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  • Meaning of woman: adult human female.

    Meaning of female: of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) which can be fertilized by male gametes (sperm)

    Meaning of man: adult human male.

    Meaning of male: of or denoting the sex that is distinguished biologically by the production of male gametes (sperm/spermatozoa) which can fertilize female gametes (ova).

    This wiki entry discusses violence (physical and sexual) against women in detail, along with suicide and other potentially triggering topics.

    Intro and views and concerns

    These spaces tend to be very active for two reasons:
    1) The gender discussion thread has views from many people who are progressive but cannot say these things in progressive spaces without risking our employment and/or friendships
    2) When you get “peaked” you become horrified by how far gender ideology has gone and what it has allowed in

    Because it’s so controversial, people from many walks of life come here or to spaces like it, which means that you’re going to get conflicting opinions. There are radical feminist opponents to gender ideology, conservative opponents and people who fall somewhere in between.

    I think issue 1) means many people that comment on this online have an account devoted to just this, but to an outsider, it looks like all we care and think about is this and are thus irrational. I promise you that many of us are perfectly rational

    Here are many of the prevailing views on this issue from a radical feminist POV:

    Sex = biological sex. It is immutable in humans
      • Your sex defines you as a man or a woman
      • Gender = social etiquettes taught to each human sex, varying slightly across the world but generally anything that could be defined as socially masculine or feminine
      • Transsexual = someone who experiences long-term gender dysphoria and accordingly medically and surgically transitions to present as the opposite sex, but whose biological sex does not change. This is a rare mental illness.
      • Some of us think it is OK for transsexuals to transition, following support for other mental issues is explored first and after a long safeguarding process, once they are adults as children are not in a position of mental development to make a permanent decision like this. Those of us who believe there are “genuine transsexuals” recognise not transitioning before adulthood makes transitioning harder for them, but that does not come above child safeguarding. Some think transitioning is not OK regardless of circumstance and there are no genuine transsexuals
      • Transgender = someone who may not necessarily experience dysphoria but identifies as the opposite gender. May or may not transition beyond wearing gendered clothes. Is trans on the basis of gender definition rather than sex. We are critical of this because gender is a social construct
      • Nonbinary falls into the same group as transgender
      • Women are oppressed on the basis of their sex in a way men are not (e.g. higher levels of rape, FGM) and our comparative physical weakness is used against us by men, who are physically more powerful than us and have oppressed us for hundreds if not thousands of years
      • The male sex is more violent than the female sex, sexually and otherwise, and towards women than vice versa. These statistics are reflected in how a higher proportion of transsexual women are incarcerated for sexual and violent crimes than biological women
      • By trying to insist that there is no difference between a transgender woman and a “cis” or biological woman, and refusing to distinguish on the basis of sex rather than gender, the gender ideology movement is effectively writing over this history, and is obscuring valuable data we need to measure and work against violence against and oppression of women. It also incorrectly insinuates trans women and not trans men experience sex-based oppression in the same way biological women do, which isn’t really true because they are not female.
      • This obstructs feminist movements in achieving parity between the sexes. For example, workplaces collecting data on women’s access to male-dominated fields will gather skewed data if they do not distinguish via sex but gender instead - eg, trans women are socialised as men growing up and this receive encouragement to go into STEM that biological women do not. If a company does not distinguish between biological women and trans women in its data collection, and many trans women work in STEM roles, it may end up believing it has improved access for biological women when it hasn’t. There are other more nefarious examples of this problem
      • Men are generally physically stronger than women, which means that if sports are not separated by sex, women will win infrequently. It also is not safe for women and men to compete in many sports owing to how much stronger men are than women - especially the strongest man vs the weakest woman in a contest
      • Self-ID is a portion of gender ideology that dictates that any person can declare that they are trans at any point, and be recorded and treated accordingly
      • “Gender”-based spaces are problematic where they occur with self-ID, as it means that men can just declare they are trans women and not be required to prove it in any way as to ask them this would be questioning their gender identity which is transphobic. It would become significantly difficult to prove that a man is in a women’s space with bad intentions if there is no legal reason why he (“she”) should not be in that space
      • Puberty blockers are not reversible and are frequently followed by hormone treatments like estrogen/testosterone supplements. We are concerned by their prescription to children and young people as CYP are exposed endlessly to the notion that these treatments *are* reversible. They are not accessing these treatments with a proper understanding of their effects, and the silencing of our concerns exacerbates this. Many pro-trans orgs take the view the treatments are reversible and are too quick to recommend children go on them, eg Mermaids and the late Tavistock gender clinic
      • We take issue with the notion that sexual orientation is gender- rather than sex-based, as many lesbians, gay men, and straight people are certain their SO is sex-based and biologically, this makes sense. it is wrong to suggest they are bigoted for their sexual orientation, especially given the history of lesbian and gay men being forced to have sex with the opposite sex and discriminated against for having sex with the same sex
      • We object to the notion that these views, often called “gender critical”, are unacceptable, as it means silencing the concerns we raise
      • We are concerned by orgs like Stonewall pushing gender ideology - it expects compliance from all organisations it partners with and risks the jobs of people with gender critical views. In higher education, government, healthcare and policy, it enables the problems we identify to continue

    Hello and welcome to Terf Ville

    You are correct that cross sex hormones will eventually lead to a huge rise in cancers. Most men taking oestrogen are buying it on the internet, so they have no idea what they are taking.

    A handy timeline for you (I am a good few years into being aware of what is going on, so I may sound harsh to you):
    You cannot change your sex. No, amount of cosmetic surgery or taking cross-sex hormones does anything more than make you a hairy women with a deep voice or a eunuch with a bad shoes.

    Trans rights are not human rights. They have more rights that the rest of us (try firing one!). What TRA's are demanding are privileges they don't deserve. These demands impose on women's rights and make women's spaces mixed sex, which is against the Equality Act 2010.

    When the GRA (2004) was implemented to allow men (at that time it was only men who wanted to do this, these men were known as transsexuals) to lie on their birth certificates, passports, driving licences etc to effectively become women in law, no women's groups had a seat at the table, only LGB and TRA's - all men. The report stated that by allowing men access to women's single sex spaces would put women at risk of loss of privacy, dignity and increase the risk of assault, but it was accepted that the risk to women was appropriate to meet these male demands.

    When on 2010, gender was added to the Equality Act, again, no women's groups were at the table for this consultation, but this essentially opened up self ID as we know it today, however there wasn't the gender shit show we have now so it remained under the radar. This addition of gender to the EA, allowed trans people to be able to self ID on their government documentation and be treated the same as their chosen gender. Self ID is already in place for everywhere but their birth certificates.

    Just after the EA was brought in the NHS added it's Annex B, allowing any male saying they were female to be placed on women's wards. Women have been raped and assaulted and then lied to by the NHS and the police by being told that no men were on the ward, when there was. (This is well documented and has been discussed in the House of Lords).

    In 2014 gay marriage was legalised and LGB people had exactly the same rights as everyone else (as it should be).

    In 2015 political lobbying group Stonewall was paid large sums of money to add T to the LGB. Stonewall had done great work for the LGB community in the UK and across Europe and was already well placed to push the T agenda. From there on Gender Ideology was pushed in all government organisations, including education, the police, NHS, BBC, local government. Which explains the explosion of this generation of children saying they are trans and also the disappearance of anorexia in young girls.

    The past 2 years has seen a massive rise in men saying they are TW. There is no such thing as a trans woman. Try not to use their language it tricks the mind, there are only trans identified men (TiM's). They require 'validation' from women for their adopted persona because they are autogynephiles (AGP). Basically, men who get turned on by the thought of themselves as women (euphoria) - Dylan Mulvaney, Eddie Izzard, Wil(Lia)m Thomas are AGP's. AGP is not an innocent fetish, it is because of the AGP's that women are no longer allowed to speak our truth and are being silenced, we must validate and be complicit with their sexual fetish.

    The huge rise in trans identified people, especially under 18's and AGP's absolutely comes from the 2020/2021 lockdowns.

    Common slurs to silence you will be:
    Transphobia / trans phobic - everything is - even eye rolling
    TERF - Trans exclusionary radical feminist - yawn
    Right wing - you are automatically right wing if you don't agree with TRA's
    Far right wing - when you have fully peaked and your terfness is showing like a belisha beacon
    Dog whistle - When you speak facts - TRA's don't like facts
    These are the most marginalised groups - No, no they are not, they have huge power and money behind them. There have been zero murders in the UK of trans people for being trans since 2008. Women are murdered at a rate of 3-4 a week. Children under 12 months are even more at risk. These absurd lies plied by Stonewall are taken from south American countries, not the UK, Europe or the US.

    2023 - Women still do not have a seat at the table for women's rights with regards to consultations with the government, which tells you how women are regarded among the political class in the UK.

    Women's rights are our human rights. We have never achieved equality.
    Trans rights are male privileges. They have achieved so much in such a short amount of time because they are men. No other reason.


    "I'm not a vet but I know what a dog is" - Kellie-Jay Keen (when asked "are you a biologist?" with regard to her views about trans people)

    "It's not hate to defend your rights and it's not hate to speak the truth" - Magdalen Berns

    "It particularly offends me to be called a 'cis' woman to signify that we are not Trans women. This to me is equivalent of me being described as a 'non-White' (person?), and frankly I will not be silent about the insult that it gives to all women born and recognised as female from birth." - Linda Bellos

    "If we say 'pregnant people' instead of 'pregnant women', abortion becomes a people's rights issue instead of a women's rights issue. And then you can't complain if men decide." - Helen Saxby

    "No adult human female was ever born with a penis." - Jane Roper

    "Female sport exists to celebrate the achievements of extraordinary females, not those of ordinary males." - Dr Emma Hilton

    "So many genders yet we still know, magically, which half of the human race is expected to wipe arses and scrub floors." - Victoria Smith (Glosswitch)


    AFAB/AMABAssigned Female At Birth/Assigned Male At Birth
    AAP/AutoandrophiliaDefined as a female's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of herself as a male
    AGP/AutogynephiliaDefined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female
    AHE/Autohomoerotic Gender DysphoriaDefined as a natal female becoming sexually preoccupied with the idea of becoming a gay man and interacting with other gay men.
    Bathroom billA law that requires that men's/women's toilets be used only by people born that sex.
    Bottom surgeryGenital surgery
    CAFAB/CAMABCoercively Assigned Female At Birth/Coercively Assigned Male At Birth
    Cisgender/CisHow Trans people refer to biological men/women
    Crypto TERFA person who uses alternate social media accounts to conceal their GC beliefs.
    DeadnamingCalling a trans person by their birth name they no longer use
    Decriminalisation/Decrim(Of the sex industry) A legal model where there are no criminal penalties for buying or selling sex.
    Detransitioned/DetransA person who used to identify as trans but has reverted to their natal sex.
    EnbyNon-Binary (NB)
    FTMFemale to Male
    GC/Gender CriticalOpposed to the belief that "gender identity" is more important than biological sex.
    Gender affirming surgerySex change
    Gender dysphoriaA persistent feeling that you don't "belong" in your body, and were meant to be the opposite sex.
    Genderist/GendieSomeone who believes gender ideology is more important than biological sex.
    GenderqueerSomeone that identifies as neither male nor female.
    GNCGender Non-Conforming
    HRT(In reference to a trans person) Cross-sex hormones
    HSTSHomosexual Transsexual i.e. a trans "woman" who is a gay man, rather than AGP.
    IntersexSomeone born with a chromosomal disorder that affects their physical sex characteristics.
    Legalisation(Of the sex industry) A legal model where the sex industry is fully legal and government-regulated.
    MisgenderingIdentifying someone by their sex rather than their preferred gender identity.
    MTFMale to Female
    Non-BinarySomeone who considers themselves to be neither male nor female.
    Nordic ModelA legal model that criminalises buying sex, but does not penalise those who sell sex.
    Peak trans/"Peaking"The moment where someone realizes that gender ideology doesn't make sense / is dishonest.
    Prostituted womanPreferred term for a woman in the sex industry, rather than prostitute or "sex worker."
    Puberty blockersDrugs given to children to prevent natural puberty.
    QueerA slur used for gay people, repurposed as an "umbrella term" for many different identities
    ROGD/Rapid Onset Gender DysphoriaWhen a young person suddenly "comes out" as trans in their teens or early adulthood, despite no previous signs of gender dysphoria.
    SafeguardingMeasures designed to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse.
    Self identification/Self IDLegal policy that treats people as whichever sex they say they are, rather than their biological sex.
    SurvivorSome women prefer to be called survivors rather than victims (of rape, abuse, etc.)
    SWERFSex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist. A feminist who opposes the sex industry.
    TEHMTrans Exclusionary Homosexual Man/Male
    TERFTrans Exclusionary Radical Feminist
    TiM/TiF/TiPTrans identified male/Trans identified Female/Trans identified Person
    Top surgeryMastectomy/boob job
    TRATrans Rights Activist
    TransbianA man who identifies as female and a "lesbian."
    TransjackingWhen trans people try to appropriate something that only the opposite sex has, such as breastfeeding or menstruation.
    TransmedicalismThe idea that to be trans, one should be diagnosed with dysphoria and undergo medical interventions.
    TranssexualA trans person who acknowledges biological sex and supports sex-based rights
    Trans widowA woman who has left, or wants to leave, her marriage because her spouse "came out" as trans.

    Country-specific terminology

    Adelphité (France)Supposed to be a gender-neutral "alternative" to the word fraternité (brotherhood), which is one of the core founding values of France as a republic. Some transactivists campaign for all mentions of fraternité by government, law, etc. to be replaced with adelphité.
    Filipinx (Philippines)Supposed gender-neutral alternative to "Filipino/Filipina."
    Latin@, Latine, Latinx (Latin America)Supposed gender-neutral alternatives to "Latino/Latina." They make no sense linguistically, since "Latino" is already gender-neutral.
    X-Gender (Japan)Someone who does not identify as male or female - equivalent to "non-binary" or "genderqueer" in English. It can also refer to things like unisex fashion.


    Significant milestones/events in the GC/Trans space (Mostly since 2018)


    November 2012: Trans Media Watch and the Leveson Inquiry (UK)
    The Leveson Inquiry was a public inquiry into the ethics of the British press, following the infamous News International phone-hacking scandal. The pressure group Trans Media Watch was consulted during the inquiry. While some of their concerns were genuine (such as invasion of privacy or the use of slurs), they stated that the media should always use a trans person's chosen name and pronouns, and should not report the subject's sex. The Leveson Inquiry's report was released in 2012 and has shaped policy within the media ever since. This contributed to the now-common policy of inaccurate reporting of sex: e.g. saying that a "man" gave birth, or a male offender was female.


    June 2013: Coy Mathis court ruling (USA)
    Coy Mathis, a then six-year-old boy, identified as a transgender "girl." He was removed from school after his school decided he would not be allowed to use girls' toilets or changing rooms, and would have to use the boys' facilities or a toilet in the nurse's office. His parents later took legal action against the school, and won the case in a landmark ruling. The verdict became a factor in controversy over individual states' laws as to who could use which public facilities.


    December 2014: Death of Leelah Alcorn (USA)
    Josh Alcorn, also known as Leelah, was a trans-identified 17-year-old boy whose suicide received a huge amount of worldwide media attention. He had posted a suicide note on his blog, stating that his conservative Christian parents had attempted conversion therapy and withdrawn him from school because he was same sex attracted. His parents were harassed, threatened, and blamed for his death; they claimed they had not known he identified as trans. Alcorn's death led to many protests worldwide and some local legal changes.


    March 2015: Death of Blake Brockington (USA)
    Blake Brockington, a transman, died by suicide. This attracted publicity because she was known for her activism, and the timing and circumstances of her death coincided with Leelah Alcorn's. Both cases were cited as examples of an epidemic of suicide among young trans people; which was a factor in policy shifts towards a practice of "affirming" trans-identified youth in their chosen gender.

    July 2015: I Am Jazz (USA)
    The long-running reality show I Am Jazz began airing on the network TLC. It focused on Jazz Jennings, a trans-identified boy who was just starting high school. Jennings had begun social transition in early childhood, and first became known at age six, when he was interviewed on national TV about his gender identity. He went on to develop a brand and social media following before being given a reality show. I Am Jazz has since aired seven seasons, and has often been cited as encouragement to allow child transition. However, it has also documented many difficulties Jennings has experienced as a result of his early transition: such as social ostracisation, mental health problems, and complications following genital surgery.

    August 2015: Michfest closure (USA)
    Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (Michfest) was an annual lesbian feminist music festival that ran from 1976 to 2015. Over the years, Michfest came under increasing attack for its policy of allowing natal women only. It was censured by major LGBTQ organisations and repeatedly threatened and harassed by transactivists; performers at the festival also found themselves boycotted. Eventually, the decision was made to end Michfest in 2015.


    January 2016: Susie Green joins Mermaids (UK)
    The charity Mermaids, which supports trans-identified children, was founded in the 1990s. In January 2016 it appointed Susie Green as CEO. Green is the mother of a trans-identified son to whom she gave puberty blockers from a young age, and took him to Thailand for genital surgery when he was 16. Under her leadership, Mermaids has aggressively promoted the ideology that children should be affirmed in trans identities and offered medical interventions. It has also repeatedly tried to sue or discredit anyone who does not agree.

    May 2016: "Bathroom bill" video (USA)
    A conservative Christian pressure group called Alliance Defending Freedom released a video expressing concern at laws allowing trans-identified men into women's toilets and changing rooms. It was widely criticised as transphobic and hateful, even though it did not mention religious or moral judgements, and simply featured women (along with a gender critical transwoman) saying that many women and young girls would feel intimidated if expected to share facilities with men.


    September 2017: Speakers' Corner attack (UK)
    GC feminists planned to hold an event in London to discuss self-ID concerns. For safety reasons, it was decided to keep the venue secret and meet at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. Transactivists found out about this and showed up to threaten the women. Tara Wolf, a 26-year-old TiM, punched 60-year-old Maria McLachlan and was later convicted of assault. At trial, the judge repeatedly instructed McLachlan to refer to Wolf as female.

    September 2017: Karen White (UK)
    Karen White is a convicted sex offender who entered the prison system as a transwoman. In September 2017, authorities decided to move him to a women's prison. He spent three months there and sexually assaulted at least two women before being moved again to a men's prison. There was public outrage over the fact he was allowed into a women's prison despite his numerous convictions for violence and sexual assault against women.

    November 2017: Lily Madigan (UK)
    The Labour Party elected transwoman Lily Madigan as Constituency Women's Officer for Rochester and Strood. His predecessor, the lesbian feminist Anne Ruzylo, objected to his appointment and was harassed into leaving the party; other women followed her in protest. Madigan was later elected national women's officer for Labour Students in 2019, but there were many allegations of him threatening, bullying, and even sexually harassing other party members. He was effectively sacked from the position when Labour voted to disaffiliate from Labour Students. Madigan has since disappeared from his previously active social media. More here.


    January 2018: India Willoughby on Celebrity Big Brother (UK)
    Transwoman media personality India Willoughby appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. He regularly came into conflict with other contestants, including complaining of being misgendered when addressed as "he", and getting angry when the rapper Ginuwine said that he wouldn't date a trans person. Some contestants also behaved inappropriately towards Willoughby such as asking him to undress. Willoughby's behaviour was criticised in the media and by viewers, but some trans people argued he wasn't a fair representation of the trans community and that scenes were deliberately edited to portray a prejudiced view.

    February 2018: Death of Ekai Lersundi (Basque Country)
    Ekai Lersundi, a teenage girl who identified as male, died by suicide while being treated for gender dysphoria. At the time of her death, she had been waiting more than a year for cross-sex hormones. The hospital that treated her was criticised for having delayed prescribing hormones, instead asking her to consider alternatives to transition. Her story is the subject of the 2019 documentary Mi Pequeño Gran Samurai (My Little Great Samurai.)

    May 2018: Kill All TERFs crowdfunder (UK)
    Sluts 4 Sluts Collective, a "queer collective" that produces amateur porn, attempted to crowdfund on Twitter for a porn film to be called Kill All TERFs. Their account was suspended, but they attracted support from a number of people, even though the premise of the film amounted to a threat of rape and violence against women they didn't agree with.

    May 2018: The Bride Was a Boy (Japan)
    A transwoman artist published an autobiographical manga called 花嫁は元男子 (Hanayome wa Moto Danshi or The Bride Was a Boy.) The manga details his experiences of transitioning and his romance with his now-husband. He was attacked by transactivists who objected to the title's suggestion that a transwoman was ever a boy, and did not believe his story that his family was accepting of his trans identity. The manga is an account of his personal experiences, with the title referring to how he sees himself.

    July 2018: "Adult human female" billboards (New Zealand / UK)
    GC women’s group Speak Up for Women NZ paid for a billboard in Wellington, New Zealand that displayed the dictionary definition of woman as “adult human female.” Subsequently, in September 2018 the UK women’s group Standing for Women paid to place the same billboard in Liverpool. In both cases, the billboards were removed after complaints and the women attacked as transphobic, even though the only words on the billboard were the formal definition of woman as an adult human female. Picture

    July 2018: UK Government GRA Consultation (UK)
    The UK Government held a consultation to help decide whether changes should be made to England and Wales's Gender Recognition Act (GRA). Currently, the GRA allows trans people to apply for a certificate that legally recognises them as their preferred gender, but they have to meet conditions such as a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. There were over 100,000 responses to the consultation - many of them from feminists and transsexuals concerned that any change would pave the way for "self-ID" laws (where people can freely choose their legal sex.) Ultimately, it was decided not to change the GRA.

    August 2018: Lisa Littman ROGD paper (USA)
    The academic Lisa Littman published a study into ROGD - "rapid onset gender dysphoria." Her hypothesis was that a lot of teenagers were suddenly identifying as trans (despite no previous sign of gender dysphoria) because of social contagion. The paper led to widespread controversy over its methodology, conclusions, and issues of academic freedom.

    September 2018: Girlguiding concerns (UK)
    Girlguiding leaders Helen Watts and Katie Alcock raised concerns over a policy that allows trans-identified boys and men to share showers, tents, and bedrooms with girls when on camping trips or adventure holidays. Girlguiding subsequently dismissed both women for breaking its "volunteer code of conduct" by not adhering to the policy on trans Guides. Alcock filed a civil suit against Girlguiding for discrimination and reached an out of court settlement in 2022.

    September 2018: Pips Bunce accolade (UK)
    Women working in the City of London objected to Philip "Pips" Bunce, who identifies as non-binary, winning a Financial Times award for women in finance. Bunce alternates between men's and women's clothing, which was apparently enough to qualify him as a woman for the award. He was a highly paid investment banker at Credit Suisse - a field where it is notoriously difficult for women to succeed.

    October 2018: Butterfly (UK)
    ITV aired a drama called Butterfly in which an 11-year-old boy wants to transition and be treated as a girl. The show presented a number of harmful beliefs and stereotypes: that GNC children are in the wrong bodies, they will commit suicide if not affirmed, and that it is dangerous to discourage children from puberty blockers. It was written with the help of the controversial charity Mermaids, and had a divisive reception from audiences.

    October 2018: Rachel McKinnon gold (Canada)
    A transwoman named Rachel McKinnon broke women's cycling records and won gold in his age bracket at the UCI Masters Track Championships. He has repeatedly defended his "right" to participate in women's sports, and made numerous offensive comments towards women. McKinnon is still competing as a professional cyclist under the name Veronica Ivy.

    December 2018: Gamestop "Ma'am" (USA)
    In December 2018, a video went viral online of a TiM called Tiffany Moore threatening a GameStop employee who had addressed him as "sir." The video was memorable for the way in which Moore repeatedly, aggressively demanded to be called "ma'am."


    March 2019: UK's first trans hate crime prosecution (UK)
    In the first trans-related hate crime prosecution in the UK, Miranda Yardley was charged with online harassment of Helen Islan. Islan is not trans (she is the mother of a trans-identified child), while Yardley is transsexual. The case was dismissed after one day, with the judge saying it should never have been brought.

    May 2019: Organisations leaving Stonewall (UK)
    Major public organisations began to leave Stonewall's Diversity Champion Scheme, which rewards LGBT-friendly (especially trans-friendly) policies. Some of them said that the scheme was not good value for money, but others criticised Stonewall as increasingly dogmatic and giving advice that could be legally unsound. Liz Truss, then Minister for Women and Equalities, encouraged all government departments to leave Stonewall. A large number of organisations subsequently left and more have continued to leave.

    May 2019: Transman stillbirth (USA)
    The New England Journal of Medicine reported a case where emergency room staff had missed signs that a transman patient was in labour, partly because her medical records stated her to be male. As a result, the baby was stillborn and the patient's life endangered. Public discussion ensued over the importance of recording biological sex on medical records.

    May 2019: Caster Semenya vs the IAAF (South Africa)
    Intersex professional athlete Caster Semenya has repeatedly come into conflict with the IAAF (now World Athletics) over whether she should be allowed to compete against women. In 2018 the IAAF introduced a requirement for women's competitors with testosterone above a certain level to take medication to lower it. Many people thought the rule change was targeting Semenya specifically. She raised a legal challenge, which she lost in May 2019.

    June 2019: Kami Sid removed from Aurat March (Pakistan)
    The annual Aurat March in Pakistan commemorates International Women's Day and draws attention to women's issues. Kami Sid, a transwoman model and activist, was removed as an organiser of the march over allegations of bullying and sexual assault. He denied this and said that the decision to exclude him was because of transphobic prejudice.

    June 2019: Tokyo lesbian bar controversy (Japan)
    A transwoman named Elin McCready claimed that he had been discriminated against by not being allowed into a women-only night at Goldfinger, one of Tokyo's oldest lesbian bars. Even though the bar has long hosted events aimed at transmen, it was attacked on social media and the owner labelled a TERF. She eventually agreed to add small print on posters advertising the women-only night, clarifying that it was for "cisgender" women only.

    August 2019: Vandalised rape crisis centre (Canada)
    Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Centre is the oldest rape crisis centre in Canada. As far back as 1995 it was sued by a transwoman for not hiring him. More recently, it lost public funding in 2019 for being women-only and a few months later in August 2019 was vandalised by transactivists who nailed a dead rat to the door and wrote offensive graffiti all over the building.

    September 2019: Death of Magdalen Berns (UK)
    Magdalen Berns was a lesbian feminist who became known for her pro-woman activism, and a YouTube channel that criticised trans and gender ideology. In September 2019 she died aged 36 from glioblastoma and was mourned by feminists all over the world. She was a co-founder of the pressure group For Women Scotland, which vowed to continue her work, especially regarding proposed changes to gender identity laws.

    September 2019: Freddy McConnell decision (UK)
    Freddy McConnell, a transman, lost a legal case to be named as the "father" or "parent" on her son's birth certificate rather than "mother." She subsequently also lost an appeal in April 2020. This verdict upheld the importance of biological sex with regard to parental rights under English and Welsh law.

    October 2019: Jessica Yaniv lawsuits (Canada)
    Jessica (formerly Jonathan) Yaniv filed lawsuits against more than 15 different beauticians, all immigrant women of colour. He claimed discrimination because they offered genital waxing for women but had refused to wax his testicles. The case went to a tribunal, which ruled against Yaniv in October 2019 and ordered him to pay damages to the defendants. Yaniv has a history of harassing others and predatory behaviour towards girls, more here.

    December 2019: Hannah Mouncey discrimination claims (Australia)
    Hannah Mouncey is a transwoman who plays professional football and handball for Australia. The AFL temporarily disallowed him from playing in 2017 but reinstated him the following year after criticism from transactivists and the media. In December 2019, he alleged he had been unfairly excluded from the world championship team for women's handball because he refused to use a separate changing room to avoid making female players uncomfortable.


    August 2020: Gavin Grimm verdict (USA)
    A trans-identified girl named Gavin Grimm had been forbidden to use boys' toilets and changing facilities at her school. When the Obama administration ruled that Title IX (which prevents discrimination on the basis of sex) applied to treating trans people as their preferred gender, Grimm sued the school board for discrimination. There were numerous hearings and rehearings, complicated by Donald Trump's administration reversing the rules on application of Title IX. The Fourth Circuit (a senior court of appeal) ruled in Grimm's favour in August 2020. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case, allowing the Fourth Circuit's verdict to stand. Grimm ultimately reached a settlement with the school board for a payment to cover her legal fees.

    December 2020: Keira Bell vs Tavistock (UK)
    Keira Bell, a detransitioned woman, pursued legal action against the Tavistock Clinic - the UK's only gender identity clinic for under-18s. She won the case when the High Court ruled that under-18s are not competent to consent to puberty blockers. The verdict was later overturned on appeal; and Bell was denied permission to escalate the case to the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, the original verdict has led to policy changes, such as the NHS no longer describing puberty blockers as reversible.


    March 2021: Challenorgate (UK)
    Aimee Challenor is a transwoman who was suspended from both the Green Party and Labour Party over safeguarding concerns - respectively involving his father (now a convicted paedophile) and fiancé (who had publicly expressed sexual fantasies about children.) He was later hired by Reddit, which banned a user for linking to an article that mentioned how Challenor came to be suspended from the Green Party. Hundreds of subreddits protested the ban and the decision to hire Challenor; as a result, Reddit dismissed him in March 2021. Much more information can be found here.

    May 2021: Maya Forstater case (UK)
    Maya Forstater lost her job as a researcher at the Centre for Global Development (a poverty thinktank), which decided not to renew her contract because of her gender critical tweets. She brought a landmark legal case against the CGD, arguing that gender critical views count as protected beliefs under English and Welsh law. Forstater won the case in May 2021 and a full merits hearing in July 2022. JK Rowling publicly supported her in a tweet, and was once again criticised and threatened as transphobic.

    May 2021: Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre (UK)
    The Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre appointed transwoman Mridul Wadhwa as CEO - a position that had been advertised as reserved for a woman. Wadhwa does not have a gender recognition certificate and is not considered a woman under Scottish law. Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, and the Scottish Green Party, have defended his appointment even after he publicly described women as "bigots" if they did not want to be seen by a male rape counsellor.

    June 2021: WiSpa incident (USA)
    WiSpa is a Korean spa in Los Angeles. A woman shared an Instagram video of her confronting staff about the presence of a naked man in the women’s section of the spa. The man in question proved to be a transwoman, and the video went viral. There were protests and counter-protests at the spa over whether or not TiMs should be allowed into the women’s area. The man was charged with indecent exposure and it emerged he was already convicted of other sex offences.

    June 2021: Jess de Wahls (UK)
    The UK's Royal Academy of Arts decided to remove the work of the artist Jess de Wahls from its gift shop after eight complaints that de Wahls is transphobic. This led to debate around freedom of expression and the right to hold gender critical views; subsequently, her work was reinstated in the shop.

    July 2021: Trans by Helen Joyce (UK)
    Helen Joyce published Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, a criticism of transactivism and gender ideology. The book was a bestseller and critically well-received, but led to harassment and smear campaigns against Joyce. She was also "no-platformed" from at least one event on the grounds that her presence would make trans people unsafe.

    July 2021: Women-only train carriages controversy (Japan)
    Many trains in Japan come with a women-only carriage to protect women from harassment. The conservative newspaper Sankei Shimbun reported that some train companies were now considering making all carriages open to everyone, in response to complaints of trans-identified people not being allowed into the women's carriage. Feminists campaigned to keep women-only carriages and raise awareness of why they are necessary.

    August 2021: Laurel Hubbard (New Zealand)
    Transwoman weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has won a number of medals competing against women. He has been repeatedly criticised by female athletes, as well as the Chief Executive of the Australian Weightlifting Federation and the Prime Minister of Samoa (where Hubbard won at the 2019 Pacific Games.) In August 2021, he competed at the Olympics, having been given a place at the expense of a young Indigenous woman - he was 43, at least twice the age of most of the women on the Olympic team.

    October 2021: Nolan Investigates (UK)
    In October 2021, the BBC journalist / presenter Stephen Nolan released a podcast called Nolan Investigates. It presented the findings of his investigation into the BBC’s relationship with Stonewall. In the podcast Nolan highlighted issues such as Stonewall’s influence on public policy, and the need for impartial reporting. The following month, the BBC withdrew from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme and Workplace Equality Index.

    October 2021: Kathleen Stock (UK)
    Students at Sussex University led a campaign for Kathleen Stock, a gender critical professor, to be fired. She received death threats and was placed under police guard. The university was also repeatedly picketed by trans groups demanding that she be fired. Despite support from other academics and the vice-chancellor of Sussex University, Stock chose to resign.

    October 2021: Marion Millar (UK)
    Marion Millar was charged with posting alleged transphobic and homophobic content on Twitter. The original complaint against Millar alleged she directed threatening or abusive behaviour at a man and two women, including a police officer, via social media between October and June, contrary to section 38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, this conduct being aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation and transgender identity. In October 2021, Scottish prosecutors chose to drop all charges against Millar.

    December 2021: Adrian Harrop suspension (UK)
    Pro-trans activist Dr Adrian Harrop (who is not transgender) received a formal suspension from practicing medicine because of his history of harassing gender critical women, both online and offline. This includes tweets where he equated JK Rowling with Jimmy Savile - he was later forced to apologise after she threatened to sue.

    December 2021: Harry Miller (UK)
    Harry Miller was investigated by police in January 2020 after complaints about his “transphobic” tweets. In these tweets, Miller said he doesn't view transwomen as women; but he did not encourage violence or discrimination against trans people. He took legal action against Humberside Police, and the Court of Appeal ruled in his favour in December 2021.


    February 2022: Census ruling (UK)
    The Scottish Government decided that in the 2022 census, trans people would be allowed to “self-identify” i.e. to record their preferred gender rather than their biological sex. Feminists objected to this as it does not give an accurate representation of men and women in Scotland. A civil court judge threw out an appeal by GC group Fair Play for Women to record birth sex only.

    March 2022: Scotland's gender reform bill (UK)
    The Scottish Government set out plans to allow trans people to self-identify their chosen gender. The Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill sets out proposals to speed up the time it takes to get a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). It would also lower the age at which trans people can obtain the document from 18 to 16. The Bill would cut the length of time a person has to live in their acquired gender before applying from two years to three months, and would also do away with the need for a medical diagnosis. The Scottish Government claim that this will streamline the process and make it easier for trans people to obtain a GRC. These changes may threaten single-sex spaces and open them to abuse from men choosing to self-identify as a woman, with no checks or balances.

    March 2022: Cass review (UK)
    Hilary Cass OBE was appointed to lead an independent review into healthcare for trans-identified under-18s. Her interim report in March 2022 advised creating regional gender identity clinics for children rather than centering services on the Tavistock Clinic. The report highlighted a number of problems with the Tavistock such as long waiting times, over-eagerness to prescribe puberty blockers, and failure to identify vulnerable children. This was the main cause of the decision to close the Tavistock.

    March 2022: Jamie Wallis (UK)
    Jamie Wallis is the Conservative MP for Bridgend, Wales. In March 2022 he came out as a transwoman and was praised as the UK's first transgender MP. However, he announced he had no intention of changing his name, pronouns, or any aspect of his lifestyle. Questions arose over whether he had declared himself transgender to divert attention from a number of controversies he was involved in - including dangerous driving and repeated trading standards violations.

    March 2022: Baroness Nicholson (UK)
    During a debate in the House of Lords over single-sex wards, Baroness Emma Nicholson shared a story of a constituent who was raped by a transwoman allowed to stay on a women's ward. According to Baroness Nicholson, when the rape was reported to police, NHS staff repeatedly claimed that there were no men on the ward and did not admit the truth for more than a year. This story was repeated in the press and led to much public debate on the subject. Baroness Nicholson later said that more than ten women had come to her with similar accounts of sexual assault on mixed sex wards.

    April 2022: Manhunt (USA)
    Gretchen Felker-Martin, a transwoman, released a novel called Manhunt via Amazon. The book demonises GC women (with JK Rowling mentioned by name), and features many graphic descriptions of them being murdered by transwomen. Felker-Martin promoted this as a draw to sell copies, and it became the #1 bestselling horror novel on the site. At the time, Amazon had recently removed at least one gender critical book from sale for supposedly promoting hate; yet had no problem continuing to sell Manhunt.

    May 2022: Attempted bookshop burning (Spain)
    A bookshop in Barcelona, Spain hosted an event with José Errasti and Marino Pérez, authors of the book Nadie Nace en un Cuerpo Equivocado (No One is Born in a Wrong Body), which questions gender ideology. During the event, transactivists attacked the shop and threatened to burn it down with the authors inside. Police ended the event early and attendees had to be escorted out for their own safety.

    May 2022: Tokyo Rape Crisis Centre defunded (Japan)
    Tokyo Rape Crisis Centre is one of Japan's oldest support services for rape victims. Michiko Orita, one of the founders, confirmed in May 2022 that the centre was no longer eligible for goverment funding because of its policy of excluding transwomen. The centre subsequently received hate mail and threats. Orita has said that she felt the decision to remove funding was related to her defending JK Rowling in a newsletter.

    June 2022: Kiyoha Kiritaka (Japan)
    Kiyoha Kiritaka spoke out about being exploited whilst working as a maiko (novice geisha.) She said that she had frequently been sexually harassed by male customers, including being expected to share a traditional bath with them - this involves naked bathing and is usually single sex. Kiritaka was attacked by numerous critics because geisha are a highly respected traditional industry. This included attempts to discredit her as transphobic over old tweets where she said that transwomen should not share traditional baths with women. At no point had she mentioned trans people when she spoke about being exploited. Feminists supported her and this led to wider discussion around access to women's spaces.

    June 2022: Lia Thomas (USA)
    Professional swimmer Lia Thomas has been competing against women since he transitioned in 2021. He went from a low-ranked men's swimmer to a women's champion, and won a NCAA Division I national championship in March 2022. His obvious, unfair advantage against female swimmers caused an array of protests, boycotts, and criticisms. As a result, in June 2022 the FNIA ruled that transwomen would no longer be permitted to compete in women's swimming.

    June 2022: Ezra Miller injunction (USA)
    The parents of Indigenous activist Tokata Iron Eyes took out an injunction against the actor Ezra Miller, alleging he had groomed her when she was under 18. Miller had previously been accused of violence against women several times. Because he identifies as non-binary, press reports have repeatedly referred to him as "they/them" - obscuring the fact that he is a man alleged to have abused women and groomed an underage girl. Many people argued that he should not be "misgendered" and his chosen pronouns were more important than accurate reporting.

    July 2022: Allison Bailey decision (UK)
    The lesbian feminist barrister Allison Bailey sued her legal chambers and Stonewall for discriminating against her because of her gender critical beliefs and her role as a founder of LGB Alliance UK. She won damages from her chambers, although the tribunal dismissed her claim against Stonewall. Following Maya Forstater's case, this further establishes gender critical beliefs as protected under English and Welsh law.

    July 2022: Tavistock closure (UK)
    The Tavistock Clinic was the only gender clinic in England and Wales that dealt with under-18s. It was announced that the clinic would close by spring 2023 - due to the Cass Report's findings and the fallout of Keira Bell's case. Lawyers are currently preparing legal action on behalf of former patients.

    July 2022: Helen and Michael Webberley verdict (UK)
    Helen and Michael Webberley, both doctors, ran an online "gender clinic" which prescribed drugs to trans-identified under-18s. This includes puberty blockers for a child as young as nine. The business was registered abroad in order to circumvent UK regulations. The General Medical Council suspended the Webberleys and filed charges against them, chiefly of failing to provide adequate patient care. In July 2022 a tribunal ruled to strike off Michael Webberley from clinical practice and suspend Helen.

    July 2022: Memorial desecration (France)
    The French feminist group L'Amazone was due to take part in a documentary about "shaken baby syndrome" (SBS) - when a baby dies from brain trauma caused by shaking. They worked with grieving mothers to create a street collage in memory of infants who had died from SBS after being shaken by their fathers. The collage was subsequently vandalised by transactivists who consider L'Amazone to be a "TERF" hate group - even though the memorial project was completely unrelated to trans people.

    August 2022: Sperm freezing decision (Japan)
    In Japan, anyone who wants to legally change sex is required to have genital surgery and be sterilised. The High Court in Tokyo ruled that a transwoman could not be legally recognised as the parent of a child born with sperm frozen before his transition - setting an important case law precedent regarding trans people. This is because Japan heavily relies on the family registry system, which does not allow for multiple fathers/mothers or a father who is legally recorded as a woman.

    August 2022: YMCA pool ban (USA)
    A YMCA in Washington State banned 80-year-old Julie Jaman from its pool after she told a transwoman employee to leave the women's locker room. The YMCA claimed to have banned her for multiple incidents of breaking rules and harassing staff. Jaman said she intervened because the employee in question was watching little girls undress. She and other women protested at the YMCA, and transactivists held a counter-protest.

    September 2022: Japan Women's University (Japan)
    The largest and oldest women-only university in Japan announced that from 2024, it would allow applications from trans-identified men. Students who objected were informed that a helpline and counselling sessions would be set up to assuage their concerns. This news broke after years of revelations about Japanese universities skewing admissions tests to favour male applicants (especially for medical courses.)

    September 2022: Ontario teacher controversy (Canada)
    Photos and videos surfaced on the internet of Kayla Lemieux, a transwoman who taught at a school in Ontario, Canada wearing obscenely large prosthetic breasts during a woodwork class. The images caused widespread concern, and it was quickly established they weren't a hoax or stunt. Protest ensued at the school in question. The school issued a statement vaguely defensive of Lemieux and refused to comment further, but was reportedly considering a dress code for staff.

    September 2022: Forbes Power Women's Summit (USA)
    TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a man who has recently "transitioned" to female, was invited to speak at Forbes Power Women's Summit. Mulvaney is known for a series of videos documenting his transition, and his use of very sexist stereotypes of womanhood. His fans have harassed, threatened, and "doxxed" a woman over her parody of his videos. Mulvaney's inclusion at the summit was protested by feminists and even other trans people.

    September 2022: Primark changing rooms (UK)
    Primark announced that, after a years-long policy of mixed-sex changing rooms, it would now provide facilities for women only. This followed backlash after a viral video where a young woman reported that two men (who were not trans) had nearly walked in on her in a store in Cambridge. Primark said that no one would be required to provide ID to use the women's facilities, and it was at the "discretion" of store managers as to who would be allowed in.

    October 2022: Eddie Izzard campaign (UK)
    The trans-identified comedian and actor Eddie Izzard ran for parliamentary candidate for Labour in Sheffield Central. Transactivists promoted his campaign as a victory for trans rights, while gender-critical Labour MP Rosie Duffield was widely criticised for refusing to address Izzard as "she/her." However, it is not true (as was falsely reported in some places) that Izzard ran on an all-female shortlist. He ultimately lost the contest to Abtisam Mohamed.

    October 2022: Cancelled operation (UK)
    A woman tweeted about her experience of urgent surgery at London's Princess Grace hospital being cancelled at the last minute because she had asked to be cared for by female staff only. This put her health at serious risk. The story went viral, and was picked up worldwide. The hospital defended its decision by saying that it had a mixed-sex staff and providing single sex care would be impossible.

    October 2022: Gender-based violence charge dropped against transwoman (Spain)
    A trans-identified man in Catalonia, Spain violently abused his wife and was arrested. Because he was legally recognised as a woman, he could not be charged with the crime of gender-based violence, which would have given the victim specific legal protections. A judge elected not to enforce a protection order to remove him from the family home, forcing the victim to choose between homelessness or returning to the abuser.

    October 2022: Jordan Gray nude performance (UK)
    On the Channel 4 variety show Friday Night Live, transwoman Jordan Gray performed a musical act fully nude. This included a song containing obscene lyrics about how he was a better woman than actual women. The channel received dozens of complaints, and Gray's performance became the subject of public discussion over censorship. This was exacerbated by the fact that earlier in the year, the comedian Jerry Sadowitz had had his show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival cancelled because of nudity and misogynistic content.

    November 2022: Club Q shooting (USA)
    Anderson Lee Aldrich committed a mass shooting at Club Q, a gay club in Colorado. Five people were killed and many more seriously injured. In the resulting press coverage and reactions on social media, there were repeated attempts to blame gender critical feminists for the shooting - including JK Rowling and others who are not even from the USA. Aldrich's defence claimed that he was non-binary, seemingly preparing to argue at trial that the shooting was not a hate crime.

    A number of prominent transactivists insisted Aldrich was lying about being non-binary and using it as an excuse to get a lighter sentence. Yet, most of these same people had previously been adamant that anyone who said they were trans or non-binary must be so, and should not be "misgendered." A transwoman friend of one of the victims stated on TV that Aldrich was not non-binary and was visibly a man. In that case, why are women criticised for pointing out transwomen as obvious men?

    December 2022: Mermaids controversy and enquiry (UK)
    In October 2022 the Times revealed that Dr Jacob Breslow, a trustee of Mermaids, attended a conference by pro-paedophile group B4U-ACT in 2011. It soon became apparent that he had a documented history of attraction to children. He resigned from Mermaids and took a "sabbatical" from his teaching role at the London School of Economics. Journalists then began to look into Mermaids and its use of funds, leading to open criticism in the press that was previously rare. The Charities Commission announced that an investigation would take place.

    In December, it was subsequently decided to open a full statutory inquiry into Mermaids. By this time, further concerns had been raised, such as Mermaids sending out chest binders to very young girls. As a result of the ongoing controversy, Mermaids' current CEO Susie Green resigned.

    December 2022: Woman-only gym owner arrested (Brazil)
    A transwoman named Jhenyfer Marine was denied registration at a female-only gym, and subsequently made a complaint to police. The gym's owner was charged with a hate crime under laws originally designed to prevent racial discrimination, and faces up to five years in jail if convicted. Brazil has high rates of violence against women; this case and others like it led to outcry from feminists.

    December 2022: YouTuber bath house video (Japan)
    Transwoman YouTuber Nao Wasada uploaded a video where he entered the women-only section of a traditional bath house. He described women's bodies in extremely objectifying, sexual terms and stated that this wasn't the first time he had entered the women-only section. This led to increased concerns that women would no longer be able to use bath houses (which are a part of everyday life in Japan) if men were allowed to enter the women's section.


    January 2023: Scotland Gender Recognition Reform Bill (UK)
    The Scottish Parliament approved the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, effectively changing the law to make it easier for trans people to be legally recognised as their preferred gender. However, the bill was blocked by the UK Parliament, so that it couldn't receive royal assent and become law. This was ostensibly done on the grounds that the bill affected equality laws that apply nationwide - but was treated as a "culture war" and "anti-woke" issue by some Tory MPs and supporters. As a result, there were increased calls for Scottish independence.

    January 2023: Isla Bryson prison row (UK)
    Adam Graham, a Scottish man due to be tried for multiple rapes, decided to transition and be known as "Isla Bryson." After being convicted of the rapes, he was temporarily remanded to a women's prison, only to be moved to a men's prison. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland does not grant transwomen an automatic right to be in a women's prison, and it will be decided on a case by case basis, even if they have a Gender Recognition Certificate. Sturgeon was attacked for expressing even mildly worded concerns that a transwoman may be a risk to women if allowed to be incarcerated in a women's prison. Sturgeon resigned the following month, her position having become untenable largely due to the controversy.

    January 2023: Taiwan's first organisation for sex-based rights (Taiwan)
    The Taiwan Women's Association was founded and became Taiwan's first organisation devoted to fighting for women's sex-based rights. It was formed in response to concerns about self-ID, and an increase in transwomen in women's sport and women's colleges. Taiwan is one of the most liberal countries in Asia with regard to gender and sexuality.

    February 2023: Hogwarts Legacy and Harry Potter TV reboot
    Hogwarts Legacy, a video game based on the Harry Potter series, was released worldwide. Transactivists criticised the game and said that others should not buy it, as it was giving money to the hateful and transphobic JK Rowling. The game featured a transwoman character voiced by a trans actor, but even this was criticised, as the character's name was judged to be making fun of trans people. Other complaints related to alleged antisemitic imagery, and a developer who ran an alt-right YouTube channel. Many commenters treated the game as a sort of moral litmus test and proof that anyone buying, or playing, it was complicit in violence against trans people.

    It was also announced that streaming service Max was producing a new TV adaptation of the Harry Potter books. This move was criticised by transactivists and supporters, who felt that the child actors involved would have their future careers ruined by association with Rowling.

    February 2023: Care worker charged with assault (Japan)
    Kazumi Watanabe, a transwoman who ran an agency supplying carers, was charged with sexually assaulting two of his female employees. They alleged he had used his gender identity to get them to lower their guard around him. Police investigated complaints by other women, including some disabled women who had used the services of the agency. The case provoked discussion on social media about the impact of gender ideology on women. Summary by a gender critical feminist in Japan can be found here.

    February 2023: Death of Brianna Ghey (UK)
    16-year-old Brianna Ghey, who identified as a transgender girl, was stabbed and killed. Two other teenagers were the only suspects. There was an overwhelming response from transactivists that Brianna was the victim of a system set up to persecute trans people, and that gender critical feminists were responsible for Brianna's death. Press reports mentioning Brianna's sex or birth name were criticised as hateful, as was any mention of Brianna's mental health - social media showed Brianna to have been troubled. There was also backlash against the police for saying that there was currently no evidence of the death being a hate crime.

    Meanwhile, Emma Pattison (a woman murdered by her "family annihilator" husband) was subject to press headlines implying she had provoked him by being too successful. Police investigating the disappearance of Nicola Bulley attempted to portray her as an unstable alcoholic. The press coverage of Brianna was respectful, yet was deemed far more offensive than what had been written about these natal women.

    February 2023: Child rapist held in women's prison (India)
    In Kerala, India, Sachu Samson was found guilty of the rape of a teenage boy in 2016. Samson is male, and presented as male at the time of the crime, but during the trial declared himself to be a transwoman. The court rejected the defence's claims that Samson's gender identity meant he couldn't have committed rape. However, the court ordered that he be remanded in a women's prison until he could be transferred to a facility for transgender prisoners. Despite Samson being a convicted rapist, the decision was taken to prioritise his wishes over the safety of women.

    February 2023: Mexico City Congress attack (Mexico)
    A riot broke out at the Congress building in Mexico City after conservative politician América Rangel sought to introduce an initiative that would prevent trans-identified minors from having genital surgery. The riot led to considerable property damage, although transactivists involved alleged that they had been attacked by police first. Rangel stated she believed she was the intended target, and was assisting prosecutors in building a case.

    March 2023: eSafety Commissioner warnings over Riley J Dennis (Australia)
    Transactivist Riley J Dennis plays women's football for New South Wales in Australia. He was previously known for his writing and YouTube content, which criticised lesbians who do not want to date transwomen. After reports of Dennis injuring a woman on the pitch, conservative commentator Kirralie Smith had her Facebook page removed by the Australian eSafety Commissioner for writing about what happened. She was also reported to police and served with an anti-harassment order.

    Subsequently, others were contacted by the eSafety Commissioner and told to take down articles or social media posts about Dennis. This included a number of people who had questioned Dennis' participation in women's sports, or Football New South Wales' self-ID policy for players. The gender critical news site Reduxx and women-only platform Ovarit were also sent warnings, even though neither site is based in Australia.

    April 2023: Symposium cancelled (France)
    A planned symposium in Nantes, France that was to have supported Iraqi and Afghan female refugees was postponed after violent threats from transactivists. They sent death threats and planned to ambush the event because gender critical feminist Marguerite Stern was due to speak. Stern, and her activist collective L’Amazone, have been repeatedly targeted because of their opposition to gender identity and the sex industry. No new dates have been announced for the symposium, and it is unlikely to go ahead..

    April 2023: Eurovision creative director dismissed (Ireland)
    The band Wild Youth, chosen as Ireland's 2023 entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, dismissed their creative director Ian Banham; saying that he did not represent their values of unity and inclusion. This came after an anonymous Twitter account highlighted tweets Banham had made that were critical of gender identity, such as saying that the influencer Dylan Mulvaney is not a woman.

    April 2023: Murderers challenge femicide convictions (Argentina)
    Two high-profile cases emerged of men claiming a trans identity so they could challenge their convictions against femicide. Jonathan Luna, who is serving a life sentence for grooming and murdering a 12-year-old girl, appealed his conviction and applied to be transferred to a women's prison. Another man, Fernando Alves Ferreira, was convicted of the murder of his children's surrogate mother. He could reduce his life sentence to as little as 10 years if his appeal is successful.

    May 2023: Andrea Long Chu Pulitzer Prize (USA)
    Transwoman academic Andrea Long Chu was awarded a 2023 Pulitzer Prize for his writing, which displays a long history of equating womanhood with pornographic fantasies. Chu has repeatedly written that he became transgender because of porn, and believes that a "woman" is anyone on the receiving end of penetrative sex with a man.

    May 2023: Rianne Vogels unfair dismissal lawsuit (Norway)
    Rianne Vogels sued her former employer for unfair dismissal based on her views about gender identity. Vogels worked at a centre for migrant women and was fired after an anonymous complaint about a tweet where she criticised medical transition in children. The employer claimed that Vogels was fired due to a pattern of behaviour rather than a particular tweet. However, Vogels won after the judge ruled that she was protected by free speech. Feminists compared the case to that of Maya Forstater in the UK.

    May 2023: Serial killer listed as female by Wikipedia (Finland)
    Michael Maria Penttilä (also known as Michael Portland) is the only formally recognised serial killer in Finland and identifies as a woman. He is convicted of multiple murders of women and children. After a dispute on Wikipedia, it was decided to change his article to state that he is female. This provoked a backlash and social media protest from those who objected to his crimes being classed as those of a woman.

    June 2023: Dana Rivers conviction (USA)
    Dana Rivers was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of Charlotte Reed, her wife Patricia Wright, and their son Benny Diambu-Wright in 2016. Rivers is a lifelong transactivist who was known for pushing to get women-only music festival Michfest closed down. The judge in the case described the murders as among the worst he had seen in his career. Nevertheless, Rivers was confirmed to be spending his life sentence in a women's prison - due to laws in California which allow self-ID for prisoners.

    June 2023: Wataru Onishi sentencing (Japan)
    Wataru Onishi is a Japanese politician who promotes a controversial bill that would make self-ID legal. In June 2023 he was convicted of multiple sex crimes, including filming in a women's toilet while dressed as a woman. His sentencing further added to controversy around the bill, which has since been passed by the lower house of parliament. This came at a time of increasing reports of sex crimes by men in women's toilets, changing rooms, and other spaces.

    June 2023: Missing boys notice (USA)
    The Oregon Department of Human Services was criticised over a missing persons poster that described three missing boys by their pronouns rather than sex. This risked confusion and putting the children in further danger. However, the boys were later found safe.

    July 2023: Mermaids loses appeal (UK)
    The charity Mermaids, for trans-identified children, lost an appeal with the Charities Commission to have charitable status removed from the LGB Alliance (which stands for the sex-based rights of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people.) The tribunal noted in its verdict that charities should respect each other's opposing views. Mermaids had previously lost another appeal in 2021 to prevent the LGB Alliance gaining charitable status in the first place.

    July 2023: London Pride arrest (UK)
    Sarah Jane Baker was arrested at London Pride for telling the crowd to "punch TERFs in the fucking face." Baker is male and a convicted murderer, and before his release from prison was the longest-serving trans prisoner in the UK. The Metropolitan Police declined to take any further action against him, and told a concerned member of the public that Baker was protected under free speech laws. Baker had previously incited violence against women at several other public events.

    July 2023: Sorority lawsuit (USA)
    Members of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the University of Wyoming sued the sorority's headquarters for admitting a transwoman pledge, Artemis Langford. The sorority's rules said that all members had to be women. Kappa Kappa Gamma upheld that this included transwomen, but the Wyoming chapter said it did not. It was alleged that despite the custom of all ballots on applications being anonymous, Langford's was not. Kappa Kappa Gamma filed to dismiss the suit, and accused the plaintiffs of "bullying" Langford. Subsequently, two women were expelled from the sorority for expressing disapproval of the decision.

    July 2023: British Swimming rule change (UK)
    British Swimming received complaints that during a competition in Sheffield, a transwoman volunteer named Anne Coombes had regularly walked through the women's changing rooms when female competitors were changing (including young girls under 18.) They amended the rules to say that changing rooms should only be used by competitors, and could not be walked through to access other parts of the venue. Only a week before, Coombes had made a viral post on Twitter complaining about a hotel spa where a female member of staff had refused to give him a key to the women's locker room.

    November 2023: Death of F. L. Copeland (USA)
    F. L. "Bubba" Copeland, the Mayor of Smiths City, Alabama, died by suicide days after an exposé in the press revealed his double life as a cross-dresser who posted "bimbo" fetish content online and wrote pornographic stories fantasising about murdering women. Subsequently, reports in the press and on social media portrayed him as a woman tragically driven to suicide by transphobia - without mentioning his online content, some of which included (non-sexual) photos of underage boys and fantasies about forcing them to transition. Even The Advocate, a major pro-trans publication, referred to Copeland as they/them because he had never publicly identified as trans.


    January 2024: Brianna Ghey verdict (UK)
    At the trial of Brianna Ghey's killers, Mrs Justice Yip ruled that the murder was partially motivated by Brianna's gender identity - on account of dehumanising remarks made by one of the killers. However, the other killer had respected Brianna's chosen name and pronouns and described Brianna as female. There was extensive evidence that they had been planning to kill someone and had selected a number of potential victims; Brianna was the only one who was trans, and the only one unlucky enough to have agreed to meet the killers. This is a far cry from what was argued by some press outlets and on social media that gender critical feminism had driven the killers to target Brianna.

    February 2024: John Lewis Partnership magazine (UK)
    Retailer John Lewis Partnership publishes an internal magazine for its network of around 80,000 staff nationwide. It was criticised over the fact that an issue focusing on LGB and transgender employees included a profile of Ruby Whitcombe, a trans-identified man who poses for explicit fetish porn online. Others appearing in the magazine included another person involved in fetish groups, who worked with children; and a Liberal Democrat councillor who had made misogynistic remarks about "TERFs." John Lewis Partnership stood by their decision to publish this, and offered support for staff who felt they had been negatively affected by the public response.

    February 2024: Scarlet Blake trial (UK)
    Scarlet Blake, a man who presents as a transwoman, was tried for murder and received a life sentence. He had previously slaughtered a cat in a horrifying, sadistic way and posted the footage online. Feminists were angry at his being described in the media as female, and were concerned over whether he might be placed in a women's prison - at the conclusion of the trial, it was reported he would not. JK Rowling also criticised Blake being described as female; and was then subjected to a misogynistic editorial in the Metro (a London newspaper) about how she shouldn't "open her mouth."

    February 2024: Helen Joyce criticism (UK)
    A trans-identified man posted on Twitter about how he had spotted gender critical feminist Helen Joyce on a train. Because she uses large print on her phone, he could read her screen and saw that she was editing the website of Sex Matters - a GC organisation. Having recognised her as part of a "TERF" group, he began taking photos of her and saw that she was reading pornographic Harry Potter fanfiction - of which he provided pictures and found the story in question. As a result, the thread went viral and Joyce was accused of publicly looking at child porn. She responded that she had been preparing for a podcast appearance where she was due to speak about the influence of fandom on young women who develop trans identities.

    Examples of violence against women

    Up to 12 million girls aborted in India over last 30 years:study
    Up to 12 million girls were aborted over the last three decades in India by parents that tended to be richer and more educated, a large study in India found, and researchers warned that the figure could rise with falling fertility rates. These girls were aborted due to their biological sex (I guess nobody told them to self identify as male to be given a chance to live).

    Mortality from all causes is over 40% higher in female domestic abuse survivors
    The increased risk of mortality from any cause is 44% for women who have experienced domestic abuse.

    Domestic violence in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
    On average, two women are murdered every week due to domestic violence.

    Facts about Prostitution | Nordic Model Now!
    Prostitution treats a woman as a commodity that men can use as a sex object, causing her real psychological and physical harm, and in violation of her human rights and the human right of all women to equality with men.

    “Anyone who thinks prostitution is a victimless crime hasn’t seen it up close.” (Joe Parker, 2004)

    Studies of men who buy sex (punters) show that they are significantly more likely than other men to rape and engage in all forms of violence against women. A US study found that punters were nearly eight times more likely to rape than other men.


    Gender critical feminism

    Woman's Place UK
    Fair Play for Women
    Peak Trans
    Jane Clare Jones
    Magdalen Berns
    For Women Scotland
    Sister Outrider
    ReSisters United
    Sex Matters - focuses on the importance of sex in public policy
    Kellie-Jay Keen
    XX Network - youth-targeted
    Women Uniting
    Merched Cymru

    The Countess
    Graham Linehan - YouTube, Substack
    Helen Joyce

    Sex Not Gender

    CAWSBAR (Canadian Women's Sex Based Rights)
    Feminist Current
    Bridget Perrier - an Indigenous survivor of sex trafficking

    L'Amazone (in French)

    Feministes de Catalunya (in Catalan and Castilian Spanish)
    Contra el Borrado de las Mujeres (in Spanish)

    Women's Human Rights Campaign (in Norwegian and English)

    TERF Talk Downunder
    No Conflict They Said - a collection of stories from women affected by trans-related policies
    IWD Brisbane
    Victorian Women's Guild
    Fair Go for Queensland Women
    Feminist Legal Clinic

    New Zealand
    Speak Up for Women NZ

    Naija Radfem

    Vaishnavi Sundar

    Uno Ishigami (in Japanese)
    No Self-ID - a women's group campaigning against proposed self-ID laws (in Japanese)
    Save Women's Space (in Japanese)
    Yukio Okuda - a GC transwoman (in Japanese)
    @dompenguinn (mostly in Japanese, some tweets in English)

    Sex and Gender Intro - useful introduction to the conflict between sex and gender, has a Spanish-language site
    Ovarit - site that now hosts several gender critical communities banned from Reddit.
    Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by Helen Joyce
    Material Girls by Kathleen Stock
    Men Trapped in Men's Bodies by Anne A. Lawrence - study of autogynephilia, written by an AGP transsexual
    Nadie nace en un cuerpo equivocado ("No One is Born in a Wrong Body") by José Errasti and Marino Pérez (in Spanish)

    Feminist / gender critical news resources

    Women Are Human
    Trans Crime UK - a record of criminal convictions of trans people in the UK (intended as a neutral resource, since news articles and official statistics are likely to state an offender's preferred gender rather than sex.)

    Child transition

    4th Wave Now
    Transgender Trend
    Lily Maynard
    Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier - about the harms that can be caused to girls/women who transition early in life
    Aotearoa Support

    Violence against women

    Refuge UK
    Women's Aid
    Counting Dead Women - keeps track of murders of women by men in the UK each year
    We Can't Consent to This - a record of cases where "rough sex" has been used as a defence to murder women

    Find local domestic violence resources (in French)
    Collectif féminicides par compagnons ou ex - record of women killed by current or former partners in France each year (in French)

    List of domestic violence resources for women in the USA

    The Candy Shop - a short film dramatising the problem of child sex trafficking, mainly of girls, in Canada.
    List of domestic violence resources for women in Canada

    List of domestic violence resources for women in Australia

    New Zealand
    Women's Refuge
    She Is Not Your Rehab - aimed at ending family violence in Māori and Pacific Islander communities


    Hong Kong
    List of domestic violence resources for women in Hong Kong

    Spycam Sex Criminals - BBC documentary about the widespread problem of women being targeted with spycams.

    Colabo - provides support in Tokyo for teenage girls who are homeless and/or victims of abuse, trafficking, or the sex industry (in Japanese)

    Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    List of domestic and sexual violence resources for women in Jamaica

    Sex industry

    Nordic Model Now
    Elly Arrow
    List of facts / statistics about porn
    Tokyo Anti Pornography and Prostitution Research Group (has an English-language site)
    Wahine Toa Rising - resources about sexual exploitation in New Zealand from the perspective of indigenous Māori survivors.
    Fight the New Drug
    Anti-Porn Feminists
    Your Brain on Porn
    Sex Industry Kills (in both German and English) - record of those who have died because of the sex industry
    CAP International
    Pimp State by Kat Barnard - UK-centric
    The Pimping of Prostitution by Julie Bindel
    Pornland by Gail Dines
    Holbeck Managed Approach: Drowning, Not Swimming - written by UK radical feminist, Belstaffie. A summary from spending three weeks passing as a punter and compiling covert surveillance in the residential area of Holbeck, Leeds, where Leeds Council trialled a managed approach to prostitution, allowing for soliciting and purchasing of sex.
    Collectif CAPP - French collective of sex trade survivors (in French)


    GC Academia Network
    Gender Critical Research Network
    Cass Review - Interim Report Summary
    Cass Review - Final Report Summary

    Male/female sport and comparisons

    Sex differences between men and women and why they matter in sport by Emma Hilton
    Male High School Athletes vs Female Olympians
    Even before birth, genetic building blocks are giving athletes born male a massive advantage
    Save Women's Sport Australasia

    Forced marriage, child marriage, and honour based abuse

    Karma Nirvana (UK) - services targeted at South Asian women and men
    Plan International - charity dealing with child marriage, FGM, and related issues affecting girls worldwide.
    Halo Project (UK)
    Honour Based Violence Awareness Network
    South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario - help for South Asian people living in / around Ontario, Canada

    GC lesbian, gay, and/or bisexual people

    Get the L Out UK
    LGB Alliance UK
    Duncan Henry - How I Became Gender Critical
    Jane Clare Jones - The Annals of the TERF Wars
    Ceri Black
    Sue Donym - Played The Fool
    Littlest HOMOsexual
    Lesbian Fightback
    Lesbian Labour
    Lesbian MeToo - catalogues sexual violence by men against lesbians
    Lesbian Strength
    Scottish Lesbians
    How trans ideology hijacked the gay rights movement

    Résistance Lesbienne (in French)

    Peachyoghurt Genderfree - a lesbian gender abolitionist with a focus on child transition

    Lesbian and Gay Liberation Front
    LGB Alliance USA
    Lesbians United

    Arty Morty

    LGB Alliance Australia

    New Zealand
    LAVA (Lesbian Action for Visibility Aotearoa)


    Trans Widows Voices - for women who have left / wish to leave a marriage with a trans spouse
    Let Toys Be Toys - campaign asking toy retailers and publishers not to use sex stereotypes to market to children.
    TERF Is a Slur - examples of abuse directed at women by transactivists online.
    The Boxer Ceiling - examples of abuse directed at gay men by transactivists online.
    Gendie Brainrot Receipts - collection of bizarre and/or offensive posts from those who believe in gender ideology
    List of resources for detransitioners
    CIAMS (International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood) - in English, Russian, French, German, and Spanish

    Comedy / Memes

    Y Chromosome Song (YMCA Parody) - The XY People
    Feminist Heretic

    News articles and links

    Half of Scottish trans prisoners changed gender after convictions, The Times, October 5 2022[/B]