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  • Much to her dismay she is least known for her stint on Love Island season 3 in which she was given less than 4 minutes airtime, and best known for the fact that she uses her IG account (of which only 17% of her followers are real) to scam free services, products, food etc. from businesses around Dublin. Most notably, she set up an agency - SRMG Management, where she charged young aspiring influencers a fee to be managed and coached by her. After a few months some of the members began to grow concerned when it transpired that she was forging fake receipts for Ryanair flights to Liverpool and taking payment for an upcoming event in the Red Cow Hotel where UK influencers Ellie and Daisey O'Donnell were allegedly meant to appear. The O'Donnell sisters took to their socials to warn their followers that they had not consented to any appearance and were not associated in any way with the event. They advised that those who bought tickets were being scammed. Following this, many of the girls who came forward regarding their experiences in the agency were threatened by Shannen and her boyfriend Luke Tally (a landscaper, drug dealer, and car valet worker at Exemplar in Dublin Airport) to keep quiet. Some of the girls received a partial refund from Luke while Shannen hid in his van outside the houses. Death threats and bullying have also been reported.