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  • Naomi Clarke is a 29 year old hairdresser from Manchester.

    Her original Instagram handle was @naomibouncyblows Naomi claimed that this account was hacked and she set up a new account, again called naomi bouncy blows which she has since renamed @naomi.loves.sully only to go back to the original Instagram handle @naomibouncyblows

    Naomi has a son called Sullivan (she refers to him as Sul / Sully).

    Sully’s father and Naomi’s partner, Jonathan Clarke, is currently in prison again, having breached bail conditions. Jonathon was convicted of drug (heroin dealing) offences - see Manchester Evening News article

    Despite referring to herself an “honest mama” in her Instagram bio, Naomi constantly pretends that Jonathan is living with her in their flat, even though there are never any signs of this (because he’s in prison). When asked about his whereabouts by her followers, she becomes very defensive and makes excuses such as that he is “working on an oil rig”, is “a broker” and is “in the army”. She also likes to get handy with the photoshop to add him into photos… the Christmas tree pic was one of our favourites

    Naomi and Jonathan are not married. They have the same surname because Naomi changed her surname (previously Naomi Graham) to his by deed poll, and wears a wedding ring.

    Naomi's father and great uncle are also in prison on serious charges related to drugs, kidnap and GBH - see link to Manchester Evening News Article

    Naomi breastfeeds her son and likes to talk about this 99% of the time. She also never wears a bra… ever… which often results in regular nip slips when she chooses to film hair tutorials in a crop top.

    Naomi opened a hair salon in Prestwich in May 2021 called S.U.L. Hair. Some have wondered where she got the money from given that she hasn't worked in over a year. The salon is mostly empty, and the chairs are rented out to self-employed people. It seems Naomi will rent a chair to absolutely anyone and we have seen lots of photos of clients with bleeding fingers posted by a nail tech that was based in her salon.

    In 2020, Naomi tried to "catch the trolls" (members of tattle who have not contacted her at all!) by creating an account on here and posting a link. She claimed to have retrieved the IP addresses of tattle members who had clicked on the link, and she planned to “out” them on her instagram account. She of course didn’t have any solid identifying information, and apparently proceeded to privately accuse one of her friends of being a member of tattle. Nothing else was said after that