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WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons. The term may also be used in the singular form, WAG, to refer to a specific female partner or life partner who is in a relationship with a sportsperson. The term and its use has been described as demeaning to women and sexist.
The term was first used by the British tabloid press to refer to the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers, originally the England national football team. It came into common use during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, although the term had been used occasionally before that. The acronym has since been used by the media in other countries to describe the female partners of sportspeople in general.

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  1. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #221 And after the sh*t show that was Hungary, we all need a SPA weekend

    In summary and --- Also Carlos Sainz STILL has not signed for a team for anyone who only looks at the first page
  2. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #62 It’s coming… it’s coming…!

    Thread title by @Shhhh111 well done babe ❤ most liked post was this one by @dreamteam1 for this one https://tattle.life/threads/footballers-wags-61-hey-jude-dont-make-it-bad-take-a-bad-game-and-make-it-better.45864/post-19905859 COME ON ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  3. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #61 Hey Jude, don't make it bad take a bad game and make it better

    Amazing title by @coconochanel we are through gang! Jude and Harry came good but we were close to crashing out. Next stop 🇨🇭 Charlotte trippier has been posting cryptic tweets. The wags are surrounding Annie with ❤️. Most liked post by @AdsB for this one...
  4. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #219 Is it P45 for Carlos?

    In the middle of the Triple Header, in Austria, Wagless, with Silverstone next week and 3 threads later Carlos Sainz STILL has not signed for a team
  5. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #218. Will Spain end the pain of Carlos' waiting game?

    Apparently Will Buxton swears he's announcing this weekend still but we gotta wait on Becky for that to happen Also Magui and Luisa both in the paddock and Lando's already got marks on his neck or Mags is actually in Porto, so maybe luisa can fully bask in the moment Vamos Barcalona
  6. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #60 No Euro jack Grealish is like fish without chips

    Thread title from me taken from @rasperryripple’s post about a petition to reinstate Jack Grealish. it is all about the euros ronnie Foden saw a psychic. we wondered how Denise Bellingham hasn’t played a CI. Lozza Goodman is going to rock up to the euros. well done and god bless u YeahBrackie ❤...
  7. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #217 As F1 heads to Europe soon, is Carlos heading to the unemployment line?

    Thanks @Louanne for the title ;) --- We are still in Canada and... Becky, the private and discreet Becky who doesn't care about attention at all, gets a full ass paddock walk together with a picture posted on the Ferrari IG. Another private one, Alexandra, get a Happy birthday post to "the...
  8. Red hair dont care

    Footballers & Wags #59 End of season, oh that's n problem lets all have a Managerial Merry-go-round inste

    New thread, sorry not the greatest at this, but plenty went on, City won the title but lost to their noisy neighbours United in FA Cup. Liverpool said goodbye to their Jurgen and fairly quickly hello to new manager Mr Slot. Villa got in the Champions League. Most on this tattle thread was in...
  9. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #215 Senna Scooter Expo in Monaco

    Its time for Monaco and one man to live his scooter dreams through his son --- Reposting because this was last thing on other threads and relevant from @SophiaL123 Okay I have to read back the last 7 pages but I wanna share :p I’m in Monaco and a couple things about today: - Flavy looks so...
  10. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #214 Return to Imola

    After an unfortunate flood last year and the loss of Formulino the cat, we are now returning to Imola to get in some European racing Another poll, lets see how this week goes
  11. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #58 Mbappe leaves PSG. Water is also wet

    Thread title chosen by @Shhhh111 great title ❤️ nominated by @wordzalad and @Hannahebee most liked post was this one by @YeahBrackie https://tattle.life/threads/footballers-wags-57-bring-back-fa-cup-replays.44977/post-19108272 we are almost at the end of the season. on we go
  12. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #213 Lando makes moves in Miami, but will Max be making moves to Mercedes?

    also Maggie's in town hintin hard with the hamsters what will this off week bring us? and where will carlos go (vote above, its anonymous)
  13. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #212 When Wags Merge in Miami

    Quick thread made It's Miami and they are every where!
  14. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags # 211 Daniel's Disney Princess Debut

    A big congrats to Heidi on her web series I was impressed with both her acting given the shitty script and her appearance. Heidi stop hiding! You did well! Now is there trouble in paradise?
  15. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #57 Bring back FA Cup Replays

    Well done @Hannahebee our resident statto your title won and the fa should bring them back. ❤️ we said goodbye to Joe kinnear rip. we discussed Annie and kyle’s new baby. Fern Maguire is going to be a florist regardless of who we support we all dislike Antony (yes even us man united fans)...
  16. kubnikol

    F1 Wags #209 "Carlos loses his appendix, Logan loses his car, Max loses his cool ... 🔥"

    Spicy race in Australia . Appendix created chaos once again . Let’s see if this will give Carlos a seat😅 Cheers 🥂 Good morning to everyone who slept and didnt watch the race live 😅
  17. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #208 Carlos' Appendix is gone. Now someone needs to go to.

    Just on time for the race! Here we go!
  18. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #207 He'd rather have a bowl of [his PA's] Coco Pops

    Just went with the last one so I wouldn't forget to include the poll
  19. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #206 DTS Down To Start 2024

    With the end of testing it means only one thing It's Time to Race! Technically it IS race week since the race is on Saturday. Actual DTS premiered Friday and we are all catching up Anyway testing Max has everything he wants.in the car, so he decided to let checo get more practice/tome to prove...
  20. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #205 "Carbon Copies" 🖤

    4 cars left . Let’s see if they are black too 😅 2 weeks until testing ! Happy new thread 🖤
  21. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #204 HamiltIFOSI

    Don't think i have to write something because everyone is glued to the internet but in case you were “dead” in last 12 hours Lewis to Ferrari in 2025 . Announcement around 7 pm British time . Happy new thread ❤️
  22. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #203 Papacito

    No real updates other than Magui shows up to Finland to break up the Norrix love fest We were blessed with a Kika and Pierre Break Flavy the latest eidols clone posting Carmen talking harvard classes online (that she paid for) Kelly representing mob boss wife fashion in switzerland Lewis in...