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Ben Joseph Green FRS (born 27 February 1977) is a British mathematician, specialising in combinatorics and number theory. He is the Waynflete Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

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  1. letsmeltthatlard

    Ben Green #4 Big-ego-to-bigger-ego-Ben he won’t be Man of the Year again

    thanks to @Thewatcher for the winning thread title with 6 votes. previous thread here... What a day...Man Of The Year 2020 and thread number lucky duck!
  2. letsmeltthatlard

    Ben Green #3

    Thanks to @Catwinky for the winning thread title. Previous thread here.. as you were...
  3. letsmeltthatlard

    Ben Green #2 sneeking around thinking he's a spy, how many more photoshoots will he buy?

    Thanks to @Catwinky for the winning thread title, had to edit it slightly cause it wouldnt fit. previous thread here...
  4. O

    Ben Green @big_ben_to_slim_ben

    Bravo on the weight loss but my god does this bloke love himself. Multiple pics of the same thing and constantly tagging every brand in the hope of a freebie. what's everyone else think? After a company to give him a modelling job and trying to be the next big Insta account? Or normal everyday...