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WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons. The term may also be used in the singular form, WAG, to refer to a specific female partner or life partner who is in a relationship with a sportsperson. The term and its use has been described as demeaning to women and sexist.
The term was first used by the British tabloid press to refer to the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers, originally the England national football team. It came into common use during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, although the term had been used occasionally before that. The acronym has since been used by the media in other countries to describe the female partners of sportspeople in general.

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  1. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #200 We are on a (winter) break!

    The season is over - what now? Breaking up already started, but so far it's coaches "only". Oh yeah and Estie went IG official.
  2. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #199 Down to F in Dubai..

    Last Race of the Season on the heals of Vegas last week Most of the Wags were out at the Vegas GP last weekend, other than Kelly, Lily Z, and Heidi. But it didnt stop the gossip accounts from assuming that means they must have broken up Flavy revealed her "Ocon" friendship bracelet in a post (i...
  3. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #198 Las Vegas GP - The Greatest Show on Earth?

    Here we go in Vegas. Who will get drunk and lost? Who will lose some money? Who will get married? Wags are already shaking. But first - golfing time today. Lando vs. Carlos - Alex vs. Pierre. Who will win this one? Does anyone ever care about racing there? Thank @Louanne for the thread name. 😘
  4. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #197 Slag Paulo at Sunset

    Last race of a triple header and ay yay yay how much has happened since The Slag Shack is in effect for the 3rd (or maybe 4th) year running with Carlando golfing and protecting love with eyes closed We have reports of Lance being just as miserable around fans as he looks in real life Daniel...
  5. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #196 El Gran Premio de México! Quién es el padre del bastardo?

    Mexican Grand Prix!!!!!! while Carlos and Lando try to slip away for their 12 holes at sunset Rumors swirled of an under 30 driver being a baby daddy and ending a long term relationship which was amazing because the racing was getting contentious Lewis and Charles commiserate with getting...
  6. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #195 USA Part II/III

    Max won, Kelly appeared out of thin air while Geri opted to do daytime US TV promotions Checo may be out of a seat according to Marko whispers/unhinged media interviews Daniel has returned, but will Heidi too? (spoiler shes in NYC so probably) Yuki has been in a relationship with Jana at AT for...
  7. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #194 Qatar AKA Max's 3peat Party

    Max will be world champ, again, at 27. Now looking forward to them all just unwinding for the rest of the season Otherwise... Daniel signed to AT for 2024-25. And Liam? See below Heidi's original AT wag debut delayed while Daniel recovers his wrist but we git Hannah l, Liams LA wag with new...
  8. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #193 Suzuka

    Staring a new thread after FP 1 before you Europeans wake up to say Rebecca AND Alex both in the Ferrari garage today And Rebecca was on the international footage Otherwise Oscar through 2026 Yuki announced with Daniel Liam without a seat so far Logans seat the last one without a confirmation
  9. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #192 Official Carlando Podium Celebration!!!

    Lets goooo Vamosssss!
  10. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #191

    We are back from a week off to start the late non-Euro part of the season with Singapore Wag updates, I forget if we've put updates lance and mick have officially launched their blondes but logan's 2 Florida blondes are still on the sidelines of the paddock rebecca and carlos have not been...
  11. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #190 Nico Rosberg is a Ferrari Fan

    Monza's starting soon, so heres a new thread so we can not freak out Will max get #10 Is Nico Rosberg some kind of curse accelerator? Can Ferrari not fuck up? Lets go Motor Racing! also you can totally tell Red Bull wouldnt let him near the front so he worked hart to creep this one in
  12. monza

    Formula 1 Wags #189 ATTENZIONE Monza Rawe Ceek ATTENZIONE Gran Premio d'Italia

    Care sorelle, è il perioduo più meraviglioso dell'anno 😍💫🏁 Waiting for your favourite Monza stuff from past seasons 🥰 Aaaand thread summary 🙈
  13. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #188 and 50 shades of Orange

    And we are back this weekend after long summer break . Place where everything is orange. You can guess what Max will wear this weekend . I bet lot of you will say this 😅 Happy new thread 🧡
  14. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #187 Summer Lovin' happened so fast....

    Summer has not disappointed off track Carlos and Rebecca paid pap launch has faded to silence a week later. Will they pop back up this week? meanwhile Isa throwing some shade on TikTok and owning Mallorca with her friends Meanwhile Charles and Alex's pap shots and mild pornic tease were a...
  15. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags # 186 Flavio's Slag and Wag Summer Break Special

    We are 1 week into Summer Break with 2 weeks left before the Dutch GP in August And somehow Flavio's new (legal) business ventures have brought in Fernando and Melissa officially in public together in Monte Carlo Carlos and Rebecca making appearances in his Puerto Cervo pizza joint/club where ex...
  16. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #185 Spa Sprint into Summer Break

    We are in the middle of Spa Sprint Saturday, the last race before summer break Alpine in Chaos Daniel back in the car and holding his own Piastri rocketing into champion mode Carlos still somehow racing with rebecca conveniently booking shoots on all race weekends Max won another confetti cap...
  17. ImaLady

    Formula 1 Wags #184 ..off to the homeland of 1.5 drivers

    let's go to Spa then
  18. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #183 He never left.....

    no he really never left... he's been at like half the races already but in case you missed it. Danny Ric is back and either gonna go down hard or pull off a miracle Yuki and port cop gonna hope that doesnt happen Its race week in Hungary and Max is about to wrap up his title Mclaren stands a...
  19. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #182 Alpha Ricciardo and Duki

    Silly Season has started earlier than anyone expected. And Daniels commentary with Wil Arnet is thankfully over. The past few days were like: but ya know when this is what you got in your nightmares at night Anyway, will leave the rest of the space for the Ricciardo fans who have...
  20. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #181 Silverstone Safety Car

  21. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #180 Silverstone Slagy Slag

    No doubt there will be drama And there will be wags Will Rebecca show up after her Hamptons booking? Micks latest follow puts Carlos's new 'thing' to shame. Lando/Lewis.... someone's been in a secret relationship? Carmen's breaking promises amd missing deadlines but she still let's us know...
  22. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #179 Auf to Austria

    Not even half way through the season (with one race binned) and the championship is decided But off track its anyone's guess who is actually with who Carlos has been spotted with Rebecca in Italy since Monaco Estie linked to a few and lando's mid summer spanish slag shack was robbed, so who...
  23. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #178 On to Canada - Montre-aallllllll the Slaggin'!

    Bienvenue au Circuit Villeneuve! The slags are free. Officially we have a single Carlos Estie Nyck Yuki Lance Logan Zhou and Lando with highly doubtful attendance of any Wags for this one and done random race in Montreal before we are back to Europe. Also this Photo will now live here at...
  24. GoldenBoots

    Footballers & Wags #47

    NEW THREAD! Man City won 3 things and I haven't been paying attention so if some kind person could do a TLDR?
  25. J

    IRE Rugby WAGS wives and girlfriends of Irish Rugby Players

    A thread to discuss the wives and girlfriends of the Irish rugby players. If someone wants to give a run down of said wives and girlfriends be my guest 😆