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  • The Norris Nuts are family vloggers living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The family consists of:

    Brooke Norris - kids call her Mama, Mum, or Slendermum
    Justin Norris - Brooke calls him Papa, the kids call him by his given name
    Sabre (19)
    Cerrus "Sockie" (17)
    Coda "Biggy" (15)
    Naz (13)
    - may be short for Nazareth, since she was seen signing a document with that name
    Disco (5) - Yes, this is his real name, in one vlog it was seen on his medical file in a doctor's office.
    Charm (4)
    Liz "Flizzy"
    - Brooke's mother, who lives next door and features in some of their content

    The Norris Nuts' fanbase are known as "Legends."

    Background / Bio

    Brooke and Justin are both former competitive swimmers, and Justin won a bronze medal at the Olympics in 2000. They met through swimming when they were children. According to Brooke, Justin initially had a crush on her friend; but when they were 20-21, they kissed after "a drunk spew" and a few weeks later, she "made" him marry her. Never let it be said romance is dead.

    Justin previously owned a swim school, but sold it to focus on his family and YouTube. Brooke worked as a radiographer before quitting to become a full time SAHM. Initially they had four children but then, when the family became successful on YouTube, they quickly had two more babies. Brooke has said she would like another child, but accepts it may not happen as she has had problems conceiving with IVF.

    Their YouTube channel was initially called "Sabre Norris", then "Sabre Norris and the Norris Nuts", and focused on Sabre who at the time was competing as a surfer. After she gave up surfing and began to lose interest in being on YouTube, the focus shifted towards family vlogs, games, pets, and new babies. Currently, the Norris Nuts have five active channels and a number of other cash-ins.

    YouTube content

    The Norris Nuts run the following channels:
    • Main channel - Mostly consists of vlogs and "challenges" where the kids compete against each other.
    • Norris Nuts Do Stuff - Random things like reaction videos, individual vlogs, the kids doing crafts, and so on.
    • Norris Nuts Clips - Short videos
    • Norris Nuts Cooking - Anything to do with food / cooking; mostly run by Sockie
    • Norris Nuts Gaming - Mostly the kids playing Roblox, which Biggy is especially fond of.
    They previously ran three other channels that are no longer active. They also have many other ventures, including a clothing line and releasing music. Their content has changed drastically from the early days of their channel, when they posted casual family vlogs and content focused on Sabre's surfing.

    The Norris Nuts release a video on their main channel about once a week. These videos are usually family vlogs or some kind of "challenge." The challenges involve things like trying unusual food, or "last to leave" where the kids compete to see who can tolerate something the longest (e.g. staying in one room.) Brooke likes making the challenges impossible to win just to torment the kids. She encourages them to "snitch" on each other for supposedly breaking the rules of the game, so they can get their siblings eliminated. Some challenges are dangerous (e.g. risky behaviour in a pool), unhealthy (e.g. binge eating junk food), or inconsiderate (e.g. making a mess in Flizzy's house or running around shouting in busy public places.)

    Brooke and Justin have been criticised because they often publish content that is potentially intrusive, embarrassing, or otherwise unfair to the children, see "Oversharing" below.The Norris Nuts went through a stage of Squid Game-themed content for clicks. There is no indication that any of the kids watched the show, but this content is irresponsible given that much of their fanbase is young teenagers or pre-teens.


    The Norris Nuts constantly and frequently overshare. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Repeated focus on the family's health problems. This includes Brooke's IVF, Sabre's struggles with delayed growth and late puberty, and even Justin in an ICU - the last place you would expect his family to want cameras.

    • Videos of the kids crying or distressed. These are the videos that get the most likes and shares, so predictably, Brooke and Justin milk it for all it's worth.

    • Bodily functions, including the dog vomiting (with no warning for those with emetophobia), and Disco's potty training. An Instagram clip showing the contents of the potty was thankfully removed. In another video when most of the family had a virus, they showed footage of the kids throwing up and vomit in a sink, again with no warning.

    • The kids making ignorant or insensitive remarks. This has happened several times with Biggy - e.g. talking about Justin's mental health problems and how he had threatened to kill himself (which Biggy obviously didn't understand the seriousness of), or saying that someone in full coverage clothing "looked like a terrorist." This raises serious questions about what Brooke and Justin say in the children's earshot.

    • Sabre stuffing her bra and talking about her first period. This was important because she had delayed puberty and started her periods very late - but is it something you want the world to know about your teenage daughter?

    Questionable parenting

    Brooke and Justin demonstrate blatant favouritism towards Sockie and Disco. Sockie has had more spent on her than the others, including renovating the house so she could have her own kitchen; and gets away with behaviour that Brooke wouldn't tolerate in the others kids. Disco was allowed to blow out the candles on Naz's birthday cake and eat her Easter chocolate, despite her being very upset both times.

    The children are all home educated, however the quality of this education is questionable and the kids have poor spelling, grammar, and handwriting. Their videos indicate that they had tutors in the past, however, it's not clear if they still do or whether they have lessons every weekday. Naz indicated in a vlog that the kids don't do any school work when Brooke and Justin are away.

    The four older kids shared a bedroom for a long time and had a lack of privacy - Biggy was a tween/teen and still sharing with his sisters. Sabre finally got her own space in spring 2023 when she moved out of the main family home and into Flizzy's house next door with her own bedroom and bathroom.

    The older children act "young" for their age and demonstrate overly sheltered behaviour. This is especially apparent when you consider what year they'd be in if they went to school. Biggy demonstrates a lack of emotional control (crying and throwing tantrums over things like losing a challenge) and could not tie his shoelaces at the age of 11. Similarly, Sockie has struggled with basic things like doing her own hair, despite generally being mature and good with the younger children. Sabre is now an adult but is expected to follow the same rules as her siblings (including an early set bedtime!) and relies on an allowance from her parents, they don't pay her a wage.

    Brooke likes to be in charge in the household and is often openly disrespectful of Justin on camera, or acts like he's not even there. She encourages the kids to report on each other for breaking her many house rules, so that they can get "respect" (Sabre's words) and will be favoured in the next challenge. Brooke and Justin have often asked their fans to comment giving advice on matters such as whether the family should get a pet or allow the older girls to date. This is something they, as parents, should be deciding - not asking strangers for input. Most of the "Legends" are young teenagers or pre-teens themselves.

    Justin initially did not want more children before Disco and Charm were born, and this has been referenced in videos, which are still up on YouTube for the world to see. Brooke has even "joked" about it in front of Disco and Charm - yes, they're too young to understand, but it would be damaging for them to watch this in the future. In another video Brooke appeared to forget when Charm's birthday was.

    Examples of Brooke guilt-tripping or manipulating the kids

    Brooke has repeatedly been seen to guilt-trip and emotionally manipulate the children. She also upsets or misleads them so they will get upset and she can film it to bring in YouTube views. Here are some examples:
    • Letting Sockie get so upset during Sabre's blood draw that she had a panic attack.

    • Falsely telling Sabre that she had to fast before a dental operation, and making Sabre sit there miserably while the family enjoyed a nice meal. This is Brooke's idea of a funny prank, she got the other kids involved as well.

    • Many other examples of mean "pranks" played on the kids, including one on Biggy's birthday. Usually getting the other kids and / or Justin in on it, so the subject of the prank feels piled on.

    • Introducing spiteful "twists" or surprises during challenges, designed to make them impossible to win or eliminate the kids.

    • Convincing the kids that Justin would become seriously ill or die because of his weight and / or smoking, then filming them crying so she could post it on YouTube.

    • Brooke had symptoms that could indicate cancer, and had to have tests done (which were negative.) When she came out of the appointment she made the kids wait to be told the result, rather than reassuring them. Justin was involved too as he was with her and clearly knew she was OK.

    • Making Naz feel guilty for buying Disco the "wrong" birthday present

    • Openly laughing at Sabre on camera for failing her driving test

    • Telling the kids they had "ruined Christmas" and were being greedy just because they were excited, again making them cry and filming it.

    • Disco and Charm often talk about going on holiday as a reward for appearing in videos. It seems that Brooke uses holidays as a promise to get them to perform for the camera (even when it's clear from the vlogs that they are not going anywhere.)

    Child labour

    The Norris Nuts' influencer "career" (mainly YouTube, but including other social media and selling things that no one would buy if not for their YouTube presence) is their sole source of income. Sockie, Biggy, and Naz (and to a lesser extent Sabre) are responsible for most of the filming and editing. They're effectively the only ones bringing in money, despite there being strict local laws about child employment for the under-15s. In this video, Sockie said that editing alone takes around four hours per video.

    The older kids have all chosen to be on YouTube - unlike some family vloggers who push their clearly unwilling children to do it. But Brooke and Justin could hire an editor for them (something Brooke herself has suggested before), and ensure the kids spend more time on education and normal teenage activities. As the Norris Nuts have become less able to provide constant content due to health issues and new babies, they have become increasingly desperate for subscribers and clicks. This includes outright begging people to subscribe, and the videos (challenges especially) becoming more and more painfully staged. It's questionable whether this is necessary, as Brooke and Justin were already wealthy before YouTube.

    As well as content creation, the children have many household chores. They do a lot of the cooking and cleaning, take care of the pets, and the girls are often asked to look after Disco and Charm. This is despite the fact that both Brooke and Justin are ostensibly stay at home parents. Brooke, in particular, doesn't seem to acknowledge that her kids are both running the household and earning the money. She likes to act magnanimous when she allows them treats or "surprises", yet these things are bought with money the children themselves earned.

    Unhealthy eating habits and attitude to food

    The Norris Nuts are often seen to eat meals consisting of processed/microwaved vegetables or ready-washed salads, and nothing else. Some of these meals (such as an individual packet of steamed vegetables) would come in at around 100 calories or fewer. The children need more food than average as they are all very physically active; and Sabre, Sockie, and Biggy have or have had delayed growth. One video showed the NN at a doctor's appointment where they were told Sabre needed better nutrition in order to grow. The kids seem to be ill often (colds, headaches, minor infections, etc.) and their diet is likely part of the reason.

    Brooke has very strict rules about food which include no sweets or snacks, and is very critical if she thinks these rules have been broken. The older children have talked about calorie counting, and eating calorie-controlled or low-fat ready meals. It is not advisable to encourage calorie counting in teenagers unless recommended by a doctor. Brooke's food rules do not apply to Disco and Charm, who are often seen to eat junk food. They are also given Powerade water to drink which is not healthy for a toddler.

    However, the older kids can eat junk for vlogs and a number of the "challenges" involve bingeing, even to the point of throwing up. One example is a video where Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, and Naz all ate between 80-95 chicken nuggets each and became very sick. The fact that the kids are not overweight doesn't make this any less unhealthy. They have demonstrated disordered eating behaviour, such as bingeing of their own accord (i.e. not as part of the challenges) and sneaking food. The kids are expected to get up at 4am each day to go to the gym and have to go to bed at 9pm so they'll be up on time - even Sabre, an adult, has to follow this rule.

    Brooke has repeatedly made negative comments about Justin's weight on camera. In older videos it was common for the children to make fun of his weight as well, with neither parent telling them to stop. He has since had a huge weight loss of what looks like around 30kg in just a few months. This might be due to his medication as he'd been placed on SSRIs (antidepressants) which can cause weight loss. But the environment the Norris Nuts portray in their videos is very conducive to eating disorders.

    Misc concerns

    Biggy sexism
    Biggy demonstrates sexist attitudes such as making judgemental comments about women's looks; assuming he gets to decide what his sisters can wear and who they can talk to; and saying he deserved his own room more than Sabre because he's a boy. While it's fairly normal for a boy his age to say things like this, Brooke and Justin don't appear to have discussed it with him. It also raises questions about what content they let him access online.

    Materialism and waste
    Biggy, Sabre, and Naz all come across as overly-attached to designer brands. Biggy had a large Gucci collection by the time he was 12. This is encouraged by Brooke, who demonstrates similar behaviour and often pushes them to compete to win luxury goods in challenges. The kids also buy a large amount of fast fashion in videos.

    Body image
    Sabre often says that she feels ugly and even said she wanted to self-mutilate so that she would have to have a nose job. Brooke and Justin thought it was appropriate to include this in a video. She also worries a lot about her weight and counts calories, despite being very slim and borderline underweight. Naz, who is 13, also says similar things and ever since she was a pre-teen has been having a lot of beauty treatments (fake tan, lashes, nails etc.) and using expensive skincare with ingredients not suitable for a child's skin.

    Safety concerns
    The Norris Nuts' address is public knowledge, and they like to film themselves around the neighbourhood. It'd be obvious to anyone where their house is and where the kids go without their parents. The family car was destroyed in what appears to be a deliberate fire, and the Norris Nuts once claimed that an intruder had let Baz and Cheddar out (although it wouldn't be the first time B&C had escaped.) When the family announced the move to Bondi, they shared so many images of the house that it would be easy to find their new address online. Sabre is now planning to move out by herself and has indicated she's worried about whether strangers might find her.

    There are many social media accounts devoted to inappropriate pictures and commentary about the girls. This is exacerbated by the Norris Nuts sharing several videos with Sabre posing in skimpy or revealing clothes, including before she was 18. Naz has now begun trying to emulate Sabre and wanting to wear clothes that are a little too revealing for her age. In March 2023 a vlog showed her coming out of the shower with no clothes on, this is a magnet to predators even though the camera was zoomed in on her face. Naz walks fairly long distances around the city by herself, putting her at risk as she is famous locally and could, for instance, be threatened or kidnapped. She was also left alone in a huge shopping centre in Singapore and got lost.

    Disco and Charm have been left to play in the pool with only Naz supervising them and no parents around, it is not safe for a pre-teen to be supervising two children aged 5 and under especially when there are no adults at home for her to go to in case of an emergency.


    The Norrises have a history of getting a new pet, temporarily using it for views, and then neglecting it / leaving it to die. The only exception so far is Winky whom Sockie genuinely loves and takes care of. Since being on YouTube they have had the following pets:

    Bubba (RIP) - Puppy bought from a puppy farm - highly unethical, and are illegal in Victoria where the puppy farm is based. Bubba was killed just days later, in front of the children, in an unspecified "accident" involving Justin. See below for more on her demise.

    Winky - Another dog bought from the same puppy farm as Bubba. Has thus far survived despite Justin making it very clear he doesn't like Winky. Winky appears to be training as a service dog for Sockie - the Norris Nuts have not disclosed why, however videos suggest that she has autism and/or ADHD.

    Phoebe - Briefly owned by the Norris Nuts until they gave her to Flizzy.

    Mister - New dog purchased in August 2023, despite Justin still saying that he doesn't like dogs, and the Norrises not adequately caring for the pets they already had.

    Baz and Cheddar - Naz's guinea pigs. The Norrises bought Baz and Cheddar without doing research, and admitted they didn't know how to keep guinea pigs. The only reason they got both was because their followers (most of whom are children) pointed out that guinea pigs must be kept in pairs or groups. B&C have escaped on multiple occasions because they're kept in a horrible little cage/hutch outdoors. At one point, the Norris Nuts lost Baz under the house, causing permanent injury to him. In a September 2022 video when one of the guinea pigs was ill, Naz was expected to call the vet herself and be responsible for giving medicine - something that can be difficult even for experienced adult owners, much less a pre-teen girl.

    Fishy (RIP) - Naz's pet fish which sadly died and her subsequent distressed reaction was put on YouTube for the world to see. Fishy was severely underfed (read: starved) and the Norrises did not bother to clean his tank. Naz had a couple of other fish that died in short order as well.

    Demi - German Shepherd bought by the NN as a guard dog in 2022. After months of hype about her arrival, she lasted a few weeks before being sent away, ostensibly back to the breeder or to a new owner. The NN have not discussed why; it's possible they couldn't cope with her needs or that she did not get along with Winky (it is not recommended to keep a German Shepherd with smaller breeds unless properly trained.) Yet another example of the Norris Nuts making impulse decisions to get a pet. By October, they were contemplating getting another dog even though it was less than two months since Demi left.

    Death of Bubba

    WARNING for discussion of animal cruelty and death.

    The Norris Nuts decided to get a dog, despite Justin not liking dogs and Biggy being scared of them. As usual when they buy a pet, they did not do any research. On June 30, 2021 they announced they had bought a puppy from a "puppy farm" in Melbourne. Puppy farms are highly unethical, and are illegal in Victoria. Brooke justified buying from one because she thinks shelter animals have skin diseases. She and Justin spent several thousand dollars on the dog (Bubba) and flew her over to them - a long flight is traumatic for a young puppy. A timeline of events:

    June 25-30: Bubba likely arrived with the Norris Nuts during this time. In the video announcing Bubba's arrival, Brooke displayed materials sent by the puppy farm, which said that Bubba would be able to go to her new home from June 25.

    July 1-5: Likely date of Bubba's death, which the Norris Nuts have said was five days after she came home.

    July 14: The Norris Nuts posted a video showing the family looking for Baz the guinea pig after he escaped. Although it's not clear when the video was filmed, we believe it was after Bubba's death. In the video Naz got upset when she thought she had stepped on Baz, this would make sense if Justin stepped on Bubba (see below.) Brooke also suggested that Naz wouldn't cope well if anything happened to "another" pet - note that this was years after Fishy. If it's true that Baz's escape was after Bubba died, this means that even though the family dog just died in a preventable accident, they were still being careless with the guinea pigs.

    July 17: The Norris Nuts posted a video about surprising the kids with Bubba.

    July 19-26: Tattlers believe from evidence in the Norris Nuts' videos that Winky arrived during this time period.

    July 21: The Norris Nuts posted the first of several videos that week showing them at home with Bubba. During this time, they sold merchandise with her on it, and asked what content fans wanted to see them make with Bubba.

    July 28: Announcement of Bubba's death. Depending on when she arrived, this means they didn't break the news of her death until 2-3 weeks later. Up to that point, their fans were led to believe she was still alive.

    August 14: The Norris Nuts announced they had bought Winky from the same puppy farm as Bubba.

    The Norris Nuts have said that Bubba died in a "tragic accident" involving Justin; but did not give any more details. There is a rumour that Sabre posted on Instagram that Justin had stepped on Bubba while moving furniture (they were moving house at the time); but quickly deleted it. In August 2023, the Norrises brought Mister home and Brooke made an offhand remark about Justin "putting his foot down"; the kids' reaction supports the theory of Justin stepping on their other dog. Whatever the circumstances of Bubba's death, she was evidently not being kept in a safe place e.g. in one room or in a pen, during the chaos of the move.

    In the video announcing Bubba's death, Brooke and Justin said that the children were present when Bubba died and it was too late to take her to a vet. Brooke and Justin showed little remorse and said Bubba's death was no one's fault. In reality she was kept in a hectic, potentially dangerous environment and no one was looking after her properly. It's also suspicious given their history of treating animals poorly, and Justin making it clear that he does not like dogs.

    Brooke and Justin pretended that Bubba was alive so they could make money (potentially over $100,000) from her through videos and merchandise. Their children had to go along with this as well, and had to edit the videos with Bubba in, knowing she was already dead. The Norris Nuts' fanbase is mostly young teenagers and tweens - so Brooke and Justin also encouraged other people's children to get attached to Bubba, only to be told she'd died. They repeated the deeply manipulative statement that "real Legends won't judge." They also tried to deflect criticism by saying that rather than lie, they chose to be honest with their fans and admit Justin caused the accident. Why then did they lie for weeks about Bubba still being alive?

    When the Norris Nuts first got Winky, Biggy and Sabre demonstrated insensitive reactions, and talked as if pets should be instantly replaceable and always convenient to one's lifestyle. We can imagine why they have developed this kind of attitude after growing up with Brooke and Justin.

    Other controversies

    Baby loss video
    The Norris Nuts posted a video with a title implying Brooke had a miscarriage, accompanied by a dramatic thumbnail. In fact, she'd had an unsuccessful round of IVF. Despite the family's very real grief, they extended the video to 10 minutes and included two ad breaks to make maximum revenue from it. The video included reactions from the children crying and Biggy sadly asking if he were somehow responsible. Yet again making money from the children's distress.

    Filming the children crying
    The Norris Nuts often share videos of the children crying or distressed. On multiple occasions, they have announced family tragedies via a monetised video with heavy focus on the crying. As stated, this includes the deaths of pets, and Brooke learning she'd been unsuccessful with IVF. Brooke and Justin have said that they want to portray an honest impression of their family's ups and downs, rather than an artificially perfect image for social media. While those are good intentions, it doesn't require that they stick a camera in the faces of their distraught children and then monetise the footage.

    Brooke and Justin have also used the children's reactions to potentially serious or distressing news for clicks/views, see "Examples of Brooke guilt-tripping or manipulating the kids." They will always put "crying" in the title of a video because they know it gets attention - even if crying is only seen briefly / isn't the focus of a video.

    Gordon Ramsay auction
    One of the Norris Nuts' many "challenges" involved asking the children to make a wish, and the winner would have their wish granted by Brooke and Justin. Sockie won, and her wish was to meet Gordon Ramsay. So they raised $50,000 dollars in fan donations to give her the winning bid in a charity auction to meet him. Not only was this challenge obviously rigged, but it came across as unfair because Brooke and Justin had repeatedly refused to pay a few bucks to give Naz guinea pigs.

    Txunamy Ortiz is an American influencer from another vlogging family ("Familia Diamond.") She is Biggy's pen pal and he had a crush on her for years. Txunamy has repeatedly appeared in, or been mentioned in, the Norris Nuts' videos with the whole family trying to get her attention. (Isn't it embarrassing for your teenage son to have his parents and siblings getting involved?) Her Mum, Esthalla encourages it too and has done things like a "prank" video where she filled Txunamy's room with photos of Biggy.

    This started when Biggy and Txunamy were both aged 10-11 and lasted for two or three years. Over time it became increasingly apparent that Txunamy was not comfortable with it - she often gets comments and messages from "Legends" asking her about Biggy as well. This also further demonstrates that Biggy has a woeful lack of social interaction outside of the family, and there's nowhere for him to meet girls other than online. Biggy now says he's lost interest in her, but Brooke and Esthalla pushed this "storyline" for views / likes, long past the point where it should have stopped.

    NNT aka Abbie runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the Norris Nuts, and promotes it as the most popular / influential fan account. She has been accused of profiting off the Norris Nuts by re-uploading large parts of their videos to her own channel - including milking Bubba's death for clicks, just like her idols themselves did! And by selling her own merch line based on the Norris Nuts. She has now been demonetised by YouTube.

    Shopping centre security
    The Norris Nuts have been criticised over the fact that some of their challenges involved suspicious behaviour in a shopping centre. In one video Brooke tried to track down the kids via text notifications whenever they spent money on her credit card, this led to them running out of stores and looking like shoplifters. Sockie suggested in a later video that security had actually been called - yet the Norris Nuts repeated the same challenge just a couple of months later. Another video involved the kids carrying a loud timer that could have been mistaken for a bomb.

    Exposing a fan's location
    In August 2022 the Norris Nuts posted a video where they arranged with a fan's parents to pay her a surprise visit. They went to her home and delivered a fake "package" to the door with Naz hiding inside the box to surprise her. Even though the NN redacted things like street names, the girl's house and neighbourhood were clearly shown to the world - she is a young teenager so this is a very dangerous thing to do. The video also included screenshots from her private Instagram account.


    The Norris Nuts have wanted to move to Queensland for a long time. They even bought another multi-million dollar "dream home" there and then realised that it would take too long to renovate. After several "false alarms" where they did not get houses they wanted, they finally announced in late 2022 that they were moving to Bondi Beach - meaning the older kids would get their own rooms for the first time.

    Brooke and Justin have been reported to CPS by viewers, thus far nothing has ever come of it.

    A Reddit user alleged in a now-deleted thread that Brooke took advantage of a supplier for the Norris Nuts Fashion line.

    Critical comments frequently disappear from underneath the Norris Nuts' YouTube videos especially those about Bubba. We don't know whether the Norris Nuts themselves delete them and / or the "Legends" (who can be very defensive) report them.

    Biggy has an annoying habit of yelling "STAY SHRIMPY!" out of the car window at random drivers. This also risks distracting someone and causing an accident.