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  1. Burnitdown7

    Tracy DiMarco #128 And her Photoshop King

    Well here we go again, Tracy’s in 👏🏻🌈LOVE 🌈👏🏻…. She’s in so much love she’s doing with her own children that she and Corey used to do with his niece…. PLAYING HOUSE…. Apparently the children just love him oh so much. 🥴 Corey, is down in Florida doing his yearly Passover Catering business thang…...
  2. Burnitdown7

    Tracy DiMarco #127 New man apparently got her making plans

    Welcome back as the saga continues; or should I say Shit Show? Tracy has a new man, but has gone from “talking” to “making plans” (whatever that means). It hasn’t been fully confirmed but it seems Tony Tights got a seat at the Easter Brunch at the “Country Club”. Tony Tights will be making an...
  3. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #126 Still daddy’s disappointment, new man – hard 3

    Hi Ladies – I know these recaps sound like a broken record anymore. Tracy being a shitty person and a shittier mom. Tracy putting on a show because she has a new man so she has to pretend she cares about her offspring, blah blah blah. I’d love to know how Tracy met a man who lives almost two...
  4. S

    Tracy DiMarco #125 - 25 Vlogs in 24 Hours but never has enough time for herself

    So Tik Tok has been started again. She is just can't help that the little people want to see her every minute of the day. I am not good at recaps to please fill in!
  5. phoneymaloney

    Tracy DiMarco #124 Dollar Store Stockings and Table Cloths A Wannabe Snooki Story

    Link to previous thread Merry Christmas tattlers!
  6. phoneymaloney

    Tracy DiMarco #123 The Temu/Princess Armor Sophia Loren

    Here is the link to the previous thread Someone please feel free to recap :)
  7. M

    Tracy Dimarco #122 Miss I won't miss a game the shapeshifter but is always too drunk to be present.

    Our Mammoth has been too predictable that it's now a revolving door of the usual craziness with her. Get drunk Post soft porn Encourage pedalo conversations for likes Wear gym clothes to everywhere but the gym. Trainer to busy with more important things than to be bothered with miss I will still...
  8. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #121 SpongeTray, the section 8 linebacker with the square ass

    Here we are again. Another Tracy thread, another day Jayden goes ignored. Previous thread: Feel free to add a recap, I’m watching football and can’t concentrate here lol
  9. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #120 oh..oh..oh..oh Trashbag🎶 (to the Ozempic song)

    It’s that time again! Tracy’s face just screams sex, and we are just screaming it’s time for another thread. Please add to any summaries you have Link to previous thread
  10. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #119 my implants just fit in their pockets, it’s normal

    Thanks to @MIMI5353 for thread name idea. Hey, I remembered to tag the person whose idea it was. Link to previous thread So we last left Trevor returning from the Barbie movie...
  11. phoneymaloney

    Tracy DiMarco #118 118 Pounds Photoshopped Off To Go Outside To End My Inside Era

    Previous thread --- Well Tracy sure had a short lived inside era, because now she’s outside at her parents pool. Again. With her bathing suit stuck in her wide flat ass. I’m not good at...
  12. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #117 Another day, another drink, another day off

    Thank you @MIMI5353 for the title Busy morning at work, so I don't have time to recap our last thread. But really nothing new, no kids, drinking non stop, cosmetic procedures and photoshop! Looking forward to seeing other tattlers on tonight's live.. get your burners ready!! ❤ old thread...
  13. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #116 Just because you birthed them doesn't make you a mother princess skankarella aka Tracy Link to previous thread where we discuss her square titties --- Oh man I meant to have aka Tracy Maloney in the thread title guess it cut off. Wish I could edit it, oh well
  14. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #115 Pancake Paula & the Butcher Doctor

    I thought I would start this recap with the short recap that @ktrost621 wrote. It all holds true and sums up our favorite hippo whale pretty well: Confirmed- affordable housing Confirmed- usher’s syndrome Confirmed- she is still a hot mess that neglects her kids. Confirmed- botched surgery...
  15. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #114 Disability lawyers, fat transfers, and affordable housing oh my!

    Link to previous thread Who can offer a fantastic recap?
  16. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #113 Wooly Mammoth and Her Cankles

    Link to previous thread not good at recaps so have at it everyone. I will say her cankles were out and about for church as was her cellulite also thank you Joyride60 for the thread name idea
  17. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #112 Upper White Trash Tracy

    Welcome back to Thread #112 where we sit back and watch this car wreck of a human. Tracy is in her feels, as she keeps posting about being low, having bad days and people leaving. Pot – meet kettle. Did you not abandon Corey when he was at his lowest, losing his father and spiraling into...
  18. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #111 Wanderlust bore of Whoville

    We started the last thread off with Trevor coming home from Mexico, drunk and messy, throwing Skylahhh her 8th birthday party, tiktok themed (theme solen from Sky’s bestie, of course). Tracy was praised and applauded for being that mom, who can throw a party less than 24 hours of being in...
  19. Burnitdown7

    Tracy DiMarco #110 The Sloppopotamus takes Mexico

    Valentine’s Day has come and gone and now here comes the fun. Our favorite train wreck headed to Mexico for her Pimp scratch that I mean “Bestie’s” wedding, and sure enough, Tracy’s behavior has not failed to deliver. From acting a fool in business class or first class, to swimsuits too small to...
  20. Burnitdown7

    Tracy DiMarco #109 Grandma Yetta Style, but no Grandma Yetta Class

    It’s Valentine’s Day, Tracy’s most hated day because of that one time in HS a boy broke up with her. 🙄 Anyways, someone has taken fancy to drawing Tracy character pictures as of late and of course they’re as tasteless as Tracy. Tracy accompanied Grandpa Mike to a wedding as a GUEST and chose...
  21. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #108 Nose jobs and NO job Maloney

    Link to previous thread I’m not good at recapping. Someone else help pleaseeeee:)
  22. Gigi0380

    Tracy DiMarco #107 Gossamer takes Mexico: Sponsored by Samuel

    Hello Everyone I hope I did this correctly. Its 2023 and its a New Year and same old trash bag. Im not really good at recapping so here it goes: -Just in the New Year Tracy has had more "much deserved pampering" then we've probably had put together (and we actually work and take care if our...
  23. Burnitdown7

    Tracy DiMarco #106 New Year, Same Desperation.

    And as the year 2022 comes to a close, our favorite Train Wreck is already making it known what’s in store for 2023… and what do you know…. It’s still the same stuff as 2020, 2021 and 2022….. another year of the Me. Me. Me. It came nearly 3 months late, but our little firecracker Jayden finally...
  24. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #105 Mayor Augustus Maywho and the Mucinex Costume

    Thread #105 for this Ho Ho Ho! off topic – I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and spending time with who you hold near and dear. Now let’s get back to this trainwreck Enzo the Elf has made two appearances and I guess Lola is still stuck in the mail – aka Tracy never ordered...
  25. S

    Tracy DiMarco #104 Christmas Tracy entered the chat room.

    Welcome to thread #104 🎶It's the most wonderful time of the year🎶 Tracy is IN LOVE and since her happiness only depends on men, she's happier than ever! Let her Christmas mess begin!! Happy Holidays little Joey, this year you might be the "fall guy"! Sorry for the lack of imagination and...