. Callum is still huffing and puffing. Alfie has disappeared 😄 There's a creepy teacher on the loose and we're soon going to...
  20. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #15 Don’t let Jay sing again

    Thanks to @Ktb for the thread title 😀 Most of us are in agreement about that!
  21. Cupid_Stunt

    Eastenders #14 Shirley's disappeared without trace and Linda's mum’s got a new face

    Thanks to @Scotch Mist for the most popular thread title suggestion Quick recap: Kim’s crashed her car at about 5mph bringing down the Argee Bhagee and injuring Denzel. Naughty Kim was reading texts sent to Denise from Ravi at the time so somehow it’s Denise’s fault that she crashed 🙄 Bernie...
  22. Cupid_Stunt

    Classic Eastenders #2 Lisa & Louise have gone overseas & it’s far too soon for Alfie Moon

    Quick recap: Lisa has managed to escape the clutches of the Mitchells but Phil is on her tail in Portugal Peggy is looking for a new bar manager which means a certain chirpy Cockney is on his way at some point Great acting from Kacey Ainsworth & Alex Ferns in today’s 2nd Halloween episode...
  23. G

    Eastenders #13 Who’ll spend Christmas dead on the floor? & Ravi makes Tattlers scream for more!

    Winning thread title goes to @RJF with 32 likes
  24. K

    Eastenders #12 It's a bummer if Zack's got your number

    As suggested by @Scotch Mist Recap, Zack’s got HIV, Sonia’s about to get a fit lodger and Jack’s shouting a lot. --- @Timz they’d just closed the thread as I was replying but yes you just missed out.
  25. Cupid_Stunt

    Eastenders #11 Mick drowns at Dover as 2022 is nearly over

    Thanks to @Orphan_Black who had the most popular thread title suggestion Quick recap: Mick is missing presumed drowned at sea Janine has been arrested Sam & Keanu have a secret past in Spain Whitney is now chief mourner Alfie is still an annoying git As we are nearly at the end of the year...