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    Two British Pakistani sisters who grew up in Alum rock, Birmingham now living in Dubai and lie about being Middle Eastern. Sonia (26) is or was the Kim k lookalike and Faeza (Fyza 29) the Kylie Jenner wannabe.They have lied about their ethnicity numerous times.

    Faeza was the makeup artist at some point and Sonia was the muse but now they are the generic Instagram and Snapchat ‘influencers’.

    They attended Parkview academy school (now Rockwood academy). Faeza attended Matthew Bolton college and university college of Birmingham. They moved to Dubai around 2016.

    Sonia and Faeza have claimed a number of different ethnicities, every few years they seem to switch it up. They have said they’re Turkish, Iraqi, Cuban, Kuwaiti, Qatari. Nowadays they are vague but heavily imply they are from Kuwait without actually saying ‘We are Kuwaiti’.

    Since their return to social media, after their mothers passing, Faeza has been advertising cheap Aliexpress tat at an inflated price and other scam items (i.e. gym kartel).


    Faeza has recently doxxed a girl on their public Snapchat username ‘soniafyza’ twice. Faeza said she was doing this because the girl had been ‘bullying’, sending hate, saying stuff about their late mother. Yet no evidence of this has been provided and even so this does not excuse anyone to be racist. And let's say the girl was being petty and sending annoying messages, the professional thing to do would be to ignore or block it's that easy. Faeza also sent the girl vile, racist voice notes - link here. / second link for those who can’t get it to play - or Tweet of the voice notes

    However, you may or may not be surprised to know this isn’t Faeza’s first time doxxing someone. The victim of that time was just calling out their bluff of not being Iraqi (which is what they were claiming to be at that time, around 2016). This got Faeza mad so she doxxed this girl and her younger sister. She did this by hacking into the victims iCloud stealing her photos and threatening her. And with those photos Faeza went on to make a fake IG account posting the photos of the victims younger, UNDERAGE sister and threatened the victim she’ll do worse if the girl carries on exposing them. To this the day the victim is unable to use her real name on social media because of this.

    Other Controversies

    Recently (June 2021) the Israel snapchat message sent (in Feb 2021) by soniaxfyza (see 3rd paragraph) has gained attention, as well as a video of her talking about Israel from her now deactivated finsta account. They released a statement after getting backlash denying they sent the message and that the Snapchat name in the screenshot is not their name.
    The statement

    However, there’s been many screenshots proving that they have changed their display name on snapchat numerous times. See below pictures -

    Faeza had put up a snap of her eating. A fan messaged her saying ‘some of us suffer with misophonia (a disorder where certain sounds can trigger an individual and can cause emotional distress). Faeza in reaction to this message began ranting and saying something along the lines of how about you think about what I like and just ranting. Someone who related and agreed to the misophonia message sent them a message saying they agree not everything needs to be shown. Faeza replied to this message with “And no one cares about Palestine 🇮🇱✌🏽”. Full Facebook link here
    Video of her talking about Israel

    Faeza’s racist rant on her finsta account. She has an obsession with people from the UK as everyone there is aware of the lies they have told.
    Faeza had this rant because a clinic called her out for promoting Botox and fillers at age 18 to her young and influential followers. Link here
    Instead of apologising she went on to her finsta and ranted about white people and people from the UK. If you check the comments on the Instagram post you can see Faeza sent her fan girls to spam comment and say it’s illegal to post her video without permission.

    Whilst they were on holiday in the Maldives a new account called Baklava on tattle popped up suggesting Faeza’s mother had cheated on her husband with a Qatari guy and so they (s&f) may be part Qatari. When someone tracked the IP address of this account it was located in the Maldives. So whilst they were on holiday they were putting up rumours their mother had cheated on her husband 🤢.

    Faeza also outed a Dubai based influencer for not being a virgin before marriage. And was saying stuff like having sex before marriage makes holes in your aura. She said all this after she wasn’t invited to the wedding and it seemed she had some fall out with said influencer.

    Around January time s&f had shared on their stories a irresponsible post, to 1m of their followers, regarding bats and diseases to which they said ‘this is why they have diseases’. Official cause of the virus had not been released. they were spreading inaccurate information without doing research. S&F as influencers have a responsibility in the information they share and making sure it’s reputable and fact checked.

    They sent fans after a journalist who was harassed by said fans after she wrote an article on s&f and their resemblance to the Kardashians.
    They threatened the journalist by saying to her she’s breaking the law and after they realised the article wasn’t going to be taken down Faeza released information about the journalist to her fans who sent many horrible messages. This is the article the journalist had written


    Faeza recently had her second nose job but has been saying it’s her first and that she hasn’t had anything else done to her nose. Even though she admitted in an interview she had a nose bump shaved down. Sonia says she’s scared of needles yet she gets fillers and Botox.
    time stamp 1:30

    Since they’re are now in their Kuwaiti phase. Faeza has said in Kuwait they lived in the Al Jahra area which is one of the most conservative areas. There are no expats living in Al Jahra and only certain families live there, none of them have any relations with Sonia and Faeza.

    Faeza has history on Twitter where she was racist to Pakistani’s and called them dirty and inbred she was well known for this in 2012. Faeza’s account name was @faezacbe and @faezabiebs you can view the kind of tweets she use to make. Sonia’s was @ibeliebmj and @iBeliebPakis . . Faeza claims they were fake accounts set up by a bully but seems unlikely since the account had personal pictures and the posts linked back to them. On their Twitters at first they did identify with being Pakistani but with a lot of self-hate. Soon after they decided they were Iraqi and started posting pictures of cities in Iraq on their Instagram.

    The Iraqi and Turkish phase. Sonia has messaged married men numerous times whilst being aware they are married. . There's also rumours Sonia is Saif Belhasa (a rich businessman in Dubai) side thing and he may be the one who helped them get their apartment. Here she was messaging a married guy about her family where she said her father is pure khaleeji and her mother descended from the Ottoman Empire.

    That trip to Najaf never happened even years later. If her parents have dual nationality why don't they have it too?

    Faeza never use to show her face at very beginning, when they gained popularity on Instagram only Sonia was shown. Faeza use to say it’s because she was self-conscious and private. In reality she was getting her face done aka her first nose job and other procedures to look like Kylie. When eventually Faeza did post her pictures and she looked like wannabe Kylie and she twisted the narrative. As she was saying stuff like ‘omg I’m so scared to post this I’m so ugly compared to my sister’ so people wouldn’t question that she’s had anything done.

    Both are claiming to have finished higher education with degrees. Sonia in law and Faeza in English but the timelines don’t match up and there is no evidence to show they attended and completed university.

    Confusion about when Faeza actually had her (second) nose job. She said she would take her followers through the entire process. Typically you have to wait around a month after the procedure before getting any dermal fillers. But soon after her nose job she was showing herself getting fillers before her holiday to the Maldives. With the timeline she showed on her stories when she was getting fillers it had not even been one month post op. She got her nose job on the 20th of January supposedly, and posts on the 21st on her private account. However, on her recent post she made the mistake of saying it was 16 weeks post op which takes us to the week of the 1st of december, but then corrects herself and says it has been 10 weeks which takes us back to the week of the 11th of January. But she claimed she got it on the 20th and posted it on the 21st. Her time line makes no sense. It should be 9 weeks post op if we take her lies as the truth. So it’s likely Faeza had her nose job earlier and was posting pre-records whilst pretending it was in real time.

    The mother has also been in on the lies regarding their ethnicity. When Faeza was doing a clients bridal makeup the client asked Faeza’s mother if she’s Pakistani and the mother said no I’m Turkish. People who lived in Alum rock and knew their family know they are Pakistani.
    Faeza has also said that her mother is a famous interior designer and that’s how she knows Tyga and his mother. As well saying that they hang out often and she’s known their Tyga’s family for years. Again there no evidence to support these claims and they haven’t been to the US in a few years now.

    Pictures and screenshots

    Key sentence "Sisters Fyza and Sonia Ali for example, are two Birmingham-based Insta-holics who used social media to launch their dream careers."

    This tweet further proves the account was run by them and weren't hacked like Faeza was alleging.
    She said they were naive teens and didn't know any better, but that doesn't mean they can't apologise now.

    Faeza's predatory behaviour coming out and this is not the first time. Imagine the outrage if the gender was reversed.

    Sonia and Faeza both think they start trends off when everything they said they have started has been done before.

    This is Faeza going after a girl who dared to have an opinion that doesn’t suit Faeza. Surely, after being on social media for several years, publicly, she would have developed thick skin by now?

    Tries way to hard to prove that they do talk to their parents. Now tell me why would a 29 year old and a 26 year old be communicating with their parents on snapchat? This may very well be Faeza faking the conversation as we've seen that both sisters have 3 phones each. Who's mother uses "lmfaoooooooo" and "hell nawwwwww"? Her "mom" is saved as mum but she tries to push the narrative she grew up in Kuwait and went to the UK for higher education at that age you'd be pretty set in your ways and wouldn't be switching mom and mum.


    proof of racist remarks, primarily aimed towards her own ethnicity.

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