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  • Charlotte Greedy AKA Missgreedyshome

    Charlotte 29 lives in Pontyclun, South Wales with her two children Enzo and Brody and partner Harriet.

    Charlotte the self proclaimed Internet sensation with a 10/10 personality, claims to have numerous health complaints including IBS and BPD. Lucky for her she can eat fajita pasta and 6 day old beef stew and drink alcohol to excess without any problems. She regularly takes her followers on the rollercoaster of emotions she experiences as a result of BPD but again luckily for her she seems to know exactly when these low points will pass (conveniently they seem to ease in time for every important meeting or event she ever attends).

    Charlotte has built a following of over 250k on instagram. She built her initial following by posting DIY on a budget ideas and sharing them to Facebook DIY groups and begging for followers. She has since mostly moved on from budget hacks and now just copies anything and everything she sees other people doing. It would appear she has no original ideas. She even recently got caught out posting a gushing message to her partner proclaiming her love. She tried to claim the words were her own, however the person who actually wrote the message to her partner called her out

    Charlotte and family recently moved to a new property rumoured to have been purchased for £425k. She managed to save enough money to buy a property of this value by previously renting a council house (depriving a local family of the opportunity of affordable housing for around 3 years). She was also in a position to spend thousand of pounds renovating the garden and installing media/fire walls then ripping them out in said council property.

    Charlotte was clearly in a position to privately rent, however being the money grabbing individual she is she decided to remain in the council property. Charlotte went to great lengths to disguise the fact that her previous property was council and only disclosed this information when she moved out. She made several patronising comments about how she wishes she could help people struggling and that she hopes all the work she had done to the council house would benefit the next tenant. Obviously she thinks spray painting the kitchen sink gold is some kind of public service. Charlotte also documented how she dug plants out of her old garden to take to her new property which im sure was really appreciated by the new tenants.

    Charlotte loves to sell her rags to riches story to any newspaper that will humour her. She claims to have renovated the whole property for £5k but fails to mention the fact that she was gifted an eye watering amount of items. She also claims to have owned the property which is a lie as she later admitted to her followers that the property was council owned:


    Charlotte has been seen selling gifted items on local Facebook selling pages on numerous occasions (remember guys, she just wishes she could help those who are struggling).

    Charlotte is a prolific ‘swip upper’ and is constantly promoting products for her followers to purchase via aff links and swipe up links in order to line her own pockets. She also does several clothing hauls but is never seen wearing any of the clothes featured in these hauls.

    Charlotte has an extremely shady past. She was in a relationship with covnicted con artist Emma Meredith Hughes. Emma is the other legal parent of Charlotte’s two children. Emma committed several scams targeting the elderly and vulnerable to the tune of over £200k. These crimes were committed whilst in a relationship with Charlotte and Emma received a prison sentence for these crimes.




    Charlotte claims she knew nothing of these crimes despite being in a relationship with Emma. Local Tattlers have claimed she lived a lavish lifestyle whilst with Emma, Charlotte didnt work and indulged in plastic surgery. She also stayed in a relationship with Emma after her first conviction of fraud and Emma then went on to commit an even bigger scam. Charlotte co parents with Emma.

    Charlotte’s current partner Harriett has given up her day job and now works full time promoting an MLM company. She has grown a huge team off the back of Charlotte’s instagram followers. Charlotte originally set up the instagram account for the MLM and encouraged her followers to follow the page with the promise of a ‘big announcement’ the page was swiftly changed over to H as soon as the follower numbers were sufficient. Charlotte claimed she had decided she didn’t have time to run a side business so had handed the reins over to H. Charlotte then started working for NuSkin only a few weeks later. I guess she suddenly found the time.

    Update re H’s booming FM business, she has recently suffered unfortunate problems with her inbox which has conveniently coincided with her abrupt end with the company. There have been reports that H has been taking people’s money and not fulfilling the orders. When clicking her FM link a message shows to indicate H’s account is suspended. She has now commenced on a life coaching journey. Presumably coaching people on how to over indulge in food and drink, and how to scam hardworking people out of money so you dont have to work. Another scam linked to Greedy, what are the chances?!

    Charlotte's shamefull copying of other instagrammers was exposed yet again by a tattler that found evidence of this beauty, even copies the staging, and of course took all credit with not even a tag for the original lady

    Greedy went on holiday to Cyprus for her sisters wedding. She went on a 'child free' night out where she got drunk (shocked face) uploaded a bunch of stories worse for wear, but crossed the instagram line at saying she was going to punch Hs face in. She blamed trolls for reporting her, not thinking that instagram has actual rules and she was probably pulled up by algorithms that pick up violent behaviour. Still drunk she put up a post which was also removed but not before a canny tattler caught a screen shot 👏👏

    Charlotte made a big song and dance about being an ambassador for the charity mothers matter, how it was so close to her heart and something she is so proud to be part of... fast forward to the end of the year and she hasn't mentioned them once apart from pretending to sell her ball gown (size 16 even though she tells everyone she is a 12, NO SHADE just stop lying about it) on insta. Tattlers have spotted that neither greedy or the charity follow each other anymore so looks like yet another person greedy has fallen out with 👀

    Tattlers have rumbled her, the charity itself have outed her for the conniving, sly scumbag we always knew her for....but ripping off a charity....no words
    and to add insult to injury a tattler also discovered that the 'helpful neighbour ' that painted the garage for greedy, out the goodness of his heart was none other than the poor lady's husband so a double whammy for them 😳

    Greedy tells her followers she can't use the parquet flooring in the living room as it's in REALLY bad condition and would cost too much to re do ( translates to...can't get it done for free)
    She then tells followers that they're leaving it down so if they change their mind they can pull up the (presumably) free karndean flooring and re use the parquet......busted yet again greedy........*see screenshot added taken by tattler off a local swap shop on Facebook