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Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois (Charlotte Louise Juliette Grimaldi; 30 September 1898 – 16 November 1977), was the daughter of Louis II, Prince of Monaco, and the mother of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. From 1922 until 1944, she was the Hereditary Princess of Monaco, heir presumptive to the throne.

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    Lifeofcharlouise #2 Spelling Mistakes and Graze Boxes She Definitely Didn’t Bake

    Part 2 Summary of previous thread: Charlie has gone AWOL - probably because he’s working 3 jobs Meanwhile Charlotte has been making ‘lists’ consisting of showering, washing the dog She’s weirdly made BFFs with her neighbours and their children She pretends to make graze boxes full of Asda...
  2. C

    Charlotte-Louise @lifeofcharlouise

    Anyone else follow? Always liked following her but she seems to do a lot of ads now..