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  • Asher Mary-Lou
    -Lives with her brother in their uncles house but claims she owns it

    - 28 but acts like a 17yr old horny dog

    - desperate to be a wife, literally to anyone. Determined to be wifed up by Feb 2023 out fellas. The latest one being "Charley" AKA Char 🤢

    - has a dog...poor Bumper. Palms him off at any given opportunity whilst she goes and "influences"

    - claims she's a strong black African mixed race woman..yet us tattlers know the truth thanks to realtan for posting and tagging her IG with the 👃 spray she uses 🙄 tut tut ....not to mention the white pictures of her from her younger days and the sunbeds she cains🤦🏽‍♀️

    - got sacked.....oops I mean quit 🤭🤭 her part part time job as a receptionist (lucky them!!) Claims her influencer lifestyle is just too busy for her 😆 yeah okay Asher..

    - has a shit orange BMW on finance

    - has shit brand deals, one of which being with hair they not know she doesn't wash her hair 🤢

    - has a body full of shitty quote tattoos that look like a child has drawn them 🤦🏽‍♀️

    - has a serious eating disorder, calorie counts everything she puts into her mouth and feels the need to document this daily. Regardless of how it may be a trigger for some of her followers.

    - never declares ads hence regular complaints to ASA 🙄

    - bangs on about being natural and looking after her skin despite the fact she's had a nose job, botox, fillers (lips, jaw, chin) nothing quite natural about that!!!

    - sells the gifted outfits she receives for an extortionate amount

    - finally met her (third) soul mate by the name of Charrrr 🤢 can't stop videoing him and stroking him (despite him not once looking up from his phone)

    - Regular visitor to her Tattle page, keep the Q&As coming daaaarling 👌🏽

    asher mediocre lou
    asher musty lou
    asher moron lou
    asher murky lou
    Beggy mitchell

    - Annoying Phrases
    - ✨️ Stunning Scenes ✨️
    - bruv
    - immaculate vibes
    - darlings 🤢
    - Earth angels

    Ashers daily routine
    -eye fucking the camera 2,445,577 times a day
    - random pic of bumper when she can be bothered to see him....
    - stalks lauren .... (and Lauren's friends)
    - goes out for food
    - tequila
    - occasional shitty ad that’s not noted as an ad
    - drives all the way to Manchester to take a shitty picture of her eye fucking herself
    - checks tattle to see whats being said about her
    - films her and her (third) soulmate, doing absolutely fuck all ..🥱🥱🥱 bore off

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