Melanie Murphy Truth Revealed

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  • Melanie Murphy is a thirty two year old married MaMmY, YouTuber & "author" from Skerries, Dublin. At present, Mel can be found squatting in her in-laws attic only leaving for sustenance via a naked bar.

    Her claim to fame is not one built on talent but on the sheer amount of controversies/drama she involves herself in.

    In her short thirty-one years on earth she's amassed a laundry list amount of ailments, illnesses and life struggles.

    Notable Moments include ;

    * Mortgage gate- Can't live in her da's house because she can't fart in peace. Refused a mortgage because her industry is unreliable. Uproar on Irish Twitter for posting if I'm making six figures and succeeding in my career, we are all fucked- Imma have to grind and buy in cash.

    * Mortgage Gate two - Dublin live article

    * Deleting comments from POC durning BLM

    *Covid theories/anti-mask/anti

    * Accussing a journalist of trying to extract controversial quotes & shame the influencer industry. Mel created a smear campaign against the BBC and the journalist proved Mel had not submitted answers on time and that mel was lying.

    * Using a possible PCOS diagnosis for clout despite getting pregnant first try.

    *Ableism- Eco Warrior Mel shaming followers for eating plastic packaged, pre-cut fruit when told the benefits of such by followers with fibromyalgia & poor motor skills- Mel told her followers with disabilities to eat fruits they don't have to peel.

    *Thinks breastfeeding is a personality trait. Has compared formula to fast food.

    * Kicked off Twitter for sympathizing with fascists durning a violent anti lockdown protest organised by the far right. Told a Twitter user that facist is a slur word. Complained that nurses and doctor's were not working hard enough and are too busy filming tik tok dance challenges. Told a doctor on twitter that hospitals aren't busy.

    * Titled her birth video natural and positive despite having a spinal block. Complained that doctor inserted fingers into her vag without consent. Claimed forceps were also used without consent.

    * Celebrated six months of breastfeeding but not her son being six months old.
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