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    Paul Breach, aged 42, lives in Dad's Bathroom, Lincoln
    IG Handle : Beautybeyondthe_eye (Previously Snapshoteye)
    Tiktok: Beautybeyondthe_eye (Previously Snapshoteye)
    Has also used the handle breachyboy01 on several platforms in the past.

    Link to the Snapshoteye Media Gallery:

    Claims to be a "nice guy" but spends most of his time on the internet exhibiting predatory behaviours, being rude and going on vitriolic rants.


    Paul is infamous for:
    • Doing cringe Tiktok dances
    • Making up a song about Jack Grealish and becoming a national meme (stemmed from being jealous of all the attention Grealish was getting during the Euros)
    • Knocking up a 16 year old girl when he was 26 (maybe 27)
    • Having a face that resembles a slice of Tesco's finest breaded ham.
    • Running away, getting lost in a field and having to be tracked down by a police helicopter
    • Ignoring his son for hours in favour of going live on Tiktok so he can chat to women 20 years younger than him. On one live he was openly talking about crotchless knickers in front of his young son.
    • Liking the pictures and ‘blurbs’ of underage girls on Instagram.
    • Shamelessly attempting to gaslight thousands of people.
    • Limmy the comedian made a video taking the mick out of him.
    • Had Billy Bear ham thrown at him by a group of teenage boys and he set off his panic alarm as they ran away.
    • Has a red stripe on his face that grows fluorescent when he's been caught out or is feeling particularly angry.
    • Has a very weak grasp on the English language.
    Paul has previously addressed the age of his son's mother on live. Tattlers quickly worked out that she must have been 16/17 when she was pregnant and Paul was 26/27. He refuses to address this issue when people call him out on this. This screenshot seems to be the only acknowledgment of this that he has made since that live.


    Posts that Paul made with his son's mum on facebook were revealed by her friend, who has chosen to remain anonymous. She confirmed that her birth date was in November 1990. Paul's birth date is in January 1980. She was already pregnant in early 2008.




    Recurring characters:

    -Sophie: his most recent ex who he met through Tiktok and tried to move in with after 3 weeks of dating. Note: dating in this instance actually means 1 trip to Costa for hot chocolate, 1 trip to IKEA to film a few Tiktoks & countless days lounging around Sophies front room in his pj’s and her slippers.

    Sophie broke up with Paul when she found that he left a yoghurt pot on her sofa one night. All in all the relationship lasted about 2 months and ended with Paul storming off Tiktok and Sophie taking his Hotel Chocolat velvetiser hostage. He also left his birth certificate at Sophie's which she flaunted on live a few times. Sophie dined out on Paul's notoriety for a few months after their initial break up. She was very vocal about how she found his contact with young girls suspicious. However, this didn't stop her from reconnecting with Paul for a brief stint, except this time people weren't as understanding of Sophie as she clearly felt it was acceptable to associate with Paul despite his concerning behaviour. Sophie has not been seen on social media since Toegate. See further below for Toegate.

    - Box girl: Sophie’s mate Sharane, often joined Sophie on dramatic live streams. Sharane and Sophie are currently no longer friends.

    - Frankie: Pauls ex-girlfriend of 3 weeks (the one before Sophie) they met through Tiktok and she has since disappeared entirely from social media. Paul only met Frankie in real life once. He tried it on with her and was rejected. The relationship ended and Paul went on a live in a field in the pitch dark. One Tattler was particularly concerned for him and phoned his local Police station to do a welfare check. The Police had to send a helicopter out to find him in the field. He then started to randomly show up in her hometown. Frankie was also the victim of a fake Instagram profile created by Paul. She was the original recipient of The Jars but they spilt up before Paul could give them to her. In October 2022 Frankie made a surprise reappearance. See further below for more.

    - Turbo Tina: Paul’s most vicious mod, secretly in love with Paul, also known as Tina the Terror/Tuna Tina. TT is usually ignored by Paul. Paul is often heard making passive aggressive comments towards Tine in his lives. She was the creator of the 💙 incident where she tried to out Tattlers by asking us on a secret account to post a blue heart in Paul's live.

    -Leeane: A regular on Paul's Instagram lives. In her early 20's, quite bubbly and appears to be friendly. Unsure if she is actually a Tattler herself or she is genuinely naïve. Leeane has been asked numerous inappropriate questions from Hammy.

    -Boo: Tiktok @mynamesboo1.0 - Boo made a Tiktok video on the 17/06/22 to speak about Paul and the similarities between her ex partner and Paul. Boo was groomed by her ex partner at 16 while he was 27, the same age as Paul and the mother of his child. Paul didn’t like this and has made numerous comments against Boo including the infamous “my boo, my little boo boo boo”
    In typical Paul fashion he likes to target Boo more than any of the male creators who are calling him out. He's frequently made inappropriate comments about Boo's sex life with her Husband and is known to go on long rants on live about her.

    Famous quotes:

    ‘Big hugs bab’

    ‘I haven’t technically done anything wrong’

    ‘It’s a LARDER!!!’ aka 'Kitchen wardrobe'

    ‘It’s on my bubba, it’s on my boo boo boo boo’

    'Own it babs'

    ‘I am too naïve for this world’

    'I just want to make people smile'

    'Hi' (Instead of goodbye)

    'Anyone giving out free hugs, I think I want one'

    'In a life full of negatives, be a positive'


    'I'm not the most cleverest tool in the world"

    ‘Who’s 16?’

    ‘Delectable princess’

    'Margaret, hi' (to a fake Margaret Thatcher profile)

    'She said she was 12' - I joke.


    02/01/2022: Sophie confirms the breakup between her and Paul

    • Sophie started a live, initially ignoring comments about Paul but eventually started answering and said she was single and they'd split.
    • She blocked the word ‘Paul’ from the live stream comments, so everyone started calling him Pool.
    • Her and box girl were trying not to laugh.
    • It all started kicking off and she went from about 100 people watching to nearly 800.
    • Paul must've been watching or had been told and deleted his Tiktok. It didn't take him long to reappear... approx. 2 days.
    • Sophie started getting really pissed off at him.
    • He then went live on Instagram and played the victim.
    • Sophie started watching the live on her live and got MAD.

    09/01/22: Did Paul make a fake account of his ex, Frankie?

    Detective @Kavelsboss1 found an account called “theblondeoldie” with a picture of Frankie (Paul’s ex before Sophie) and her child. The only follower was Paul.

    He was the only one who had liked her only photo and commented on it. The account was brand new and Paul’s comment was from the night before.

    Tattlers began to suspect, as we do.
    A comment appeared calling out the account, much to our absolute relish.


    Sophie went on live, and people told her about this "fake" account account. She got Sharane/Box girl to look it up, and they saw it was in fact only followed and liked by our very own Paul, snapshoteye, 42. Paul's account was also the only one to have left a comment.

    Sophie went off for a bit and came back and informed us Paul said Frankie made the account herself as she was getting hate - his inability to make up believable lies making another appearance. Sophie fuming by this point and threatened permanent hostage of The Velvetiser.

    Sophie didn’t believe that he wasn't behind the account and it unsurprisingly disappeared as soon a Sophie asked him about it. Paul eventually admitted that he was behind the account. Pedalo Paul once again gave himself away.

    The plot thickens...
    In October 2022 Frankie made a surprise return to social media in the form of a Tiktok addressing her relationship with Paul. In the video Frankie claimed the following:
    • They were never in a relationship, they were just good friends
    • They met in person 3 times in total. Once when she showed him her hometown, once when he showed her his, and another time.
    • He didn't chase her off social media. She chose to leave.
    • She made the theblondeoldie account so that she could join him on Instagram lives
    • He has only ever been good and lovely to her. They're no longer friends but they didn't fall out.
    Frankie also said she had gotten Paul's permission to post this video. Tattlers didn't know what to make of this as it contradicted a lot of previous information. Frankie also very quickly deleted her video and has not made any further statements.

    The Infamous Velvetiser
    Passport is in reference to the fact that Paul does not own a passport.


    Sophie was on a live with Boxgirl (👸) when it came to light that the present that Paul had given Sophie was Jars which he originally bought for Frankie but the relationship had ended before he could gift them.

    Snapshoteye is found liking young girls bikini pictures on Instagram

    A tattler found photos on Instagram that Paul had liked. Some of these photos were young girls 16/17 in their prom dresses and bikinis.

    It was shown to Sophie after they had spilt up and she privately called him out on it. Paul said he had only liked these photos as the young girl was a cancer survivor. Upon investigation, it was proved that the girl had no idea who he was, making it even more weirder and predator that Paul had liked these photos.

    See video below for evidence:

    Send feet pics x

    Paul was caught out asking followers to send him pictures of their feet. In classic Paul master manipulator style he went on a long rambling rant about how it was everyone else that was the problem and that it was a totally innocent request.

    Snapshoteye is Dead - well on Tiktok and Instagram anyway

    Paul, Snapshoteye, 41-45 decided it was time to remake himself and change his Instagram handle.

    He is now known as beautybeyondthe_eye. He continues to do cringey, neck grabbing, concave crotch waggling dances. He is regularly on live on both Tiktok and Instagram and his mood tends to swing between aggressive doxx threatening rants and ✨Manic Pixie Perve Boy✨.

    Requirements for being Hamhead's Girlfriend :

    • You must be a girlygirl but also like climbing trees
    • You need to like wearing a nice dress
    • You cannot fart (he finds that disgusting)
    • Shop in independent stores
    • You can't shop anywhere except Waitrose or M& a push he'll accept Big Tesco
    • Underwear must match, but isn't allowed to be the nude colour (he hates it)
    • No big knickers, you must at all times wear sexy knickers.
    • No socks or slippers
    • If you're a "gamer" that gets extra points.

    23/01/2022: Sophie Spills the Tea 🍵 👌

    • They met on Tiktok after he sent her a message. They had a couple of phone calls and got on so she went to meet up with him... he gifts her the Jars.
    • He then comes to Sophie's in Nottingham - his Dad drives him, and brings everything but his Kitchen sink ( including his birth certificate )
    • He leaves to go back to his Flat which he then gives up. This make Sophie suspect he is trying to move in with her.
    • He comes back and they go to IKEA. She tells us he does a silly foot dance when he thinks he's been recognised. She's embarrassed by him.
    • Whilst at Sophie's he begins to clean out her cupboards, taking himself to little Tesco to buy cleaning products. He throws away letters on his live which she sees. SHE IS NOT HAPPY!
    • She tells him he spends too much time on Tiktok, he spends the rest of the night hiding under her duvet in her bed. She also slept on the sofa whenever he stayed while he was in her bed.
    • He has a couple of interviews in Nottingham and was meant to go for a trial but he expects Sophie to drive him. She's annoyed because the night before he left his empty CADBURY'S yoghurt pot on the sofa (Sophie's bed while he is there). It doesn't end well and he leaves to spend Christmas in a Travelodge. He makes a fake person out of clothes in his Travelodge room to keep him company, making multiple videos with this “scare-crow”.
    • The relationship ends. She drives to his to drop his stuff off at his Dad's. She keeps his velvetiser and still has his birth certificate. The birth certificate was only returned to Paul when they briefly reunited in the summer of 2022.
    • He sends her horrible voice notes (we haven't heard them)
    • The live happens, Leeanne joins. Says she sees nothing wrong with age gaps but agrees his behaviour is odd. He goes live in a dark room and posts a tiktok (see below).

    EXTRAS from Sophie's Live:

    • They didn't have the sex.
    • He never offered her petrol money.
    • He used to recorded her when she didn't want him to and she often told him not to post her.
    • He is living with his Dad.
    • He been told, under no circumstances, to mention his child on social media.
    • Paul asked Leeane out for a hot chocolate.
    • He puts holes in his jumper sleeves on purpose.

    Paul, Snapshoteye/Beautybeyondthe_eye, 42 response to the Live the morning after:

    He posts a Tiktok insinuating that he did actually share a bed with Sophie but this is quickly deleted. Nothing gets past us Tattlers though and it is screen recorded. He also stated on an Instagram live that be wants to spill the beans but has had LOTS of messages telling him not to.

    "Ex Mod Here"

    In March 2022 an ex mod of Paul's came to spill the tea


    Paul asking for pictures of Leeanne's Exes or as Paul says 'Boys'

    His next victim was a young girl, 20 years younger than him who also appears to have a young child like his last two girlfriends... He inappropriately asked her questions such as 'have you had sex in a cinema'. Screen recordings below for how creepy this man is and how inappropriate this type of conversation is on social media.

    Moving in back with his Dad

    When Paul's attempt to move in with Sophie didn't go as planned he was forced to move back in with his poor old Dad and Step-mum. This became the start of bathroom Tiktoks and trips to Travelodges and the windowless coffin of a hotel room that he likes to frequent when trying to meet up with 19 year old girls.

    Paul can often be found on live in his en-suite at his dad's house. Sometimes Paul's dad makes an appearance in the lives when he brings Paul his clean washing or comes to collect the stack of mouldy plates Paul collects on top of his wardrobe. He also purchased a multi coloured ring light which he took along with him for a kick about in a park on his own on a Sunday morning.

    Tattlers were gifted with a much loved classic live clip when Paul's Dad tried to come into the bathroom and Paul could barely contain his rage at almost having his eye taken out by the hook on the back of the door.

    Trip to London

    Paul took a trip to London which was meant to be a 2 day trip but it turned into a week stay in a hotel room with no TV or windows. It was revealed that Paul intended to meet up with a 19 year old girl on this trip to London. Said girl was a catfish and was, in fact, a 32 year woman who had been posing as a teenage girl who was vulnerable and struggling with anxiety.

    This woman released screenshots of their conversations which included her asking if Paul would be happy to meet her Dad when she got to London. Paul's response was "Yeah, as long as he doesn't want to punch me". Paul told the girl he would be happy for her to spend the night in the hotel room with him.

    Poolypops was still in his windowless London hotel room when the catfishing was revealed and he went on live ranting and flippantly waved a condom about stating how he "won't be needing this anymore". He later backtracked and said he doesn't do one night stands as he's a "relationship guy"

    He also released a video confirming that he worked in health care and not Poundland. He proceeded to inform us that he was a good person because he cared for people who we abandon and ridicule, he also said he was there when people were told they couldn't have their skulls glued back together. (This video was deleted but can be found on many parody accounts).

    One of the voice notes to this 19 year old girl also gave us the glorious fart in the bath.

    He also went on a live rant whilst in London as he tried to enter several nightclubs and was turned away because he was sober and on his own. Paul failed to understand why a sober man on his own might be a safety concern amongst drunk women.

    Send towel pics x

    The next instalment of Paul requesting inappropriate photos had arrived in the form of him asking a 19 year old girl to send him photos of her in a towel. Bizarrely, he chose his local Co-Op as the setting for making this request.

    Doxx-gate and the Wegal Woute

    Paul likes to remind us Tattlers/Tiktokers and Trolls alike that one day, the laws on the internet will change and we'll all be in BIIIG trouble for talking about him. He has been in contact with his Union AND the Police and they know all about us apparently.

    Despite his legal warning to us all, he seems to be unaware of the ramifications of doxxing people. Whenever little billy bear is backed into a corner his immediate reaction is to threaten to doxx people. Towards the end of thread #32 Paul was in a doxxing frenzy and got hold of a vulnerable Tattlers information. This lead to some of the Tattlers abandoning the thread but many stayed to fight another day in the battle of Paul vs The World.

    He continues to use doxxing as a threat and has even gone to the extent of contacting a lady called Nikki's place of work with the hopes of getting her fired. Nikki shared the email that he sent to her employer.


    He has also targeted other people on social media who are not content creators. There was a man called Billy who messaged Paul on Instagram to talk about his online behaviour. Paul didn't take kindly to being confronted with the truth and so he went on a days long campaign to try and doxx Billy on lives and on his Instagram stories where he talked about knowing where Billy worked, what his hobbies were, that he's seen his girlfriend on his socials. He also threatened to contact Billy's employer too.

    billy 2.jpeg

    Pauls stalking behaviour continued with yet another threat to doxx someone and get them fired. All three of these doxxing threats happened in the span of two weeks as Paul seems to spiral further out of control.


    WHO'S SIXTEEN?! - Geocaching with a 16 year old girl in a graveyard

    Poor little piggy Paul was caught out again with Billy bear ham on his face (literally this time) by a catfish who was posing as a 16 year old girl (when will he learn?!). He arranged to meet up with this fictitious teenage girl in a local graveyard for a spot of totally not suspicious geocaching... Once he arrived at the destination he was, in fact, confronted by two lads who asked him why he was talking to sixteen year olds. He asked "WHO'S SIXTEEN?!" They then threw Billy Bear ham at him and ran off laughing. Paul was so terrified by this attack by pork product that he pulled his personal alarm.

    Paul did a podcast interview with a Twitch streamer named Luke and Luke asked him about why he asked a young girl to go geocaching with him.

    Luke also asked Paul about his Dad walking in on him whilst he's on live in the bathroom.

    Co-Op Confrontation

    Paul was stopped outside his local Co-Op by a group of boys asking for a photo. Once they had him on the hook they reeled him in and despite Paul's insistence that if anyone came up to him in the street he'd "make a scene" and try to punch them, he withered into the wall like a forgotten cocktail sausage at the back of the fridge. He was outraged that the poor lady on the till at Co-Op would allow this on HER premises.

    Messaging a 15 year old girl

    Boo uploaded proof to Tik tok of messages she had received from a 15 year old girl saying Paul had messaged her earlier in March 2022. He messaged her in regards to her pinned post which was about her ovarian disease “acting as though he was a safe place for her to reside”. She said it was fairly obvious she was underage as in her post which he has read she had mentioned missing out on school.


    Paul had been declaring that he was "single but spoken for" for a few weeks and by August 2022 Paul and Sophie finally reunited. They took a romantic trip to London and Paul uploaded a photo of Sophie on Instagram with her toes out... The internet went wild for her concrete grippers and quickly spotted their similarity to monster munch and the nickname Toephie was born. This caused Paul to have a meltdown on Instagram, calling everyone out, deleting photos of Sophie and going private.

    It also revealed a new side to Sophie that we hadn't seen before and some screenshots and voice notes were revealed.

    Sophie made all of her socials private and she hasn't been seen since, although it seems she's still in contact with Paul despite having a new boyfriend.

    Kissing service users in care

    Pooly loves to tell people how much of an amazing carer he was and despite "quitting care work" to do "soshul meedyah full time" he still likes to give tips on how people should be cared for.

    Paul mentioned in a live stream that he kisses the services users in his care on the cheek and forehead. He also said he likes to hold their hands and hug them and that carers should be affectionate to their service users. He was understandably called out for this by just about everyone and told that it is unacceptable and the vulnerable people in his care cannot consent to these things. Paul then went on to make further videos posted to his account to reiterate his point and slightly change his story.

    In October 2022 whilst on live Paul took the opportunity to go on a disgusting rant about a lady whose Great Nan had just died.

    Egghead Beef

    One of Pig-eyed Pauly's biggest enemies is Egghead Trucker Chris. Chris has been very vocal about his thoughts on Paul and his grooming and predatory behaviours. Unfortunately, it turns out that's not the only thing old Egghead is vocal about.

    Paul revealed that he had found some comments Chris made on a white supremacist Tiktok account. These comments were racist in nature and it led Tattlers to take a closer look at some of Egghead Chris' other content. Needless to say, Paul was rubbing his tiny little hands together in glee at the thought of taking him down.

    Alas for Paul, he didn't chase Chris off the internet like he'd hoped and instead he just exposed that Egghead is a far right working class Tory who doesn't support BLM aka... he's a dickhead.

    Astrid Wett and the Tour De Nonc3


    In October 2022 Paul decided to depart from his Dad's en-suite in Lincoln on a tour of Britain. He visited many beloved cities on his travels (much to the dismay of the residents) and experienced such delights as the Derwent Pencil Museum where he saw the World's Largest Pencil. Despite there being many other notable landmarks Paul could have seen whilst visiting Portsmouth, he chose to spend his time with well-loved social media influencer morally corrupt clout chaser Astrid Wett.

    Some Tattlers wondered if Paul would be getting his little derwent pencil Wett on his visit to Portsmouth, but alas, it seemed he was destined to return to his hotel room to eat trifle alone. Astrid later tried to pretend she wasn't aware of any allegations made against Paul but she didn't fool us.

    Paul's melted face

    Many a Tattler has marveled over time at the sheer asymmetry of Paul Breach's head. With a head like a baby who was never given tummy time, it has been suggested that God sneezed when he was putting together Paul's features. He has been likened to Quasimodo, a melting wax work and Sloth from The Goonies. Tattler @Jcocf5 provided us with an incredible analysis of his face which led many Tattlers to conclude he looks like both Raoul Moat and Paul McCartney if their faces were put in a microwave.


    Faceparty, Twitter and other old accounts

    During thread #38 an old faceparty account for Paul was discovered. On the account he mentioned a girlfriend and a little girl. This lead Tattlers to speculate on whether he had another child. After thorough investigation it was decided the little girl he referred to on the profile was likely his girlfriend at the times daughter and not his.



    24 year old Paul referring to 16 year old girl as "yummy" among other things on his face-pic profile.


    Tweets from an old account of Pauls have also been found and they're about as creepy and weird as you could expect.


    Vintage Paul

    Paul's soshul meedyah career runs in a cycle. In the first stage he can be found obnoxiously dancing, spewing toxic positivity in lives 24/7 until he eventually gets caught out doing something inappropriate. Once he's been caught out, he enters the next phase which is Mental Health Paul. If Mental Health Paul doesn't garner enough sympathy and get him out of trouble, he will private all of his socials and delete his bio and profile picture. The final phase in the cycle is the dirty delete, where he deletes all of his content in the hopes that people will panic, think he's leaving social media for good and beg him to stay. He hopes that by deleting all his old content people will forget....But Tattlers remember everything... and so we bring you some of Paul's classic Tiktoks throughout his time on the app.

    Just Ew
    The time Pool donned his girlfriend Sophie's PLT hat and got her to manually flick the lights off and on so he could make a "thirst trap"

    Personality Face
    The time Pool tried to convince us that his face is didn't work.

    Daughter POV
    The time Pool pretended to be talking to a fictional daughter through a bathroom door when he has a real life son he doesn't talk to.

    It's Chewsday
    Anyone giving out free hugs? I think Paul wants one. Eeee. Hi x

    Delectable Princess
    The time Pool got a cameo request for a 15 year old girl's birthday.

    Dress down Friday/ Binbag
    Rare footage that proves Paul has the legs of a withered Victorian ghost.

    Rowing alone and the Travelodge RolyPoly
    Two well-loved classic Paul Tiktoks. Paul can be seen supposedly smiling to someone behind the camera (even though the reflection in the patio doors shows he's on his own) and rolling around the floor of his Travelodge room with no socks on. That's one way to get a foot full of verrucas.

    Cringe from the Minge
    Yes, it sounds like the title of Paul's autobiography but it is in fact, how he made women across the nation feel when they saw these "thirst traps"

    Crisp Sandwiches and RolyPolys
    The rolypolys made a return in the next Paul classic where he pretended that eating crisp sandwiches was a thing of the past. It didn't fool us though, we know he has the palate of a toddler and survives purely on lilt and quavers.

    Strictly Come Poncing
    Giving us what no other 42-year-old man in his right mind would - it's Pool dancing on the internet. No matter the location, whether it's the Travelodge on Christmas Day because his girlfriend's kicked him out, the train station or his Dad's en-suite, Pool never fails to deliver.

    I'm lost for words honestly, I can't even think of a snappy title.
    A nation of clitoris and uterus owners were in mourning the day these videos were made as their muffs violently ejected themselves from their bodies in disgust.

    Moist :sick:
    No vagina has ever been drier than when it's owner hears this conversation Paul had on live.

    The Dog Whisperer
    The time Pool met some dogs for the very first time and made it awkward for everyone.

    Lilt Betrayal
    Paul betrayed his loyalty to Lilt for this video where he DARED to hold a can of Sprite.

    Where's the evidence?! Show me the evidence!

    When Paul is confronted by people questioning his behaviours he loves to ask for evidence which he promptly ignores. He regularly displays misogynistic behaviours where he targets mostly women who criticise him. Boo in particular has been targeted by Paul on many occasions. He has also been seen on live saying awful sexual things about a woman he went home with.


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