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  • Amber Wright Saga
    "Personally I think she's stunning, these type of comments seem to come from pure jealousy. I'd love to see your face compared to hers" - Amberxwright
    The ultimate scandal.
    Amber Wright aka Demi Donnelly, was an account made by our very own Demi in 2019. She commented on her own thread and praised herself to the high heavens, but that's not all! She also commented on other influencers threads, insulting them and 'tattling' about them. Amber's true identity was later revealed when she posted a screenshot of a tweet to show that Demi reads Tattle... Except she forgot to cut the dreaded 'view tweet activity' which is only shown on Twitter by the author of the said tweet, therefore revealing Amber's true identity as Demi herself. Here are some examples of what Amber aka Demi wrote;


    Demi proceeded to blame her brother for making and writing these comments on Tattle. However, this would have implied her brother is incestous as there was a comment made about her boobs. Poor Brad.

    Whenever Demi is confronted about the scandal, Demi denies any involvement or refuses to even acknowledge what went on.


    This is the second biggest scandal of the 21st Century, after 'its Rebekah Vardy of course.

    (coming soon, AKA the biggest and best moment of January 2021 for tattlers)

    Body Positivity & Photoshop
    - Her Mouth

    A long running subject on Demi's threads, and often a legitimate questions; 'what is up with her mouth?'.
    - Personal Hygiene
    In a video on March 3rd, Demi admitted that she doesn't wipe her nether region. As she stated "I dont tend to wipe down there, I let it do it itself, I only really wash when I go in the bath". On 20th August, she posted this picture on instagram:


    The image has since been removed off instagram, but still exists in the back of our minds, which is traumatising.

    She also often sells items of clothing with stains on them, and can be seen out and about with stains down her top.

    - Fashun
    Demi has an interesting style, and is frequently selling her unwanted items on depop. Here are some classic items she has sold, and people have willingly bought:



    Total fashion icon Demi:

    The £1 green blanket aka boob tube (coming soon hunny buns xoxo)
    Demi's Dictionary
    Demi's favourite subject at school as we have recently learnt was English, however this is questionable judging by her inability to pronounce words. Below are a list of words (with the real word next to it, for new tattlers who may struggle to understand her broad vocabulary) which she has evidently pronounced wrong:
    Pompous grass - Pampas grass
    Intimate fasting - intermittent fasting
    Pina colata - Pina Colada
    London - London (haha)
    Thriving - aka her new word obsession
    Limoni - Kimono
    Siri lanka - Sri Lanka
    Weasel - Easel
    Christine lous vuitton - Christian Louboutin
    Antenna - Antler
    Kasebo - Gazebo
    Bergola - Pergola
    Bohemiam - Bohemian
    None-of-the-less - Nonetheless
    Monette - Monet
    Mirrow - Mirror

    - Pouch Vidyo
    (Coming soon, hunnybuns)

    Accidentally Veganism
    Has a thing for baby food. Has been spotted and has admitted herself in a video she loves the taste of the fruit sachets specifically made for babies:

    Her Children
    Demi is a devoted and loving parent to two lovely babies, Henry and Luna… the downside is her children are not real children, but two whippet 'pups'. Demi frequently treats her fur babies as if she pushed them out of her nice shap fanny herself, and uses the pups as a way to trap Sean. Sean wanted children, Demi didn’t so they compromised and Demi birthed fur babies instead.

    Demi, the loving parent she is, regularly sends her fur babies off to school. Although she is home all day, the dogs are regularly sent to school so they can socialise with others. When asked why she sends her fur babies to school, her response was; anyone who cannot stay home and look after their dogs shouldn’t have one.

    A classic moment of Demi showcasing her love was when her baby Luna needed an operation…. And Demi shared the night in bed with her. Yes Big D slept in the dog bed with Luna. She also took weeks off of work to help her fur baby cover from the traumatising ordeal. Such a caring parent.

    Demi is engaged to Sean. They have been together for a long time, and on this thread Sean is referred to through his many nicknames: Aye, Big Aye, Nan, Nanna Aye, Clare Balding...

    After speculations that they were on the rocks, Demi was quick to profess her love for her beau, even if Sean often looks like he's being held captive. Every couple of weeks/months, Demi tells us that they've started planning their wedding. She never shows any proof of that though, and Tattlers are convinced she's only saying this keep face.


    New Look Opening
    On April 12th when lockdown restrictions in England were eased, Demi was invited to open her local new look store. Very Exciting. However, no one turned up. The only people at the store opening where Demi, her nan and the shop workers itself. New Look gifted Demi a pair of jeans which may (or may not) have subsequently been sold on Depop a few weeks (or days) later. It was painfully awkward, and our stunning Amber couldn't be out of there fast enough.