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  • For those of you who don't know Lailli Mirza is this YouTuber who constantly does all these luxury hauls for $20k+, extravagant birthday hauls... and claims that all the items featured in her videos are for herself and she can easily afford it thanks to her family's fortune (as she claims).
    Youtube Channel: PINTSIZEDFASHTV

    But what a lot of you may or may not know is that in reality she makes herself look like she's MUCH richer than she actually is (I will get more into details about this) and not just this but there are several other inconsistent things that she has been exposed for which I will be sharing below.

    To begin, who exactly is Lailli Mirza? She is a luxury blogger from the UK/Dubai called Pintsized Fashion (here is the old blog). Her real name is Saanieh Mirza and she has a twin named Alizey Mirza who she used to share her YouTube channel with up until they split up around 2019. The twins were born in the UK and for a short period of time they lived in India then moved to Watford then to Dubai, however, Alizey has done some university in both Australia and the UK.

    Their mother (Mona Syed) owns a clinic in Dubai called Biolite and is often featured in the vlogs along with Lailli's good friend, Anncy Twinkle.

    Here is one of Biolite's clients sharing their apparent results

    Lailli and Alizey's dad is named Zeyn Mirza and works as a Managing Director at United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Ltd. He manages (i.e. not owns) Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya's horses on a farm on the outskirts of Banglore. Even during on of their vlogs of them in India on a farm they confirmed that they were in Banglore.

    Here is what Lailli looked like pre-plastic surgery

    How to: Edgy Mohawk Ponytail [2013] by Lailli
    Thabit Show - Complicated Girls [2015] staring Lailli

    Exposed Lie #1: Lailli is nowhere near as rich/elite as she claims to be, and all her luxury hauls are not really intended for her

    : Lailli Mirza (and her sister Alizey Mirza) are personal shoppers and Lailli rents luxury cars than pulls off this "I'm a rich billionaire" scheme and pretends to do $20k luxury hauls for herself (but we never even see the items again because it’s for her job and not herself). A lot of her followers are misled to believe this false narrative about her and the worst part is that she shames people for "being poor" (e.g. makes fun of people who use the train, fly coach, wears Michael Kors...) when she is nowhere near as rich as she pretends to be.

    Here is an example of her rude, obnoxious and elitist behavior:

    More Details: People from her past who knew her know she's a phony and exposed her (on Guru Gossip and Twitter), others including myself looked more into her personal/professional life and it has become apparent that this girl and her sister are personal shoppers which explains everything especially why we never see any of the items featured in her vlogs ever again. When Lailli (LieLie) is out and about she often dresses in plain simple clothes and never in the expensive designer/haute couture she shows us which is what raised suspicions in the first place.

    Here's all the receipts that expose their real job!
    According to the LinkedIn of the twins (Lailli and Alizey) they have both worked as personal shoppers for this company called MissALaMode

    Here is more information about Miss A La Mode (if you look more into the company and the items they source for clients, you'll get a good understanding of Lailli's taste)

    According to the founder (Lara Martins) of Miss A La Mode: "I sourced items such as Hermes Birkin’s and Kelly’s in leather and in exotic such as crocodile, lizard and ostrich. Chanel, Celine, Givenchy, Prada, Gucci handbags. Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Guissupe Zanotti. Clothing from Burberry, Chanel, Givenchy and Kenzo and lastly jewellery with from Rolex, Cartier, Van Cleef. Chanel and Dior couture to name a few."

    Well that explains all the clothing and jewellery hauls (this is EVERYTHING LieLie showed us)

    From Miss A La Mode's Instagram page:

    From the Tumblr of Miss A La Mode:

    Why is this relevant?
    Even if these posts weren't all taken and originally posted by MissALaMode it still clearly shows all the items they have an interest in (i.e., this shows us that all the stuff she showed in her hauls were not her personal taste but rather the company’s taste). From what I can tell the company just LOVEs the Chanel trainers, Paris Texas boots and Amina Muaddis (hence the sudden influx in Lailli’s hauls).

    Looking more into MissALaMode we find out that the founder is Omolara Martins who explains her company in this video

    She is also a close friend of the twins and was even featured on her video

    Lailli nor Alizey doesn’t follow her on Instagram, and this may be due to a falling out or Lailli and Alizey are trying to conceal their past as much as possible.

    Here is photographic evidence that the twins did indeed work as personal shoppers for a company named MissALaMode which they did list on LinkedIn

    The truth about Lailli's shaddy Depop: she was selling stuff on behalf of Miss A La Mode, and when it sold through the company and not Depop, she'd just mark it as sold, that's why most of the items aren't reviewed.

    You may be thinking maybe Lailli purchased it from Miss A La Mode but later decided to sell it. This is obviously not the case since the real client is revealed:

    This confirms that everything from Lailli’s Depop is not her own stuff.
    This also explains why Lailli would say things like “this is my first Birkin” despite seeing several listed in her Depop page.

    Here is video evidence of everything shared above (taken directly from the sources)!!


    Exposed Lie #2: Lailli rents luxury cars and the cars she showed us is not really hers

    The car’s interior and even exterior is forever changing colors. And no Lailli’s cars don’t have the same magic powers as that blue-gold dress

    Her Rolls Royce interior forever changing colors

    She has pictures in a Ferrari scattered all throughout her Instagram where she makes it look like a fresh pic because she never uses hashtags such as “throwback” nor gives any indication that it is an old photo. However, we know it’s an old picture because Lailli did a photoshoot with the car years ago and then kept reusing the pictures/posting them throughout the years. The proof? She is wearing the EXACT same outfit in every picture and looks exactly the same.

    Pay close attention to the posting dates (and also realize how in the captions there is no indication of it being a throwback because that was clearly never her intention):

    A lambo we never seen again (just like her clothes from her luxury hauls):

    From Lailli's videos

    Pay close attention to the license plate number

    Exposed Lie #3: Not all of the Mirza twins’ bags are authentic
    In a now deleted video, Alizey showed off a baby Diorama pouch (left) which appears to be a fake. A comparison of screenshots from their video (left) and a video unboxing an authentic (right) and you can clearly see the shape and size is completely off

    Also realize how their version (right) has that “Christian Dior Paris” stamping whereas the authentic (left) does not

    The real one has a double circle on the logo and when you look at her dust bag, it only has one circle

    Counting the number of holes on Lailli's trainers one can clearly see how inaccurate her replica is

    3 holes on the bottom row just like LieLii's version

    Exposed Lie #4: Lailli and Alizey are not Persian as they claim to be
    Lailli used to even claim she was Azerbaijani

    There has been a lot of speculation that the Mirza twins are Indian/Pakistani or a mix of the two

    It seems that Lailli is actually Indian and her mother appears to be half Pakistani despite her claims that she is 1/2 Iranian through her mother (however looking at the photo above we have reason to doubt her claims that her mother is indeed an Iranian woman)

    How can her cousin represent India if she’s Iranian?

    "Major Mohammed Mirza" who is clearly her paternal grandfather and of Indian decent (considering he even lived there). This confirms the father is Indian.

    Alizey was even featured on a Pakistani magazine which included an article on Dr.Marwaali (who states Alizey is Pakistani)

    When confronted

    This was Alizey's response:

    If what Alizey claims is true (since she does seem to be maturing and owning up to the truth), the twins are most likely Parsis (the same ethnicity as Freddie Mercury)

    Exposed Lie #5: Lailli is not really married

    To begin, let's take a look at Lailli's past relationships

    Lailli has once dated Lord Aleem where several have noted that their relationship appeared to be toxic and very rocky

    Posted by Lailli Mirza, Aleem is on the right

    Lailli exposing Aleem for doing drugs (now deleted Tweets)

    The apparent husband of Lailli is implied to be Eman who she once dated (following her split from Aleem)

    However this marriage and even a current relationship with Eman seems highly unlikely because they no longer follow each other on Instagram and we have not seen any hints of Lailli actually being married (not even wedding photos) or any recent hints of her even being in a relationship. In her older videos she would always drop hints and share sneak peeks at her relationship while out and about. Since 2020 (the start of the COVID-19 pandemic) Lailli has been living in Dubai (for over a year now) and has stated that she has no reason to go back to the UK (i.e. where Eman lives). Her ex, Aleem was even seen liking several of Lailli's Instagram posts during this time. Despite all this, Lailli still continues to claim to be married.