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  1. Chip1984

    Danielle Vanier #3 New flat, Dani’s a brat, Em is treated like a doormat

    Well Done to @GiftedNotFree for most liked thread name suggestion. Recap of last thread: 'My gf' finally got a name - it's Em. Danie spends her time sitting on her arse and furnishing their new flat with bland, uncomfortable-looking furniture and expensive tat. Em spends her time working...
  2. M

    Danielle Vanier #2 Boiled egg face, goblin teeth, shameful ads,only cares about the money

    Only thread title I saw was mine and had a fair few likes so made the new thread with a variation of my title! I believe this is the second as there was no number on the other. RECAP: has trotted off to her new apartment with her new found carer girlfriend only after being with her for a...
  3. P

    Danielle Vanier

    So what do we think guys?