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    Madison Sarah Plant is a YouTuber who rose to fame making videos featuring her boyfriend and later fiancé Patrick.


    Born August 23rd, she is a VIRGO but begs being a Leo.

    She was raised Jehovah’s Witness but left the religion as an adult, (her Mum remains JW), and from there everything went downhill. After a quick rise... the fame went to Maddy's head and she has slowly become more problematic. Maddy quickly dumped poor Paddy but kept stringing him along and using him in videos for views... all whilst 'dating' PLT owner Umar Kamani. They went to Paris and Ibiza together, as seen here.


    This lasted a very short time but Maddy remained bitter referring to Umar as her ex in every video since. He got her a Versace robe that she couldn’t stop showing off.

    Following this entanglement Madison's lies and attitude have spiralled out of control.

    During her break-up with Patrick she formed a close friendship with fellow YouTubers Han Renee and Rachel Leary - in which the trio post the same three boring videos every month and act like three mean girls; the three also sit together and heavily facetune their pictures together.

    She constantly lies that her last name is Knowles when her family's last name is Plant - even replying to a comment saying she has no idea why people keep calling her it.

    In January 2020, Madison got a boob job which means since January we have seen her boobs more than our own... she constantly draws attention to the fact she has fake boobs... has her nipples pierced and just likes to remind us all we are flat chested. During 2020, Madison started seeing Pete Wicks - which was embarrassingly published in a sun article were they not only got her name wrong the first time - publishing it as Jade - they corrected the article by referring to her as a former Youtube star. She then said Pete is like her brother. 🤢



    She is so lazy she sometimes misses her upload date because she was with her boyfriend.

    Lazy editing too, doesn’t watch back to see if there’s any mistakes. Doesn’t link things in the description like she says she will.

    1. Black-fishing repeatedly - she not only keeps tanning herself to another race (including openly encouraging her young audience with her use of sunbeds) she lies and says it's her natural tan - even going so far as to say she is half Persian and half Italian - when the rest of her family is simply white British from Manchester. She also released a video with lookfantastic (now deleted) in which she was showing her viewers how to 'lay their edges.' She finally addressed the blackfishing with further insult by laughing it off as her buying the wrong foundation shade - a pale white woman shouldn't be shopping shades created for POC - so another lie.


    2. Madison is constantly using men for designer - many have speculated she either has a sugar daddy or has escorted - her latest boyfriend has been buying her very expensive designer products in which she can't stop showing off despite wanting to stay private.
    3. Came on to her own thread (more than once) the first time she came on to wish us all a "Happy New Year you bitter bitches" and the second time she wrote a message calling herself absolutely stunning - then posted a screenshot of the page on Instagram - showing herself logged in as this account.
    4. Continuously being rude to viewers, blocking anyone who doesn’t agree/lick her arse and also replies with a stinking attitude. Sent a viewer a photo of her with her middle finger up in reply.
    5. Generally thirsty over blue ticks, including following the guy Kylie was dating at the time.
    6. Says the singer Aaliyah is her favourite yet cannot pronounce it. This video went viral.
    7. Heavily edits/photoshops all her photos and videos and claimed once it was just cream bronzer.
      Photoshop fail -
      Editing hairdresser pics -

      More Facetuning
    8. Lockdown breaking - Maddy has persistently broken lockdown rules; she not only was caught breaking her quarantine after her Ibiza trip, she has been caught having house parties repeatedly since the UK went in to lockdown, as seen here:
    She has since been caught at another house party during lockdown - despite a massive fake apology for her New Year's Eve party scandal. As if that wasn't enough, she apologized lied to her followers. Her 'apology/explanation' for partying during lockdown AGAIN:

    Words by Madison
    Claw - honestly can't tell you what it means... apparently it's funny? something Han and Mads constantly said during their early friendship videos.
    You know what I mean - I really don't know what you mean, Madison.
    If that makes sense - no, it doesn't. Ever.
    Mom - another annoying saying by the Three Bitches of Eastwick.
    Say it with your chest - in reference to her “haters” but if anyone says anything she blocks them and tells them to fuck off.
    Don't worry about it sweetie x - generally she tries to portray that her 'secret life' is so interesting but she craves social media attention.
    Dippateaqueue - luxury brand 'diptyque' that Madison is unable to pronounce but says it confidently anyway... because she is a rich bitch, and we are all poor.
    Aa-Liyah - Something Madison is and also something she cannot pronounce... she went viral on Twitter as a meme for being unable to pronounce RnB singer Aaliyah's name.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1311599880524177409|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=

    People in Madison's circle
    - YouTuber Han Renee is Madison's close and best friend - has the personality of sap on a tree. Always going through a break-up.
    Rach - YouTuber Rachel Leary is the 3rd member of the trio - she's more of a frenemy in that they act BFF's but it's become quite obvious that Rachel in fact, hates Madison.
    BCW - Bowl cut Willy - is a boy from the group of boys that Madison, Han and Rach have constantly been caught having lockdown parties with. He has become infamous for his bowl cut hairstyle.
    Holly Boon - Madison's idol. Madison has gone so far as to copy Holly in every way possible. This included an ig page being made exposing times Madison's copied Holly.




    Patrick/Paddy - Madison's former fiancé - a lovely guy who she keeps dragging back into her life when she has no one else.
    Arthur - Madison's latest boyfriend - Manny.
    Jan - Madison’s mom - Also known as a part-time spy for the government (another one of Madison's lies).
    Auntee Sue/“my aunt” - does in fact exist but has also been speculated to be her code word for sugar daddy.
    Roy - Madison’s dad - apparently owns a hotel which has never been mentioned before or since she used it one time as an excuse for breaking lockdown rules to travel somewhere to take a picture in a mirror topless.

    Nicknames for Madison
    -in the last two years Maddy's attitude has become gradually more vile with her constantly thinking she is an Instagram baddy leading to members of the thread referring to her as Badison or Baddy.
    Plant - this has become a double pun in that it's her last name (that she furiously denies) and that she has the personality of one.
    Baddy Maddy - self explanatory.

    Channel Your Own Inner Baddy Maddy aka The Baddie Maddie Starter Pack
    You, too, can become an Italian Persian Princess in just a few simple steps and with minimal effort required. Don't forget to order a Starbucks on Deliveroo before you start though. You will need
    Assless Chaps - if you don't have your own Arthur to supply you with the world's weirdest trousers, you can still get some fashun for bad bitchez, just look on the pride festival fancy dress section of Amazon.
    Blackfishing Foundation - please make sure the section of the website you're looking in says for deep dark olive undertones, or you're in the wrong place.
    Individual Sized Bottle of Champagne - because you're drinking it to yourself. Not that you're going to be BY yourself. See the difference?
    Horse Hair Extensions - this is to match your 'natural texture' (which should be achieved by plaiting your hair before bed and then sleeping on BCW's sofa). Packs can be bought 2-for-1 from the My Little Pony section of the Hasbro toy factory, the same one that will supply your
    Teeny Tiny Polly Pocket Bag - the smaller the better. Size should be directly in line with the number of f*cks you give about other people in a pandemic. For bonus points, leave the market stall tag on and then laugh when other influenzas buy the real deal to copy you. And now you've got your outfit sorted, head to
    The Car Park - your favourite photoshoot location for that real Jenny From The Block street vibe. Don't forget to have your minion shoot from several angles, but refer to them online as a tripod and self timer. If the car park is already crowded with other influenzas, don't forget the lift lobby.
    Ta da! You are now Baddie Maddie! Don't forget to spend the rest of the day liking passive aggressive tweets and deleting any comment on your socials that call out your behaviour, OK luv.

    Notable love interests
    Umar Kamani - billionaire PLT owner, took her to Paris privately and they joined the mile-high club. Badison is still butthurt about losing Umar, she constantly drops sly digs but he has moved on with a beautiful woman called Nada Adelle and they seem very happy.
    Paddy/Patrick - Lovely guy that Madison was engaged to at an early age before they broke it off. They proceeded to force the whole ‘best friends’ thing but have now unfollowed each other and Paddy has a new girlfriend.
    ASAP Rocky - apparently slid in her DM’s. No confirmation of this but she is known to brag about it.
    Bugzy Malone - Madison did a storytime video on YouTube called something like ‘I dated a grime rapper’ and liked all comments when they asked if it was Bugzy. Video has since been deleted.
    Jack Fowler - appears to be a smash and dash however there is a belief he has also slept with Han and/or Rach. Sharing’s caring after all.
    Pete Wicks - as mentioned above, Madison dated Pete August 2020. She famously ditched her mother Jan on a night out to stay out and get drunk with Pete, before the night ended with Pete vomiting.
    Manny - also known as Arthur, Manny is her current boyfriend. Despite wanting to keep this relationship private, she has openly made the internet aware. Manny and Maddy dated in the past, split up whilst she was with Paddy, now they are back together. Hannah has made a comment in the past how Manny is good for nothing.