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  • Team Rh Fitness and the scam of the “under dog” AKA richie howey preying on vulnerable people, using his narcissistic charm to get them to sign up to his weight loss “membership” and subjecting his members to:
    * Humiliation = it stops people questioning the plan and why it’s unsustainable. It makes people embarrassed and shames them into thinking THEY are the problem.
    Reality is richie has an eating disorder (lives on the same “safe” foods), and body dysmorphia. He also uses steroids and other illegal substances off the internet to get the physique he has.

    * Heavily moderated group= If it doesn’t fit the team Rh fitness agenda ie selling their merch, signing new members up, telling people no “moaning” is allowed, or sowing the group one of richies “we’re being targeted by trolls” posts, it’s deleted.
    richie also uses “anonymous” posts to pretend to be vulnerable women who are framed to be in abusive relationships.
    the “anonymous” poster uses all language and mannerisms of richie, so none of the posts are real. He does this AGAIN to reel in vulnerable people, and makes them think he will be able to help them - this is not the case. The “support” you receive on sign up is nonexistent.

    * Staff group chats, without your knowledge or consent, which are heavily abusive (actual quote) “hideous c*nt” is a standard example of language used to describe members. Richie is openly racist and encourages racism (see previous threads for a voice recording of him using this language and screen shots).
    richie and his staff will openly call members vile names, make body shaming comments, make fun of members and make memes about them.
    he is open about taking members money, and happily banning them from the members group/social media pages, if they try to help other members, or question things which are posted by team Rh fitness. they want maximum £££££££ and don’t actually want to help their members - profit over support!

    * An App that functions intermittently and relies heavily on my fitness pal = you will see some mass produced recipes that are created by external company. these aren’t anything special and many PTs use the same company and offer access to these free.
    aside from that there’s nothing special that’s offered. You can record weight daily.often glitches or doesn’t work.
    workouts are glitchy too and free workouts can be found on their YouTube or any other YouTube channel. The videos are cringey and hard to follow in parts.
    The app is often “down” and excuses for this are often blamed on Facebook server, my fitness pal server, heavy usage at certain times and anything to take onus on badly made app. Turnover of app staff in company is HIGH because richie wants maximum results with pittance in pay.indeed vacancies always show app jobs available, which says a lot!!

    * Non existent support = you won’t get any unless richie believes you to be someone he can profit off using your “transformation”. Which point he might even offer to personally coach you.
    at this point, once he’s used your pictures and made money off you - you’re kaput!
    standard members get nothing, and the “1 to 1” coaches support is non existent.
    Message replies are template replies and ALWAYS blame member for not doing X Y and Z.
    No support if your struggling with going over calories - your a failure. Generic templates sent to fob you off.
    members failures discussed openly on staff group chats, also berating their efforts.
    in richies own words, no FKS given to members by team rh owner or staff.

    If you sign up to TeamRH please note that once you download their app, according to TeamRH you have committed to an annual contract and your cancellation rights have been waived. By law, you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period. If you stop paying you will receive threatening letters from TeamRH. We are not aware of anybody being taken to court so we don’t think they have a leg to stand on legally.


    TeamRH have been found out by Trustpilot for manipulating their Trustpilot score. This has been through offering incentives for positive reviews which is not allowed, and for posting fake positive reviews. Their overall Trustpilot score is skewed because it contains protein powder reviews which increases their positive reviews. Trustpilot did put a warning on their Trustpilot page but this appears to have expired.
    Evidence has been posted in screenshots (from team rh fitness staff chat) of richie howey offering cancellation of memberships, for removal of negative trust pilot ratings.
    Team Rh fitness affiliates
    are publicly “disbanded” by richie in a post...however they still have links to the life plan on their pages = still profiting from clicks.
    this was all a cover for the fact that one particular member of the affiliates left of their own accord, due to not wanting to be associated with the screenshots that were coming out, and unfortunate/horrible treatment from richie himself over the last couple of years.
    richie knew that one of his biggest affiliates leaving would be a massive blow to his company, so - as per usual richie howey standards - in an attempt to try and control the (false) narrative, he decided to make himself look accountable for disbanding the affiliates as they deserve better.
    This could not be further from the truth!
    The whole “affiliate” programme was an MLM in (pretty shoddy) disguise and was a system whereby richie attempted to pit vulnerable people against one another, in order to maximise profit.
    Each affiliate was instructed to setup a page and given specific instructions on how to ensure their pages linked to the life plan on the team Rh fitness website.
    They were given social media “advice” from richie who was obsessed with them or himself going “viral”. The more outrageous the post, the better - and people had to to put their pride to shame, to “grow” their pages.
    People were urged to “go live” and if you didn’t do something to richies exact instructions, you were excluded, ostracised and made to feel like a failure by him.
    This included several different private groups being setup, and based on the “level” he thought you were at, was which group (if any) you were allowed to be added to.
    Other affiliates were witness to personalised abuse, belittling, public humiliation, trashing of content, encouraging affiliates to “invest” in expensive equipment or video editing software, encouraging affiliates to give up their well paying day jobs and go “full time” affiliate (hint: no affiliate ever made anywhere near enough to even pay their weekly food bill, let alone pay their bills!).
    He openly tried to play affiliates off against one another, in order to create a competitive, maximum profit environment for him.
    He openly tried to destroy one set of affiliates who had been friends for many years, by asking one to remove the other from the page.
    He openly bullied and lied about one female affiliate, to the extent he created a secret group on Facebook and spread fictitious libellous lies. Legal action was taken against him for this.
    He would disregard affiliates personal issues and insist they try to “push through” and continue peddling the plan.
    This includes people experiencing close family deaths, people having had medical surgeries, people experiencing relationship breakdowns and people experiencing a wide variety of mental health issues.
    Many times existing mental health issues were exacerbated by richie himself and the mind games he would play with the affiliates.
    Screenshot from richie howey telling his staff how suicidal people are “leaches” on his time;