Snapshoteye Truth Revealed

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  • Paul (Breach) Lincoln , Snapshoteye 41, 45, boyfriend
    IG Handle : Beautybeyondthe_eye (Previously Snapshot_eye)
    Tiktok: Snapshoteye


    Paul is infamous for:
    • Doing cringe tiktok dances
    • Making up a song about Jack Grealish and becoming a national meme.
    • Knocking up a 16 year old when he was 27 (maybe 29)
    • Having a face that resembles a slice of tescos finest breaded ham.
    • Running away, getting lost in a field and having to be tracked down by a police helicopter
    • Ignoring his son for hours in favour of going live on tiktok so he can chat to women 20 years younger than him. On one live he was openly talking about crotchless knickers in front of his young son.
    • Liking the pictures and ‘blurbs’ of underage girls on instagram.
    • Shamelessly attempting to gaslight thousands of people.
    • Limmy the comedian made a video taking the mick out of him.
    Recurring characters:

    -Sophie: his most recent ex who he met through tiktok and tried to move in with after 3 weeks of dating. All in all the relationship lasted about 2 months and ended with Paul storming off tiktok and Sophie taking his hotel chocolat velvetiser hostage.
    Note: dating in this instance actually means 1 trip to Costa for hot chocolate, 1 trip to IKEA to film a few TikToks & countless days lounging around Sophies front room in his pj’s and her slippers

    - Box girl: Sophie’s mate Sharane, often joins Sophie on dramatic live streams.
    Note: Sharene is secretly on our side and frequently agrees and gives hints. She's a Queen.

    - Frankie: Pauls ex ex girlfriend of 3 weeks (the one before Sophie) they met through tiktok and she has since disappeared entirely from social media. Victim of a fake instagram profile created by Paul. Original recipient of the Jars but spilt up before. See further below for Jargate.

    - Turbo tina: Paul’s most vicious mod, secretly in love with Paul, also known as tina the terror / tuna tina. Often ignored by Paul. The creator of the 💙 incident which she tried to out tattlers by asking us on a secret account to post a blue heart in Paul's live.

    -Leeane: Now a regular on Paul's instagram lives. In her early 20's, quite bubbly and appears to be friendly. Unsure if she is actually a tattler herself or she is genuinely naive. Been asked numerous inappropriate questions from Hammy.

    Famous quotes:

    ‘Big hugs bab’

    ‘I haven’t technically done anything wrong’

    ‘It’s a LARDER!!!’ aka 'Kitchen wardrobe'

    ‘it’s on my bubba, it’s on my boo boo boo boo’

    ‘I am too naive for this world’

    ‘I have lost my confidence’

    'I just want to make people smile'

    'Hi' (Instead of goodbye)

    'Anyone giving out free hugs, I think I want one'

    'In a life full of negatives, be a positive'

    'She said she was 12' - I joke.

    ‘Who’s 16?’

    ‘Delectable princess’


    EVENTS OF 02/01/2022: Sophie confirms the breakup between her and paul

    - Sophie started a live, initially ignoring comments about Paul but eventually started answering and said she was single and they'd split

    - She blocked the word ‘Paul’ from the live stream comments, so everyone started calling him Pool.

    - Her and box girl were trying not to laugh.

    - It all started kicking off and she went from about 100 people watching to nearly 800.

    - Paul must've been watching or been told and deleted his Tiktok. Didn't take him long to reappear.. approx 2 days.

    - Sophie started getting really pissed off at him.

    - He then went live on Instagram and is playing the victim.

    - Sophie started watching the live on her live and got MAD.

    - Her friend just said he needs professional help!

    - Paul played the victim on another level.

    - Tina said Sophie wasn't slagging him off to Paul.

    - Sophie went offfff on a girl called Charlotte for telling Paul she was slagging off Paul.

    EVENTS OF 09/01/22: Paul makes a fake account of his ex Frankie:

    Detective @Kavelsboss1 found an account called “theblondeoldie” with a picture of Frankie (Paul’s ex before Sophie) and her child. The only follower was Paul.

    He was the only one who had liked her only photo and commented on it. The account was brand new and Paul’s comment was from last night.

    Us tattlers began to suspect, as we do.
    A comment appeared calling out the account, much to our absolute relish.




    Sophie then goes live, and people tell her about this account. She gets her friend, box girl, to look it up. They see it is in fact only followed and liked by our very own Paul, snapshoteye, 41.

    Someone sends Sophie a screenshot of the comment that was left, which is also a few pages back on here.

    Sophie goes off for a bit and comes back and informs us Paul said Frankie made the account herself as she was getting hate.

    His inability to make up believable lies makes an appearance. Sophie is fuming by this point, threatening permanent hostage of the velvetiser.

    Sophie doesn’t believe this, and the account surprisingly disappears as soon a Sophie asked him about it.

    So Pedalo Paul has once again given himself away. Her live also kept freezing, my bets on him ringing her constantly.

    The fake instagram of his ex was deleted shortly afterwards.


    Sophie was on a live with Boxgirl (👸) when it came to light that the present that Paul had brought Sophie was Jars which he originally brought for Frankie but the relationship had ended before he could gift them.

    Sophie wasn't happy.

    Snapshoteye is found liking young girls bikini pictures on Instagram!:

    A tattler found photos on Instagram that Paul had liked. Some of these photos were young girls 16/17 in their prom dresses and bikinis.

    It was shown to Sophie after they had spilt up and she privately called him out on it. Paul said he had only liked these photos as the young girl was a cancer survivor. Upon investigation, it was proved that the girl had no idea who he was, making it even more weirder and predator that Paul had liked these photos.

    See video below for evidence:

    Snapshoteye is Dead - well on Instagram anyway:

    Paul, Snapshoteye, 41-45 decided it was time to remake himself and change his Instagram handle.

    He is now known as beautybeyondthe_eye. He has stopped his regular erratic lives on TikTok and taken to doing daily Instagram lives which rack up approx 15 viewers - 10 being tattlers.

    His next victim is a young girl, 20 years younger than him.. who appears to have a young child like his last girlfriend. He inappropriately asked her questions such as 'have you had sex in a cinema'. Screen recordings below for how creepy this man is and how inappropriate this type of conversation is on social media.

    Requirements for being hamheads girlfriend :
    *You must be a girlygirl but also like climbing trees
    *You need to like wearing a nice dress
    *You cannot fart (he finds that disgusting)
    *Shop in independent stores
    *You can't shop anywhere except Waitrose or M& a push he'll accept Big Tesco
    *Underwear must match, but isn't allowed to be the nude colour (he hates it)
    *No big knickers, you must at all times wear sexy knickers.
    *No socks or slippers
    *If you're a "gamer" that gets extra points.

    23rd of January: Sophie spills the tea 🍵 👌

    - They met on Tiktok after he sent her a message, they had a couple of phone calls and got on so she went to meet up with him.. he gifts her the Jars.

    - He then comes to Sophie's in Nottingham - his Dad drives him, and brings everything but his Kitchen sink ( including his birth certificate )

    - He leaves to go back to his Flat which he then gives up. This make Sophie suspect he is trying to move in with her.

    - He comes back, they go to IKEA. She tells us he does a silly foot dance when he thinks he's been recognised. She's embarrassed by him.

    - Whilst at Sophie's he begins to clean out her cupboards, taking himself to little tesco to buy cleaning products. Throws away letters on his live which she sees. NOT HAPPY

    - She tells him he spends too much time on Tiktok, he spends the rest of the night hiding under her duvet in her bed. She also slept on the sofa whenever he stayed while he was in her bed.

    - He has a couple of interviews in Nottingham and was meant to go for a trial but he expects Sophie to drive him. She's annoyed because the night before he left his empty CADBURYS yogurt pot on the sofa (Sophie's bed while he is there). It doesn't end well and he leaves to spend Christmas in a travelodge.

    - The relationship ends. She drives to his to drop his stuff off at his Dad's. She keeps his velvetiser and still has his birth certificate.

    - He sends her horrible voice notes (we haven't heard them)

    - The live happens, Leeanne joins. Says she sees nothing wrong with age gaps but agrees his behaviour is odd. He goes live in a dark room and post a tiktok (see below).

    EXTRAS from Sophie's Live:

    They didn't have the seggs.
    - He never offered her petrol money.
    - He used to recorded her when she didn't want him to and often told him not to post her.
    - He is living with his Dad.
    - He been told, under no circumstances, to mention his child on social media.
    - Paul asked Leeane out for a hot chocolate.
    - He puts holes in his jumper sleeves on purpose.

    Hi x

    Appaz Sophie has rimmed Paul

    Paul, Snapshoteye, 41 response to the Live the morning after:

    Paul claims in this video that all he talked about on his lives are about food and holidays and he doesn't understand where the drama comes from. As you can see in above videos that he actually asks a lot of inappropriate questions on his lives!

    He posts a Tiktok insinuating that he did actually share a bed but this is quickly deleted but nothing gets passed us Tattlers and it is screenrecorded. He always states on IG that be wants to spill the beans but has had LOTS of messages telling him not too.

    Paul asking for pictures of Leeanne's Ex's or as Paul says 'Boys':

    The infamous velvetiser:
    Passport is in reference to the fact that Paul does not own a passport.

    Moving in back with his Dad:

    Things with Sophie went south which meant his attempt to move in with Sophie had failed.

    This became the start of bathroom tiktoks and trips to travel lodges.

    Paul purchased a multi coloured ring light which he took along with him for a kick about in a park on his own on a Sunday morning.


    Paul took a trip to London which was meant to be a 2 day trip which turned into a week stay in a hotel room with no TV or window.

    He released a video confirming that he worked in health care and not poundland. He proceeded to inform us that he was a good person because he cared for people who we abandon and ridicule, he also was there when people were told they couldn't have their skulls glued back together. (This video was deleted but can be found on many parody accounts).

    The release of voicenotes:


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