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  1. Rach88

    CheffyChef #7 Her life's a bore pretends to be a wh*re, sees her fake men out, saying 'bye love' at the door

    Thread title suggestion by @amp63 Had to shorten it a little for it to fit Original suggestion was CheffyChefChef #7 - Her life's a bore, she pretends to be a wh*re, sees her fake men out, saying 'bye love' at the door Regreds to a recap her main account is gone but still on tiktok under...
  2. Rach88

    Cheffychefchef #6 How many Syns are there in stealing money from charity?

    New thread title by @Saywhatnow22 So who's up for a recap  Link to previous thread here
  3. Rach88

    Cheffychefchef #5 Got no skill, loves a swill, it's the thieving prick of Pendle Hill!

    Another thread title win by @LloydsBoosters quite apt really 😂 Thread got too full and i know we were in the middle of her meltdown but we can carry on 😏😂 Link to previous thread here
  4. Rach88

    Cheffychefchef #4 World's biggest wallower, steals donations from her followers.

    Thread suggestion with the most likes is @LloydsBoosters :)
  5. Ohheyyyyy

    Cheffychefchef #3 Cheffy came on tattle, ready to battle, but we saw her off, by asking about the charity dosh

    She made it 49 days sober but then cracked because some troll person reported her for benefit fruad which was very mean of them because she's being fiddling the system nothing wrong. Lasted a few days then ended up drinking again because someone looked at her funny* *Side note - not entirely...
  6. Ohheyyyyy

    Cheffychefchef #2 too much drink so got a sore head, sleeping it off in her fish finger bed

    New thread guys.. Thanks to @rubiconriot for the title thread Recap We're all trolls. We apparently nearly forced her off the app but less then 24 hours later she decided she's better then us as she's "100% real and raw" and she's helped so many people on the app. The charity money seems...
  7. H


    What's everyone's opinions on cheffy? I quite like her But tonight she's on the alcohol and it looks like it's going to be a very interesting live