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  • Melanie Murphy is a thirty two year old married MaMmY, YouTuber & "author" from Skerries, Dublin. At present, Mel can be found squatting in her in-laws attic only leaving for sustenance via a naked bar.

    Her claim to fame is not one built on talent but on the sheer amount of controversies/drama she involves herself in.

    In her short thirty-one years on earth she's amassed a laundry list amount of ailments, illnesses and life struggles.

    Notable Moments include ;

    * Mortgage gate- Can't live in her da's house because she can't fart in peace. Refused a mortgage because her industry is unreliable. Uproar on Irish Twitter for posting if I'm making six figures and succeeding in my career, we are all fucked- Imma have to grind and buy in cash.

    * Mortgage Gate two - Dublin live article

    * Deleting comments from POC durning BLM

    *Covid theories/anti-mask/anti

    * Accussing a journalist of trying to extract controversial quotes & shame the influencer industry. Mel created a smear campaign against the BBC and the journalist proved Mel had not submitted answers on time and that mel was lying.

    * Using a possible PCOS diagnosis for clout despite getting pregnant first try.

    *Ableism- Eco Warrior Mel shaming followers for eating plastic packaged, pre-cut fruit when told the benefits of such by followers with fibromyalgia & poor motor skills- Mel told her followers with disabilities to eat fruits they don't have to peel.

    *Thinks breastfeeding is a personality trait. Has compared formula to fast food.

    * Kicked off Twitter for sympathizing with fascists durning a violent anti lockdown protest organised by the far right. Told a Twitter user that facist is a slur word. Complained that nurses and doctor's were not working hard enough and are too busy filming tik tok dance challenges. Told a doctor on twitter that hospitals aren't busy.

    * Titled her birth video natural and positive despite having a spinal block. Complained that doctor inserted fingers into her vag without consent. Claimed forceps were also used without consent.

    * Celebrated six months of breastfeeding but not her son being six months old.

    * Currently renovating a wreck of a bungalow in Balbriggan. She paid nearly 600 grand for it and it is infested with mould, carpet moths and only intermittently has heating. Currently is redecorating it in the style of a nightclub bathroom in Cavan.

    * Despite basing her early career on self determination and sex positive videos she has in recent years decided that the only suitable role for a woman is wife and mother. Any woman that chooses anything else is being forced into it by “capitalism”.

    *Likes to create fake accounts on tattle, Instagram etc to talk sh’t about her best friends, other YouTubers and even on occasion, her husband.

    *Husband is a creep.