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  • Introduction
    Poppy Adams is a 31 year old (born September 1992) gigantic womanchild who lives in Essex Edinburgh with her boyfriend brother, Ben. She is mostly there alone as Ben travels for work. He has an actual job, unlike Poppy.

    Early life
    Born in Essex, Poppy was privately educated. Her parents appear to be well off and Poppy doesn’t seem to have any personal money worries. She rents a flat in Edinburgh however spends more time down south than in Edinburgh - travelling multiple times a month between Edinburgh and Essex, regularly paying for first class train tickets at the last minute and flights.

    Poppy studied art/makeup at university and has a knack for makeup. She has had a selection of jobs and worked in retail (2 days per week) prior to giving that up to become a full time hun. She makes money from TikTok / Instagram. She seems to have an endless supply of cash - booking tattoos, hair and nail appointments, renting holiday cottages and travelling first class regularly.

    Friends: Milly, Nina, Sarah (Hagrid), her hairdresser Brad, Jen (her old boss).
    Boyfriends: Poppy had a long term relationship with a man and they shared a flat together when she was in her early 20s. This happened before she was an influencer. She alludes to it not being a happy time in her life however often brings up her ex when giving a longwinded sermon about nothing. Her other significant romantic relationship was with a man she met in Edinburgh, known by Tattlers as Archie. Archie and Poppy dated for approximately 2 months during the summer of 2021 and during that time Poppy declared “when you know, you know” - even taking him down south to meet her extended family. She had not yet “revealed” him to Instagram but pictures were posted that showed him in her parent’s garden, sitting under an arch. There were 3 men there that looked very similar and Tattle had a hilarious time trying to work out which one was Poppy’s mystery man. It was due to that event that he was dubbed “Archie”. Identifying Archie begins on page 24 of thread 7 🕵🏻‍♀️ He also gets referred to as “chilli fingers” because Poppy let her followers know that after cooking dinner that included fresh chilies, they had an encounter that set Poppy’s vag on fire.
    That relationship ended abruptly and there was no more references to “my boyfriend”. It appeared to end after she got absolutely annihilated on a night out, spewed inside her mask on the Bolt Uber ride home with said boyfriend then got into bed seemingly naked with a pack of Johnny’s onion rings (the smelliest crisps in the world) and posted loads of stories while he was lying next to her looking absolutely done with her shit. She was on a rant about them being top tier crisps and he dared to not agree that they weren’t his personal favourites, so she drunkenly berated him on her instagram stories and he looked so uncomfortable. He was never really seen again after that and Poppy hit a depressive cycle and eventually admitted they’d broken up. She then proceeded to demand that her followers “have boundaries” when asking about her private life……..

    Poppy announced in November 2023 that she was seeing someone and had been dropping various easter eggs up to that point. The person she is dating shared photos of her at the same wedding location as Poppy in Edinburgh, neither of them included each other in photos. It looks like Poppy is dating "FE" who is non binary, but born female. Who knows how long this relationship will last and will FE be our new Archie?

    Weight loss Surgery
    Poppy has had two weight loss surgeries. The first was a gastric band when she was around 18, but she had issues with it from around 2018. Prior to the second surgery in July 2020, she was a size 30+. The second procedure she had was a gastric bypass. According to Poppy, she was fine and happy at her current size but had to lose to help with her hip pain. She has never seemed to follow the proper guidelines after surgery, appears to have stopped losing weight and currently states she is a size 22, although some believe she is bigger.

    Tattlers are certain that she has messed up her second weight loss surgery. She seems to be able to consume far more food than she should be able to, often showing huge portions. Not only does she eat and drink at the same time, she drinks fizzy drinks and copious amounts of alcohol which goes against advice given to weight loss surgery patients.

    Edinburgh vs Essex
    Poppy claims to live in Edinburgh and it's where her hear is. Tattlers felt like she was hardly in Edinburgh, thankfully Giftednotfree kept a calendar of the days that Poppy was in Edinburgh and Essex. The calendar proved that Poppy spent more time in Essex and that Edinbugh is no more than a holiday home. I've included screenshot of the calendar post below.

    Screenshot_20240130_131928_Samsung Internet~2.jpg

    Screenshot_20240130_131937_Samsung Internet~2.jpg

    Screenshot_20240130_131941_Samsung Internet~2.jpg

    Other stuff
    Mouse Gate
    In 2020, Poppy and Hagrid went to stay at an AirbnB in London and claimed that they saw a mouse inside the apartment. They proceeded to shame the host on storeis. Poppy and Hagrid ended up staying overnight and ordered a takeaway an hour after complaining about the mouse. Poppy at no point posted any evidence of a mouse, so many Tattlers don’t believe that there was one. A lot of her followers called her out on her bratty behaviour - to complain about it and ask for a discounted rate. The purpose of this stay was so that Poppy could meet up with an online date. She spent the night with him and Hagrid as in the next room. Hagrid confessed to being able to overhear Poppy telling the suitor to “smack my arse” during the deed. The next morning, all 3 of them were in the same bed and Poppy had no shame in farting loudly for all to hear... Mousegate can be found by copying the link below:


    Thanks to a wonderful tattler we have the reply from the air bnb lady from the mousegate air bnb. The response from her air bnb review is below:
    "Hosting Poppy was not a good experience. She threatened to leave a bad review if I didn't give her a refund, and I felt bullied by her. I feel that Airbnb works well because of the reviews system so I am writing out a full account of what happened. Poppy stayed in my own flat, that I normally live in, She made the booking the same morning as checking in. I took this last minute booking because business has been difficult and slow with the Covid-19 lockdown and my neighbourhood (Shoreditch) being a target for illegal lockdown parties meaning that I can only accept bookings from people who already have 5 positive reviews. Poppy had seven positive reviews so I accepted the booking and packed my things and my cleaners came over to hep me get the flat ready for her. I met her when she arrived and she seemed very happy with the flat. I was a bit concerned when she sarcastically remarked that she had lived in a flat before when I reminded her and her friend to be mindful on the balcony at night as voices travel up the building and my neighbours have asked me to remind everybody about this. I felt that remark to be unnecessary and quite passive aggressive. On the second night of her stay Poppy claimed that she saw a mouse in my living room and the next morning she requested a £220 refund as compensation. She then said that my fridge was smelly and my bedding was stained and that there was a strong smell of marijuana. First of all, I haven't seen any mice in the past 2 months and neither have my cleaners. I am back in the flat again now and I cannot see any evidence of mice. However, I would have given her the benefit of the doubt and offered her something as compensation had it not been for the other complaints that really offended me given that I've worked so hard to present a beautiful space for guests and working hard to get it super clean at such short notice. I put my own small amount of food in the bottom drawer of a big fridge, which I think is fair given that my listing states that I live here myself, I have my own belongings here and I'd only be out of the flat for 2 nights. There is sometimes a very faint smell of marijuana coming from the ventilation system in the bathroom - something I cannot do anything about and it really isn't strong. I don't smoke myself and it's definitely not a lingering smell. I do live in Shoreditch, central London. It's hard not to come across this smell from time to time in this neighbourhood. The bedding had tiny marks from the washing and when I inspected them I couldn't believe she would bring them up as grounds for a refund. The floor was very clean. My cleaners had just cleaned really thoroughly before she arrived. I have been using Airbnb for about 10 years as I usually travel a lot for work I've had more than a thousand reviews. Very occasionally I come across people like Poppy who try it on to get a refund. I think it's important that hosts are not intimidated by the threat of a bad review and flag these people up for other hosts. I will mention the positives as well. Poppy left the flat clean and tidy and let me know when she checked out"

    - Covid
    Poppy once travelled from Edinburgh to Essex on the train with Covid symptoms. After a few days of being back in Essex, she posted stories to say that she wasn't feeling well and had tested positive for covid. Poppy already wasn't feeling well when she decided to catch a train home from Edinburgh. Poppy claimed that she didn't travel knowing that she had covid, as she had not tested yet. This was just another example of Poppy being inconsiderate of others and at the time covid was rampant with restrictions in place.

    - Over the Limit
    Poppy attended a Lizzo concert as a guest of PLT in March 203. After arriving back at her parent’s house in the early hours, she posted stories to say that she was so drunk she couldn’t see straight. The next morning, when craving porridge from McDonald’s, she drove to the drive-thru. She was called out on this and proceeded to delete the stories from earlier in the morning when she stated she was unable to see properly. A few months later, during a typical Poppy sermon, she confirmed that she was so drunk on the night of the the gig that she had no memory of it. Tattlers believe that she was firmly over the limit to drive / was still drunk when driving to McDonald’s that morning.

    Poppy tends to wear the same skirt for weeks on end and it looks like she never washes whichever skirt she is wearing for that week or month.
    The h&m black skirt - the first skirt that Poppy wore day in day day out. Poppy wore this skirt throughout all four seasons. This skirt became infamous on the thread with some tattlers being influenced to buy it. Poppy doest appear to wear this skirt anymore, probably because it doesn't fit.
    The black denim skirt - Poppy wore this skirt a lot, it had buttons down the front and was bursting at the seams. Poppy interchanged this skirt with the h&m one. Poppy doesn't wear this anymore, again it probably doesn't fit.
    Jess' boohoo black maxi skirt - Poppy "borrowed" the skirt off Jess when she went to stay at hers during the "fake frienship" period. Jess once mentioned that Poppy still had the skirt. Poppy wears this skirt a lot, it still fits her which is a miracle.
    The black wooly bobbly maxi skirt - This is the new H&M skirt. Poppy wears this all the time, it's grubby and a lint remover couldn't even help it.
    In the summer of 2022 which was horrendously hot she wore the h&m skirt and the denim skirt with snag tights that are full of holes and ladders. The summer of 2023 saw her wear the maxi skirts.


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