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  • Hello and welcome to the Mason Mount Wiki! We hope you’ve found us for the right reasons and not through searching Mason Mount Electrolux Washing Machine! In this Wiki, there should be all you need to know in the mad world of The FBC. Please say hi as we don’t bite. Mason if you’re reading this, please send nudes 😘


    Mason Tony Mount (Born 10th January 1999)

    Is a professional footballer for Chelsea FC and the England National team.

    Mason was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire to Tony and Debbie Mount.

    Mason has 3 half siblings

    Stacey (from Tony’s first marriage)

    Lewis and Jasmine (from Debbie’s first marriage)

    Footballing History
    Mason signed to Chelsea FC academy at the age of 6 where he became friends with Declan Rice, Tammy Abraham, Christian Pulisic amongst others.

    At the age of 18 he was loaned to Vitesse Arnhem in Holland for a season.

    He then was loaned to Derby County until he was brought into the senior Chelsea squad by Frank Lampard.
    Mason is a Champions League winner, Super Cup winner and Euro 2020 runner up.


    Mason’s nicknames on this thread include Daddy, Mase, Money Mase and Mount me Mason. If Mason does something to annoy us he is referred to as Mason Trout.


    Dating History
    The only relationship known to the FBC is that with Chloe/ cl hoe/Voldermort/Volderhoe/She who must not be named. It is believed this relationship ended in November 2020 after a mass deleting spree of anything Mason related on cl hoe’s Instagram page. There has been rumours of infidelity on She who must not be named’s part. Rumours also came about that She who must not be named ended the relationship as Mason was “boring” and “didn’t like clubbing” She has since been linked to Joe Willock. We won’t forgive her if she broke his heart.

    There has been speculation on another thread about numerous other girls he is dating including Atlanta Pitman, Natasha Aris and Jennifer Mcsween but no evidence has appeared to prove one way or the other so all rumour.
    October 2021- An “influencer” named Emmy Kennard posted a picture of her and Mason in Wyld and started insinuating that more may have happened. She claims to be plant based on her insta bio which was swiftly removed when on her live she cooked Steak. Absolute clout chaser to wind up the TikTok teens and used Mason’s name to try and increase her profile and following. Told numerous lies such as showing Mason thirst TikTok’s then retracting that statement in her live by saying she hadn’t. The FBC is not amused.

    January 2022
    Jason Trout went to Miami. We learnt he is a top tour guide which he exposed while using some shit chat up lines to some hoes. Everyone got the ick. Welcome to Miami boys. I refuse to put a picture of the other one. Mr Sloshpot himself.

    Please DO NOT mention any instahuns on our page. The response will simply be this


    The FBC stands for Flooded Basement Crew/ Club and we are Mason’s most loyal and devoted fans. Contrary to some beliefs, we are not elderly. There is a FBC initiation question checklist at the bottom of this wiki page to ensure you are here for the right reasons. We have several Acronyms for other players and several in jokes within the thread which are detailed below.
    We also have our own jackets lovingly designed by @Tabbytiger


    The FBC Bible
    Champions Journal Issue 7, June 2021. Purchased by several members after @keylimepie discovered it was still available. The pictures are just 🔥🔥🔥 The front cover made us all thirsty. Beautiful like a work of art.

    The Tattle, TikTok and Tumblr War
    October 2021- One evening, the FBC finally had enough of stupid TikTok comments. One particularly offended which led to @keylimepie going in the trenches. What ensued led to an iconic FBC moment which is featured below. Get well soon Toaster ❤
    The FBC then came under attack from the Tumblr crew in the same night. Fortunately @jflurker93 negotiated a peace treaty quicker than you can say United Nations Binding Resolution so the FBC can continue to enjoy the tumblr smut.

    Sofa Pet
    See image below for official definition of “Sofa Pet” given by the infamous TikTok teen SoFaygo who is apparently a rapper! Who knew?!

    The FBC Band
    One crazy evening, we all decided we would become a band to combat Voldemort’s shit attempt at singing. We are sure that the debut album will rocket to number 1. Special thanks to Chilly for the collaboration.


    The FBC Mason Nipple Picture
    Created by @calmyourritas. Picture has become iconic on our threads. Yes it was cut out from a picture of Mason with his sister and niece but it’s an awesome nipple shot. This picture is famous on Google and links to our thread

    Wet Wednesday- A History
    For the FBC, Wednesday has been the day where we have all been at our wettest with the amazing content that Mason supplies
    15th September 2021 - Match Attax Video is dropped. Maximum sockage shots makes us all very, very happy! Later on that day, the Portsmouth homecoming pictures happened. All very very tasty. We became insanely thirsty when seeing Mason colouring with his gorgeous little niece 😍😍

    20th October 2021
    Fluffy Daddy returned!!!!!!! Wet hair, smiling straight down the camera and nearly taking out a steward 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍



    27th October 2021 - A day forever ingrained in FBC history as Mason joined TikTok! The speculation had been rife on the thread for a few days prior as a blue ticked account popped up on private. But at 7pm all was revealed.TikTok teens were panicking and seeing if they could change usernames as their idol would rumble what psychos they were. The thread went into meltdown as UNO CARDS were out in force! Keylimepie was simultaneously fainting and hyperventilating multitasking like a seasoned shwanker. The FBC had their confirmation that Mason knows! On the same evening, Mason attended the Premiere of The Eternals looking divine!! Carlotta had a moment of reprieve with this outfit.


    Super Soaker Saturday

    23rd October 2021- A day that will live in the memory of the FBC forever. A hatrick for Mason!! Lots of juicy pictures and Chilly coming through for us with THAT picture. How we all wanted to be the ball that day.


    Bentley/Going in the Bentley/Bentley Bonk
    This is from a rumour that emerged of Mason using his Sunday evenings to pick up women and shag them rotten in a white Bentley. It still remains the FBC’s ultimate wish to see if this is in fact true. We have our doubts as Mason is regularly seen driving his black Mercedes.


    A solitary figure of Mason hate. Came onto our thread to announce Mason was “arrogant” and “unable to access his own Instagram page as he doesn’t have the password”. Butternips only paid a short fleeting visit and we are yet to get anything really of any merit from them. Several FBC members have mentioned it may have been She who must not be named coming to say hello. Butternips left with the astounding revelation that Mason’s lawn is as manicured as Stamford Bridge. An FBC iconic figure. Please come back soon.

    Carlotta Constant/Carlotta Can’t Style
    Mason’s stylist which has produced some questionable looks. Responsible for the Burberry Boxing jacket, The Rough Jacket and the Prada Blazer. The cross tracksuit from Ali Express was the final straw for some of the FBC who are all keen to provide their styling attributes to help Mason out.


    Cobham College Stalker (CCS)/Scammer Stevie
    This refers to a college girl called Stevie who collects autographs for a living and flogs them on. She is regularly seen at Cobham and recently joined forces with other teens looking to make a quick dollar. We don’t hate the CCS but we are not particularly keen on her either. The FBC were outraged to discover that Stevie is charging £150 for a signed Mason shirt. We did all pledge to muscle in on her game and undercut her. Shocked also that she is 22 years old and should know better.


    Nathan Wood/Woody/Bilbo Baggins
    Mason’s best friend and lodger we are led to believe. Seems like a nice guy and doesn’t freeload off Mason’s success. Was signed to Woking FC in 2020 but seems to have disappeared off the football scene and is now a personal shopper for clientele such as Chunkz. Mason is also his fantastic photographer, very skilled boy.
    Our very own @keylimepie has been nominated to wed Woody in an arranged marriage to help us get closer to Daddy. #TeamPlayer


    Spicy Rice/Deccers/Captain Ricey
    This refers to the absolute sex god that is Declan Rice. Deccers gives us the material that we all crave for which Mason doesn’t including posing topless wearing just a captains armband. We believe he is aware of this thread and loves us all. Declan is in a relationship with Lauren who we all think is a nice girl and has a dog called Rafa. He is one of Mason’s best friends and plays for West Ham. He also knows that Mason is the most wanted man on TikTok.


    Chilly/Benjamin/Piano Man/Craig/Tink
    Otherwise known as Ben Chilwell. Popular with some of the FBC. Sort of like marmite with most members. Rumoured to be a lothario with a harem. Plays with Mason at Chelsea and also for England. Plays the piano like Elton John and Liberace combined. Dressed as Tinkerbell for an occasion. Often thought to resemble Craig from Big Brother. One of our lovely members has a fantasy of covering Ben in KFC gravy and licking it off.



    Jack “what is an encyclopaedia” Grealish. Mentioned on this thread often due to being married to @MrsGrealish (we can’t confirm or deny this is true) Plays for Man City, should be a stock car racer due to having a great tendency to hit other vehicles and likes the ladies (allegedly) In a relationship with Sasha who are the Posh and Becks of Boohoo. His favourite film is Pretty Woman and he sings She’s the One by Robbie Williams like an Angel. Also thinks he could be the pengest teacher in the school but we have our reservations he could make it to teacher status due to being as dim as a 30 watt lightbulb.
    October 2021 Jack posted a story on Instagram that alluded to him looking in on our thread. Uno was played in the tent in @keylimepie tramadol dream and @jflurker93 made an awesome meme. We see you Jack 👋


    Kyle Walker. Enough said. Not to be mentioned here after 6pm. Gives us nightmares.The aforementioned does not apply to @Scuffed who has special permission to mention him 24/7 and remain free from judgement and recriminations.

    Harry Kane. England Captain. Doesn’t really set our vaginas ablaze with passion. Seems like a decent enough bloke though.

    Other nicknames below:


    Gnasher - Foden


    Dennis the Menace - Maguire


    Tytan - Mings

    🪨 Pebbles - Stones


    Mr Angry - Pickford


    Spank me Hendo - Henderson


    Curly/Cute Curls - Dom CL


    P Diddly/Paddy Long Dong - Patrick Bamford

    Which Mason are you today?
    One of the devoted FBC @jflurker93 created this smashing chart for us to refer to. We pick the Mason we most reflect that day.

    FBC Official Sexy Time Playlist
    A list of songs to fornicate to. Usually imagining Mason being in the same bed/car/shower with us.

    DISCLAIMER-This thread does contain sexual chat and smut so please don’t think this is a place for just discussing Mason’s footballing abilities. It’s happened before and the guy is still considered a legend for braving it out. He may or may not still be receiving counselling. We are thirsty women.

    Initiation Checklist
    🍆 Do you like nipples?
    🍆 Are you down with Mason spitting in your mouth?
    🍆 Gentle Mase, Daddy Mase or both?
    🍆 Fluffy hair or Daddy cut?
    🍆 Do you know the password?
    🍆 What is your preference on facial hair?

    FBC Memes created by @jflurker93




    Mason Pictures 😍












    Tony the DILF
    29/10/2021 - The day an actual FBC member drank in the same bar as future in-laws Debbie & Tony Mount and the day we had official confirmation that Tony is in fact a DILF