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  • The Witt Family are YouTubers, consisting of Claire Witt (born 1988) and Graham Witt (Born 1981) and their children Allister, Violet and Myles. They live in the southern England countryside on a farm which Graham runs and co-owns with his father.

    The account is run by Claire and prodominantly features her. Claire & Graham met on dating site when Claire was just 19 and married and had their first child soon after. Claire left her family in the city and moved to the farm with Graham. Claire does adverts and sponsored promotions for various companies.

    The videos usually consist of a day in the life (DITL), What I Eat In A Day and general Vlogs. The portion sizes of the meals served spark concern amongst Tattlers, especially with the sizes offered for the children. They are very small and the plates are left significantly empty. Claire buys herself hauls of new clothes and has regular trips to the salon. She has also been rennovating their house and garden, with a new patio. Sadly, the children seem isolated from their peers and despite being seen regularly in the Vlogs, they rarely are known to have playdates. As the Vlogs continued, Tattlers noticed that Claire is a serial complainer, critcising a carvery venue for not having broccoli and moaning about the children waking up early and going to bed late, even in the school holidays. Despite only buying four packs of food items for the children (such as four bagels to last a week), Claire is never without her coffee pods, protein powder or tinned gin. Claire returned to work after Myles was born, taking a job in retail part time, which she quietly dropped. She took a large amount of time off and then went to work as a trainer at a gym part time, seemingly on flexi time. Despite Claire's down time, Graham who runs a farm and also sells wares at farmers markets is expected to do the DIY around the house, bath the infant take the children to school. The family visited the Isle Of Wight and despite Claire's car being larger, they went in Graham's pick up truck with the children cramped in the back and Graham did all of the driving on his hard earned holiday.

    Claire sparked backlash when she included a link to a 'Super Thanks' website, where viewers can donate to influencers. This is despite Claire being able to afford huge hauls of clothing, having acres of land, hair and nail appointments regularly and a gym membership. The link to the site was taken down after it was critcised and has not been mentioned since.