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  • Nadia Sawalha was cast in EastEnders in 1997 and since then has become known for being a Loose Woman. She has had many failed attempts at hosting her own TV shows, some of them with her husband, Mark Adderley.

    In recent years, they have created a YouTube channel, which was initially popular and then they decided to cash in from it. Nadia, who receives a high salary for her Loose Women appearances, cited the costs of buying the food to do her cooking segments as the reasoning for this. A bitter environment was created when viewers leaving reasonable but critical comments had their comments deleted and their opinions shut down. Occasionally, these comments will be responded to with a sarcastic reply. Meanwhile, Subs who leave fawning comments are often ignored. The couple have now added a P. O box in their video descriptions, so that their Subs, some of whom seem vulnerable can send them gifts.

    The hygeine in the house is something viewers pick up on. The floors are often dirty and there is always mess aplenty. Some YouTubers have commented on things such as cross contamination with raw meat, yet these kind comments tend to be deleted.

    Nadia's former agent called Nadia out as being "a witch" and it is believed one of the characters in her book is based on Nadia. It is rumoured that fellow Loose Woman Coleen and Nadia have a rift, and it is worth noting that Melanie Blake, who called Nadia a witch is Coleen's agent.

    Speaking of rifts, Nadia caused tension when she appeared on Loose Women and talked about her estranged sister, Julia Sawalha. This caused Julia to take to Twitter and claim that Nadia "destroyed" the family. Nadia no longer mentions Julia in their Vlogs, however a recent mention of where Julia lives by her husband, Mark, was swiftly deleted.

    Mark's behaviour has caused outrage. He hit his wife on the bum with what looked like a fly zapper and has a strange liking for wearing masks and making his mother scream. He also has a strong disliking for anyone who hits the thumbs down option on YouTube, and makes this known. In the past, Mark has talked of "clambering over his girlfriend's mother, with no clothes on" and "clearly aroused". Yet, Nadia says Mark crosses the road to avoid making women feel uncomfortable in the street.

    Recently, Nadia has taken to posting embarrassing and vulgar pictures and videos of herself on Instagram, which often spark negative comments in The Daily Mail. Despite speaking out against "trolls", she appears to regularly mock Kim Kardashian.

    The atmosphere amongst their Subscribers has also become bitter, with it becoming evident that there is rowing on social media and some Tattlers suggest that two people in particular are behaving in an unacceptable manner. This however, seems to go unnoticed with Nadia and Mark.

    Cancelled/ Delayed Lives

    Despite promising a daily live on YouTube, Mark and Nadia constantly let their 'subs' down. See the attached images of two weeks' worth of excuses!

    Recurring Characters:

    * Diane Adderley - Diane is Mark's mother. Diane was raised in the West Midlands. She embarked on a relationship with a man, Mark's father. She then came out as a lesbian. Mark often portrays her as not being around much in his childhood. Although this could be true, it seems exaggerated, especially as she was out earning money to put food on the table. Diane was an active feminist when Mark was growing up. She would feed the plants with menustral blood and hold meetings for other feminists. She is interested in literature, art and horticulture. She often appears to be confused on the Vlogs, yet it is questionable how genuine the confusion is and whether or not it is an act for the camera. She lives in East London in a flat that leaks and has been broken in to. There is a lack of space and it is a very bleak residence compared to the large detached house that Nadia & Mark live in. Her clothes appear dirty and stained and she wears the same clothes for days. A smart Tattler coined the nickname Dirty Di for her, as opposed to Nanny Di, as her son calls her. She does the gardening for The Sawalha Adderleys in their Green Fingered Hell feature. However, in this, Mark patronises and insults his mother as she tends to their allegedly rat infested garden. Diane was devastated by the death of a lady called Liz, and has become emotional about this in the Vlogs. Nadia seems to treat Diane with disdain, moaning about Mark clearing a bedroom for her, though the Sawalha Adderleys dispute this disdain.

    *Lisa Mejuto - Foul mouthed Lisa is a make up artist on Good Morning Britain and also for various Keith Lemon shows. She has known Nadia for several decades and socialises with her often. She makes herself very at home in The Sawalha Adderleys' house, opening the fridge and helping herself to milk. She swears often on the family Vlog, it seems as though every sentence has s*** or f*** in it. She lives in Hertfordshire with two sons and her husband Carlos. She buys clothes from a company called Me @ Winchmore Hill, which looks like cheap market stall tat. This company featured on the Vlogs. Lisa has tried to organise Nadia's messy cupboards and can appear bossy at times. Nadia & Mark have a large cardboard cut out of her, which they like to surprise guests with, a joke that has become banal and un-humerous.

    *Nadim Sawalha - Nadim is Nadia's father, who was born in Jordan and came to England to become an actor. He has appeared in some films and television shows and is now very frail. He has had a stroke and requires hospital attention regularly. Nadia cooks sugary and high fat food for him. He features in Teddy Talks, a section in The No Name Sunday Show. He often also appears confused, however it is not clear if this is genuine confusion, or for the benefit of the camera.

    *Roberta Sawalha - Roberta is Nadia's mother. Roberta was born in Epsom and had a difficult childhood, being made to sleep in a shed, despite her fears of this. She has a love of French cuisine and culture and worked in foreign communications at the BBC, where she met her husband Nadim. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, the reveal of this was included in an episode of Green Fingered Hell. Roberta, also known as Bobby and Betty, appears reserved in the Vlogs. Some might say that she is emotionally stunted. She often lends Mark her car. She has a friend called Pat who was employed as a nanny and housekeeper by Mark and Nadia.

    *Dina Sawalha - Dina is Nadia's elder sister, who Nadia describes as being shy. She used to work in the education sector and now runs an art business, Art By Box, where customers can have a box delivered with art kits. Tattlers have said that it's a poor product and overpriced. Nadia has promoted this product on her Instagram. It is rumoured that Dina helped Nadia to win MasterChef by coaching her, back in 2007. Dina is a vegan and cooks vegan dishes and shares these on Instagram. She has cooked for various occasions, including when Lisa came over. It has been speculated that Dina wants to become an influencer and gain 'freebies', a particular ice cream post sparked this speculation amongst Tattlers. Dina cleaned the house for Mark and Nadia, bravely cleaning the toilet that was so bad that they thought it would have to be discarded. Dina has two sons, she is estranged from the father of these sons and they both lived with her on the site of her parents' house, next door to Mark and Nadia. Dina regularly posted about her other sister Julia but seems to have cut ties with Julia in favour of Nadia, who is more prominent on social media.

    *Maddie Adderley - Sometimes known as Moodie, Maddie is the Sawalha Adderleys' eldest daughter. She has no GCSES and sells second hand clothes, modelled in salacious poses on Depop. She sleeps in a room with Crack Den written on the wall and is often photographed with her middle finger extended. She sings and has released a song with a music video of her in the dark. Her singing has been criticized by Tattlers and it has been joked that she is her parents' answer to A!y Winehouse. Tattlers have questioned how she will achieve in the real world with no qualifications. It seems that Maddie holds resentment for her mother, despite similarities becoming apparent between their posts. Maddie now chooses not to appear in her parents Vlogs most of the time.

    Online Safety Concerns With Their Daughters

    In March 2022, it came to light on Tattle that the youngest, underage daughter was posting risqué pictures in underwear and having inappropriate conversations on Instagram. This was greatly concerning. Unfortunately, Nadia Sawalha is a terrible role model, which added to concern. The eldest daughter, who we can name as she is over 18, has been posting revealing pictures for a while, especially on her Depop account, where she sells her mother's Loose Women outfits. A kind and conscientious Tattler alerted relatives of the issue and Julia reached out to offer advice and support, making a post on Instagram. This is despite of Nadia's efforts to cut her out of family life.
    Nadia and Mark then recruited friends to troll Julia on her Instagram and make vile comments in an attempt to intimidate her into silence. The eldest daughter has since posted sexually provocative pictures and Mark and Nadia have liked and commented on them. The youngest risqué half naked pictures are still open for all to see on tiktok (she's 14!)

    Sexualised Instagram Posts By Maddie (Moodie)
    Moodie continues to post sexualised Instagram posts, which focus on her breast and wearing revealing clothing. Mark often 'likes' these pictures of his daughter. Ashley Gardner (am obsessed creepy fan) posts fawning comments on these pictures. It is speculated that Moodie may get Only Fans. Moodie posted a picture of herself on the toilet with her knickers pulled down and the inside of her knickers showing. Her breasts were also nearly hanging out. Mark, her father likes this picture.

    Secret First Marriage

    Official documents reveal that Nadia Sawalha married Hamza Zerououl in 1987. This is something she never mentions, leading some to wonder of the legitimacy of the marriage.