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  1. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #10 Kheerat's inside, will Janine be a bride?

    Thanks to myself for the new title 😅 To recap: Kheerat has been arrested for the murder of Ranveer and the new cop in Walford leading the enquiry must be just as inept as Jack, Callum and dodgy Keeble if he can't tell Kheerat's lying to protect his mum 🙄 Dot's funeral is coming up soon and the...
  2. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #9 Alfie you need slapping down

    Thanks to @Hope96 for the fab new title 😃 I think we can all agree that we wish Ben was let loose with a wrench again when Alfie's on screen 😃 In other news Ravi has got away with murder which has induced Suki to don glam nightwear to walk around the square, and for some unfathomable reason...
  3. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #8 Ravi rides in and Ben's in the bin

    New thread to discuss the gorgeous Ravi Eastenders 😉 Here's a quick recap..... And nobody is looking forward to Alfie returning 😢
  4. dee_mc

    Eastenders #7 Jubileastenders

    Continue here! Here's the former King and Queen of Eastenders meeting the future King and whatever Camilla will be
  5. Scotch Mist

    Eastenders #6 Kheerat's hot and Jean's lost the plot

    Thanks to @LittleMy for the new thread title 😀 Let's have some Utter Philth to start off the new thread in style 😎
  6. Jelly Bean

    Eastenders #5 Staying Alive

    New thread!
  7. E

    Eastenders #4

    Will they redeem themselves from the poor Christmas Day offering? Will Gray get found out? For Chantelle maybe but the others? Or continue slaying the square when the CCTV’s off 🤔 Will Mick succumb to Janine or will Linda and her bun make it back in time? Will the...
  8. Shutterbug99

    Eastenders #3

    With Janine's return to the Square imminent and Gray's house of cards about to come tumbling down, it's time for a new thread! As the last thread wrapped up, we discussed Suki's crush on Honey and the identity of Kheerat's soon-to-be new love interest (Honey, Janine, or somebody else entirely?)...
  9. MaryX82

    Classic Eastenders

    Come and discuss all things Classic Eastenders.Watching on Drama throughout lockdown and loving every minute. Recent favourite moments included Cindy and David’s affair Ian’s shooting Simon and Tony having a gay affair Tiffany pregnant with Grant's baby Alan cheating on Carol Marks HIV...
  10. Patsy Stone

    Eastenders #2

    Honey & Jay are having it off Shaz tried to kill Ian who has now disappeared Chelsea conspiring against Lucas Gray still not found out and WHERE THE HELL IS SHAZ’S BABY?! As you were...
  11. Tublet83


    As annoying as it is I still watch it religiously 😂 Anyone else hate the new Ben Mitchell it just me?
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