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  • BIO

    Eden Harvz is an ✨ ONLY 24 year old✨ TikTok influencer from Tunbridge Wells, who joined TikTok during lockdown posting ‘Eat with Eden’ claiming to have started this to help anyone suffering from mental health and eating disorders. Did you know she’s built her ‘Empire’ from her bedroom? However, we are still yet to see any actual success besides Stone Island jackets for Midget man and Moncler coats for her and a rented shed in Kent.

    For anyone who didn’t know she is ENGAGED 💍 to a 5ft2, peaky blinders wannabe who goes by multiple names of Lloyd Hulme, Sonny Harrison, Little Chef, Midget Man, Unemployed, Midget Gem, Little Lad, and Alcoholic 🍺 Eden and her sister Yas, who is strangely sexual towards Eden and Lloyd, love to make out that Lloyd is a hard nut from Manchester, when he clearly is an unhappy little man suffering from little man syndrome. The engagement came at a perfect 3 months into the relationship as her tiktok engagement was flagging and she’d been chatting to tiktoker Dan Spragg a lot again, so little Lloyd had to secure the bag💰.

    Eden claims to have gone to makeup school (despite the dreadful orange foundation and brown lipstick), acting School, (although the dreadful acting TikTok's don’t support this) and during all this time worked in a taxi firm which she loved or hated depending on the day and who has asked.

    Her breath stinks of pickled eggs and she has very poor hygiene.

    Eden has 3 million followers 2.95 million (which suspiciously hasn't grown since May 2022), despite continuous controversies and exploitation of vulnerable children, where she is called out and suspected of paying off anyone that criticises her. Her following has slowed down unlike many others who have swiftly overtaken her, by getting brand deals and leaving their Bedroom Empires.

    Eden also claimed she sold juice plus at the tender age of 15, which we know is a lie because you have to be over the age of 18. It didn’t stop her trying to lie about this until Tattle found her aptly named Facebook page ”Energise with Eden”. Which was created when she was actually 19-20 years old.

    Eden claimed to have a brand deal with red bull, and that they gifted her with red bull as she provides them with so much advertisement for free. Eden instead claims to have the shakes, anxiety and discourage young people from drinking red bull. As Tattlers we wanted to confirm this by emails with red bull who swiftly confirmed ‘they never have and have no plans to ever work with Eden’. Eden proceeded to have a rant about this on live to her followers.

    It came to light that a young girl suffering with mental health who was in crisis at the time was groomed out of a large sum of money. Eden hinted to this girl that she needed a PO Box because she apparently didn’t feel comfortable giving this girl her address. Which was a lie, this girl has Eden’s address and phone number. This girl and another girl gave her various sums of money which didn’t go on a P.O. Box and was actually spent on weekly shops for Eden, cigs and supporting Eden's lavish bedroom empire lifestyle. The girl's friends and family commented how weird it was for her to be sending someone she didn’t know money, so she put a stop to it and avoided Eden.

    Eden then tried throwing the girl under a bus by saying it wasn’t a large sum of money; £300 odd quid is quite a lot for most people. She was gaslighting said girl and asking people if they really thought she was a groomer. Yes, Eden yes, we do, if you take money off vulnerable people, pretend to be their friend and then gaslight them and throw them under a bus when you don’t get your own way then yes, it is grooming. She also stated it had taken a year for her to get back to her about said money, but honestly would you mention anything when suffering acute mental health, to someone with a huge following? Eden's video was swiftly deleted, and then various people have reposted it over the months.

    Eden also used said vulnerable girl to post on tattle for her to talk about how much of a wonderful person Eden is. This girl who was brainwashed at the time did so and was swiftly removed from tattle.

    Eden and Yaz regularly threaten to get ‘trolls’ and our IP addresses through their ✨mafia links✨ and Don Carla, but this again seems to be a pile of lies from the Green Giant.

    Notable People

    Lloyd - Where to start?!
    Lloyd came on the scene around December 2021. He was a ‘recruiter’ who owned his own business, and part-time DJ, who interviewed Eden on a red carpet. Link found here to interview. He claimed after meeting Eden, that he created a tiktok profile just to follow her and messaged her loads asking her out which she finally agreed to do and went to Winter Wonderland with him.

    Lloyd has been attempting to get famous and well known for a while as an influencer. Making a fool of himself on tv and being a rude, drunk as usual.

    Within 3 months of being with Eden, Lloyd had moved into her Bedroom in her parents' house, and quit his job to live off Eden and be her chef/slave/taxi driver. Lloyd has also admitted he doesn’t like Eden using sex toys and feels inferior to said toys, mainly because his pickle is the size of a pinky finger

    Known as the biggest ICK going, Lloyd claims to be a DJ, however only ever DJ’s in Edens house and on holiday in France to her 70+ dad who he then proceeded to swear at and talk to like a piece of dirt. Eden had to buy Lloyd some decks because he didn’t have any and so the DJ lifestyle seems unlikely.

    Our biggest find is that Lloyd, due to his lack of height, wears shoe boosters along with his 6 inch Balenciaga’s to make him taller😂.
    Eden also took a lovely montage video in Asda, where she cried, put her hands down Lloyds trousers and then Lloyd had to climb up shelves because he’s such a midget gem to reach the top.

    4 months into their amazing relationship that isn’t plastered all over tiktok for views, they decided enough was enough and they decided to get engaged. Of course, the green giant said yes, especially when you’ve got Argos finest shiner blinging on your finger and a man staring 3 ft off the ground in cargo pants and alfalfa slicked back hair, who could possibly resist. They’ve been gifted various items along the way from various people congratulating them on their amazing long-lived relationship of 4 months.

    Old Twitter accounts of Lloyds were discovered which had links to his family members. It appears Lloyd isn’t the working-class hard man he makes himself out to be as his family are actually very well off with businesses worth millions and homes in the UK and US. Has Eedy not met his family yet because he's embarrassed of the mucky Harvtrashians??

    Some of his favourite quotes include: yes yes people, big up, my geeeeeeeee and techy

    It's worth noting his use of steps so we can all see him on tiktok *so pure and magical*❤✨✨✨


    Rumour is he’ll take any Harvz sister if they can provide for him!


    And he makes questionable fashion choices

    Big Carla/ Don Carla - Eden’s alcoholic mother. Big Carla has mafia links with the ‘creative director’ of Tiktok who removes negativity about Eden, that we’re yet to see proof of. In her spare time, she drinks too much, sits on her arse in their squalor of a house and doesn’t do much else.

    Paul/Daddy - Edens 70+ year old dad. He is known to have had a previous marriage and kids but these never get mentioned. He does nothing around the house, apparently due to his age, but will regularly drink and drive, whilst out for lunches.

    Yaz - Eden’s gummy eldest sister. Yaz is Eden’s oldest sister who moved to Wales with her husband Lee and their son Wolf. Yaz got very defensive and claimed she was being copied by Kylie Jenner when she announced she would be calling her son Wolf. Yaz now has her own failing tiktok account and comments regularly on Edens with no responses given.
    An ex-drug addict although suspected, Friday night coke habit, Yaz mentions this in drips for engagement but never needed rehab because of her amazing family. Yaz claims a heartfelt letter from Eden was the only thing she needed to kick the habit. The parents paid for her drug debt supposedly and she avoided contact with her old cronies. Yaz is strangely sexual towards Lloyd and Eden, making sure they see her on the toilet with doors open and whining that she’s so far away from her family.

    Yaz secretly seems to fancy Lloyd encouraging him to say she is good looking and loving more about him than her own hubby.




    If anyone upsets Eden, Yaz will always come to her defense. Eden and Yaz used to regularly hump the same teddy bear, when Eden was 6 or 7 and Yaz was 13. No wonder Lee finds her attractive she almost resembles part coy carp when she pouts her luscious foundation lips at the camera.

    Lee - Yaz’s creepy 46 year old husband. Lee lives in Wales with Yaz and Wolf, he’s much older than Yaz and for some unknown reason he isn’t allowed to see his older daughter since being with Yaz. He has admitted to walking in on Eden being naked and making inappropriate jokes and blaming this on his military background. Now he is a tattoo artist, although will talk about giving piss filled drinks to friends as a joke and shitting in buckets in the shed rather than coming in the house.

    Freya - Eden’s slightly more bearable middle sister. Freya is the middle child and often left out in the family. She runs her own cleaning business despite her parents living in the biggest shithole ever. Freya has two kids Cali and Acer, with her ex Dane. Freya often seems the most down to earth however this is debated when she comes running to Edens defense.

    Amber - Tiktok’s most Obsessed fan. EdenxAmber is an 18 year old girl that Eden refuses to discourage from being obsessed with her. She likes her comments but keeps her at arms length by nothing more. Amber posts daily about being obsessed with Eden, that Eden saved her life and she can now eat because of Eden. She has even gone to lengths copying the way Eden opens red bull cans with her teeth, eye fucking herself in mirrors and just being a general idiot.

    Dan Spragg - During the first lockdown Eden and Dan Spragg were exchanging text messages and Dan was telling Eden how he was going to leave Chloe for her and how they had all these feelings for each other. They were sexting as well behind Chloe’s back. The funniest part is that Eden was supporting Chloe’s brand. The strawa uk one. Doing videos for her, telling people on her live about the company etc. whilst messaging her boyfriend behind her back. Then it came out, Chloe found out, she punched a wall and broke her hand, it all kicked off and Chloe and Dan are still together, they blocked all each other on socials and now fast forward a year or so, Yasmin is best friends with Chloe and Dan

    Dan and Eden then went on a holiday with Freya, Yaz, Lee, Chloe, Poppy, Jay, Connor and Charlotte and the kids, pretending that nothing happened, and they had moved on. However, they continue to disrespect Chloe by making sly tiktoks about the situation. Throughout the holiday she was photographed sitting next to Dan and not her sisters and staring at him.
    Once a cheat always a cheat Eedy?


    Eat with Eden :rolleyes:cha cha cha:rolleyes:
    Eden started her time on tiktok by marketing herself as a mental health advocate and one of the ways she did this was by starting a series called Eat with Eden. Eat with Eden was marketed towards a fan base of young people who struggle with eating disorders. Despite her target audience, Eden frequently said problematic and triggering things, often talking about how she'd eaten too much that day so was going to skip a meal.

    Eden also continues to appropriate sign language at the beginning of these videos despite not catering to a deaf audience in any other way. Eden very quickly dropped the series once she got bored and despite many fans saying, they missed it and relied on her to help them eat. Her response was that it's not her responsibility to make sure people eat. Every now and then when her engagement is low, Eden will bring back the series to boost it.

    The Molly-Mae Incident
    During a live stream Eden discussed an evening when she went to an event held by Molly-Mae, She discussed how she made friends with a random drunk lady who then introduced her to Molly, and that Eden would never be fan girling. Eden claims Molly was rude and and asked if she wanted a photo, to which Eden then called her a ‘cunt’ on the live.
    This led to Eden being called out repeatedly for her behaviour, so she had to take a social media break. This break lasted 5 days in which Lloyd posted sneak peaks of Eden happy and shopping, and actually was a build up to the failed cook book being released.

    Wedding Invites 💚🤍
    Since thread one, tattlers have DREAMED of the day that Eagle attends her first wedding with her boyfriend/fiance. Tattlers care about this kind of stuff, ya know? This is what trolls do, I’m sorry! I apologise, but I’m just shamelessly a troll! 😘💃

    Anyway, enough of the Don Carla quotes. In case Eden’s weird little stans needed some tips, here’s how to make someone else’s wedding day allllllll about you:

    1. Post a pointless montage of you and your mother talking about attending the wedding of a person she has never met
    2. Wear all black. You’ll stand out!
    3. Get your man in a polo shirt from baby GAP. Very smart! Both your outfits will get people talking!
    4. Disappear from the wedding for an hour because of your anxiety. Attention will be firmly on you!
    5. Get DJ PartTime on the decks. Loiter behind him like a big Rottweiler. All eyes on you

    Eden made sure when doing this to try on a white tracksuit that she was going to wear to the wedding and didn’t understand why this might upset the bride.

    Charity Lives
    Quick recap. Last night during a charity live for Children in Need organised by Connect Management Eden used the opportunity to answer who her least favourite Tik Tokker was and answered Shan Wills and preceeded to laugh and make comments about her whilst others in the live laughed and cheered agreeing with her.

    In the same live she accused Sofia of not supporting her and making her feel bad about being successful. She also bragged about making money from eating a hot dog with a best friend-I should add the hot dog was euphemism. Again in the same live she also took another swipe at Molly Mae saying she's the rudest Influencer she's met.

    She was also called out for making light of domestic violence but it's okay because she had a word with the woman who posted it and she understood it's just Eden's dark humour. Que Eden's minions defending her and saying she doesn't have a bad bone in her body and Eden turning off comments.

    Eden then turned the idea of DV back around to her Victim complex talking about SA at her workplace, something she repeatedly changes the story of and makes no sense of.


    Eden claims to have emetophobia, however this seems to change to fit every lie she tells. She can scoff dripping chicken legends straight from Mcd’s with no problem and gobble down on shop bought prawns and takeaways whilst still claiming that Indian food is her real concern.

    Eden was kind enough to tell followers who have emetophobia to just not worry about it and they'll be magically cured of their illness!

    Although fear of sick, Eden still can put a dog's tail in her mouth and eat like an absolute pig.



    She also laughs and thinks it’s funny when Lloyd is constantly retching… something someone with Emet could not deal with.

    Mental Health Advocate?
    The UK’s most prominent mental health advocate/not a mental health advocate/never claimed to be a mental health advocate/mental health advocate when it suits her, did an interview with Dr Alex George, an actual mental health advocate. She then swiftly made a joke about dementia. When will she learn?!

    As usual Eedy responded by claiming she’s the victim and tiktok is so *TOXIC*

    Covid Rule Breaker
    Eden and Lloyd recently got covid, Eden didn’t want to let everyone down and thought she could be pregnant but wasn’t and went out with Covid. She then managed to spread it to everyone in the family but allowed her parents to go away and then develop it but claim her dad is vulnerable and couldn’t forgive herself. She then decided to be ‘naughty’ going to KFC, Supermarket and nails whilst both her and Lloyd having Covid.

    The first separate holiday?💔💔
    Big bird attended a holiday with some other clout chasers and brought her chauffeur, Freya, along for the ride. Most notably in attendance was Dan Spragg who Eden famously sexted, whilst his girlfriend Chloe was heavily pregnant. Luckily, Eden and Dan managed to make light of the traumatic situation and decided to be adults and put it allllll in the past. That’s great news and we’re all so pleased they’re both mature enough to move past something so distressing and damaging to Chloe’s relationship, mental well-being and self-esteem ♥
    Eagle had a great time putting menstrual cups in Dan’s shopping basket, sitting next to Dan at every opportunity and spending the rest of her holiday staring at her phone before upping sticks getting Freya to drive her home a day early! The last day of the holiday was the most enjoyable by the rest of the group, as after the dark cloud fucked off, the sun finally came out ☀

    Meanwhile, wee man was in Dam off his flabby tits, and may or may not have given his number to some random woman. And if he did, nothing says guilt like deleting Instagram comments and more importantly, nothing says sorry better than a bunch of supermarket flowers, right? Right????

    Yes Yes People Cookbook -
    Following being called out rightly for calling Molly-Mae a cunt, Eden went on a social media break where she posted her typical feel sorry for me crying videos and montages with quotes to get the Barmy Army to feel sorry for her.
    The break lasted 5 days, luckily for us Lloyd have sneak peaks to let us know Eden was fine and just building up to their newest bedroom business venture ⭐

    Luckily it was just a cookbook they were bringing out with such amazing pictures included.
    Unfortunately the book took weeks and weeks on end to prepare, and a shocking £22 to buy which was a bit costly for us tattlers. Luckily some of the Barmy Army decided to purchase and share the amazing quality pictures and instructions. *Chef’s kiss*

    Eden and Lloyd claimed to have been approached by HP because Lloyd is again *Chefs kiss* and so they wanted to produce it for them. Luckily an eagle eyes tattler noticed this was powered by HP custom content and so the pair forked out to produce the book themselves and continue to lie about it.

    Responses to fans
    Luckily all Needy Eedy does is slip up with her responses to fans and her mask slipping and true colours showing! She's a self professed "pure heart" and the kindest person you will ever meet but readily calls followers cunts and tells them to fuck off when something displeases her.

    The Horse Saga
    After a short trip where Lloydy scraped together all of his pocket money to take Eedy away, they stopped off and found some pure amazing and magical ✨✨✨ horses 🐎.

    This inspired Edens made up childhood dream of having more horses. She claimed when she was younger (Whilst living sooo poor, that they could go around the USA for 6 weeks choosing whether to also go to NYC), she had horses but they were stolen. This later transpired to be a lie and she would just ride someone else’s horses.

    Eden became obsessed with this one horse, and although can’t drive 2.5 hours to Yaz she will drive 2 hours for a horse she met for 10 minutes one day! It was ooo meant to be, ❤🐎 at first sight

    Although horse experts, Eden would run away from the horses when they moved to her and Lloyd just kept getting bitten. Poor little lad
    But they kept pushing the narrative they should get one and we’re such Horse people.




    Eden then stressed about being an expert rider, when she was 11😂.

    She then was given much advice by the Equestrian community and felt so belittled’ this may have been because you splash money around Big Bird and pretend you know soooo much!


    She then made a video which was promptly deleted slagging off the community because they rightly told her NOT to get a horse.

    Eden then realised after a stern talking to from a horse person that she couldn’t have a horse, this prompted a crying, please feel sorry for me video. 😭

    Luckily to cheer herself up she hit the biggest chance in her career so far! Free face filler that she didn’t need and was being used to get addicted to and continue payments.


    Luckily, she had sexy midget man to keep her happy 😷



    She promoted the clinic, despite many complaints about it and it making her look no different. But obviously it enhances her beauty ( which is non existent)



    Since Eedys slipped up making comment after comment she is now monitored by family and Lloyd constantly.

    A New Chapter 🔑 🏡 🐶
    The Green Giant and Little Lad took a trip to Switzerland to look after ‘’Lloyds friends’’ dog (swiftly found out to have applied to pay through dog sitting websites to do this). This white chihuahua was posted all over Edens tiktok without the consent of the owners and she acted like it was hers becoming obsessed and saying she wished she could take her home, despite Eden having her own dogs already.




    However, Eden and Lloyd were on tiktok live and it showed them abusing and Eden encouraging and laughing at Lloyd bullying and upsetting the dog. She became very aggressive claiming this wasn’t the case…


    Following this amazing holiday living alone without her Parents Eden and Lloyd decided it would be magical ✨ to rent somewhere. Something that Eden has always slated. saying it is throwing money down the drain and a waste.

    Big Bird admitted she won’t buy unless her and her ‘devoted’ fiancé of 5 months break up. So much faith it’s amazing ✨✨✨
    So Eden and Lloyd are now renting an amazing Shed, with one bedroom and backing onto some random field for £1600 a month. They then went on to buy a chihuahua dog, that Eden leaked the name ‘Luna’ and so swiftly changed it to Chai Earl Grey Tea.

    Earl Grey is an amazing dog that was illegally bought not having been microchipped as the law requires because ‘the breeder got the date wrong’. Has been taken out repeatedly in 40 degree 😡🤬 heat, not caring about being in the car, if it broke down and wrapping her in warm blankets. She has had a few accidents which Eden is now claiming she’s had none and is being crate trained (whilst Eden puts it in the bedroom and sleeps by) which defeats the point.

    She has said Earl was £1800 but because she’s not pure she beat the breeder down to £1400 and is paying on finance (monthly) despite claiming this is not the case. (Why mention it then Eedy).

    This along with 6 months of rent at £1600 has left Eedy and midget man a bit tight on cash. Little man may have to do a runner if Eedy can’t support his raving and drug habits now he doesn’t work.

    Now that Needy Eedy and Midget Man have their Midget Dog they have decided that the only way forward is to take her EVERYWHERE with them.

    The week this couple of idiots bought the pup, was the hottest on record in the UK, Eden took her out in the car in 40+ degrees and no seatbelt again, something illegal despite everything Vet Eden knows. She thought it’d be funny joking about the dog dying and lying about it being ‘chilly’ when everyone could see another lie.



    Luckily most followers have realised that the miniature dog was for the miniature man in Eedys life ❤


    Eden carries the poor wee thing in a hold-all bag, with some holes and proceeded on Day 2 of having the dog, to take her to Waitrose - a store not allowing dogs in. She was called out by someone who uses an assistant dog, and promptly deleted the comments and then complained on live suggesting it meant she can’t take a dog anywhere without complaints, missing the whole point of the follower.


    Luckily Waitrose agreed this was stupid.

    Eden then went on complaining that Dogs can be taken ANYWHERE near her house like Bluewater and the RVP, after some tattle investigation this is not the case. More Lies Eden cmon love give up 🤣🥊


    Eden continued her ableist ranting on live regarding the blind commenter who had made some very valid and important comments about how other non-service dogs being in shops can be harmful for service dogs and their users. Edens response was that service dogs should be banned from shops. She was quickly shut up by Freya as she can't be trusted to behave herself and needs supervision.

    Eden still insists on taking little Teabag into shops and restaurants despite this being against their rules.

    Little Lloyd has always been painted out to be a hard nut from Manchester by Needy Eedy and Gummy Yaz… However eagle eyes tattlers have discovered the truth
    Lloyd is actually from a very well-off family as shown from his tweets to his mum.

    Lloyd attended a private school in Macclesfield and from his mums twitter she is extremely well off and likelihood that Lloyd has a bad relationship as he claims is to avoid introducing her to scummy greedy and dirty Eden and her gammy family

    On these platforms Lloyd jokes about chloroforming women to have sex with them despite Edens previous claims of SA

    Since tattle has discovered these Lloyd and Eedy who never read here (Yeah right) have privates some of his Facebook and twitter accounts.

    Switzerland Addiction drama

    Whilst out in Austria Eden joked about addicts all around Tunbridge Wells and calling them crack heads and mimicking them causing much offence.

    Considering her own sister, Yas had an addiction, she loves to throw her under then bus and be insensitive about it.

    Someone called her out so she proceeded to call a child a cunt. This led to Eden being banned and she attempted to make it on Youtube. She also turned back to using her mental health as a victim complex however fans were not falling for it this time

    Eden is Verity
    Never one to disappoint, Eden is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to controversial statements. In this episode, Eden told her followers how much she related to the character of Verity in the Colleen Hoover book Verity. For those that haven't read it is a book where the main character (Verity) hates her children and is jealous that her husband loves them so much. She hates the children so much she actively tries to murder them throughout the book.

    Eden the Bully
    Before Eden become the internet sensation she is today, she worked for a taxi firm. Part of her job at the taxi firm was to escort a child to school and back. She posted videos of her bullying this child to her tiktok where you can clearly see her goading this child into shouting at her for other peoples entertainment.

    Eden also showed her racist streak with some impressions of a colleague at the Taxi office and the ladies from her nail salon.

    She loves to scream at her little dog and baby nephew to SHUT UP

    She inappropriately makes jokes about missing children

    She full names a boy she went to school with and insults him on a live

    She jokes about how she drugged an ex boyfriend

    More of Eden proving she's a snob and a bully

    Eden Harvey - Woman of Christ
    Eden was invited to the premier of Prey for the Devil. She attended the event but obviously couldn't be arsed to stay and actually watch the film. She just wanted some pictures of her and little lad on a red carpet. Her excuse for leaving? The film was being screened in an old church and as such a devout Christian, she thought it was disrespectful. She then went on to double down on the lie and proclaimed she has been a Christian since birth, some Tattlers speculated on whether she left the womb clutching a cross. It didn't stop her going to see the film about the devil in the cinema a few days later though.


    Masterclass Disaster
    Eden held a masterclass for her millions of adoring fans so that she could show them a powerpoint she had made on how to do outdated tiktok transitions. When a grand total of three people turned up for the valuable once in a life time, life changing tutorial she panicked and posted to tiktok that a big nasty mystery troll had block booked hundreds of tickets so that no one would show up. She has given no further information on who this mysterious meg troll is as she says she doesn't want them to get trolled :rolleyes: (Thread #40 is where it all kicked off)

    She was feeling rather pissy after realising nobody turned up to her event because she's a horrible person that no-one with any sense likes so she decided to go on a massive rant at children. Considering children make up the majority of her following, her behaviour is unacceptable.

    Ebenharvz cosmetics
    We all knew cash was tight since moving into the shed and funding Little Legs Red Wine and ridiculous clothing addictions so The Gobby Green Giant 🟩 decided to bring out her own line of lashes
    These are top of the line Ali express lashes that she claimed were cruelty free, however has since admitted one set is vegan and another set is not… explaining that they are clearly not cruelty free as she first claimed.
    These lashes look SO professional, ripping off the Lush brand and saying Eben instead.
    Many eagle eyed tattlers pointed out her ridiculous release at midnight on a random week night evening, and Eben couldn’t explain this very well other than the fact she is a lazy twat that can’t work in normal hours or get out of bed at a usual time to do anything.
    Little Lloydy thinks she should be selling these vegan lashes for £16.99 but Eben being the Christian she is, is only selling them for £10.99. What an angel 😇
    These lashes are ugly huge lashes like spiders on her eyelids, but Eben thinks their amazing. And Yazzy despite admitting she had not used them, claimed they were her favourite. But that’s not a shock that Gummy Yaz will lie again for her sister. We have got to remember she is ✨only 24✨.




    As Tattlers we have also come across a number of behind the scenes photos of Eden and Lloyd. *chefs kiss* *so pure and loving*













    Nana lloyd.jpg