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  1. Raker

    Chloe Loves to Shop #3 Wearing an XXXS

    New thread, as 54 pages of the previous one was giving me The Fear. Apologies to anyone who suggested a better title! Previous thread here: Brief recap: All very, very dull. • Chloe still wears an XXXS • Husband’s birthday trip to New...
  2. Wifo1976

    Chloe Loves to Shop #2

    Second thread for Princess Chloe, she’s an XS you know! Chloe our animal-loving, yummy-mummy whose slave mother seems to still be mothering her and the rest of the family. Daily workouts to showcase her enviable stomach and also purchases and #gifts galore. And....not much else as then it’s...
  3. L


    I can't be the only person this self obsessed woman annoys the hell out of. I've unfollowed simply because the very middle class accent and the "I'm so silly" act is grating. Everything is an advert, but then she turns comments off presumably because she's getting bombarded with negative...