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  1. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #108 Nose jobs and NO job Maloney

    Link to previous thread I’m not good at recapping. Someone else help pleaseeeee:)
  2. Gigi0380

    Tracy DiMarco #107 Gossamer takes Mexico: Sponsored by Samuel

    Hello Everyone I hope I did this correctly. Its 2023 and its a New Year and same old trash bag. Im not really good at recapping so here it goes: -Just in the New Year Tracy has had more "much deserved pampering" then we've probably had put together (and we actually work and take care if our...
  3. Burnitdown7

    Tracy DiMarco #106 New Year, Same Desperation.

    And as the year 2022 comes to a close, our favorite Train Wreck is already making it known what’s in store for 2023… and what do you know…. It’s still the same stuff as 2020, 2021 and 2022….. another year of the Me. Me. Me. It came nearly 3 months late, but our little firecracker Jayden finally...
  4. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #105 Mayor Augustus Maywho and the Mucinex Costume

    Thread #105 for this Ho Ho Ho! off topic – I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and spending time with who you hold near and dear. Now let’s get back to this trainwreck Enzo the Elf has made two appearances and I guess Lola is still stuck in the mail – aka Tracy never ordered...
  5. S

    Tracy DiMarco #104 Christmas Tracy entered the chat room.

    Welcome to thread #104 🎶It's the most wonderful time of the year🎶 Tracy is IN LOVE and since her happiness only depends on men, she's happier than ever! Let her Christmas mess begin!! Happy Holidays little Joey, this year you might be the "fall guy"! Sorry for the lack of imagination and...
  6. S

    Tracy DiMarco #103 Barbie wannabe and mother don't bother me

    Here we ago again. Thread #103 and now on to the aftermath of her 35th birthday parties which should be a national get drunk and where your whore outfits day, but Big T seems to forget that she is a washed up has been that no one really cares to be influenced by. Soon to come, the highly...
  7. S

    Tracy DiMarco #102 at 35 botched, broke, and faurever blended.

    Welcome to thread 102 about our favorite single mother! Last thread Again thanks to @fruitypebbles @TeawitMe @queeniefoofoo for the title and BIG THANKS to all those who keep these threads alive and running with...
  8. remi85

    Tracy Maloney #101 Ways of being a anti-mother

    Welcome back to thread #101 thank you @Burnitdown7 for the title Tracy had her 5 week post op appointment with Dr. FarkASS. Which also reminds me, IT’S BEEN 5 WEEKS SINCE JAYDEN’S BIRTHDAY AND NO BIRTHDAY PARTY IN SIGHT. Good thing the Eps celebrated with her twice. We started the last thread...
  9. S

    Tracy Maloney #100 How horrible of a person do you have to be for 100 threads ?

    Yay !!! We made it to thread 100 !!!!
  10. S

    Tracy DiMarco #99 Problems but a job still ain’t one. Loyal to my surgery date, my name is Tummy Tracy.

    Welcome to thread 99 Thanks for all your good ideas. It was difficult to choose a title. All these threads prove that Maloney is an inexhaustible topic of discussion! Tracy what a journey! How many people can claim to have so many threads dedicated to them? 🤭 Miss Maloney is still recovering...
  11. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #98 You can tuck your tummy but you can't hide your NaRciSsiCm

    Well, Tracy is shit and we know this. And just when you think she can't sink any lower, she does. Ms. Affordable housing Ms. I cant pay my electric bill Ms. I don't receive any child support Ms. I cant get a job This vile human being spent Friday night, Saturday (day and night) and Sunday...
  12. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #97 Botched Bitter Baby Mama, FoUrEvA the DD & Shein Princess

    Here we go again! Thread #97 on the Tracy Maloney Tracy has been getting weekly facials and skin tightening but she still looks like a washed up, old hag. The wrinkles by her eyes are bad, like bad bad. She is too young to have such deep wrinkles, maybe she should wear better eye protection and...
  13. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #96 OcEAn EyEs, thunder thighs sitting on a throne of WiLd lies

    Not much to recap - Tracy is still a piece of shit. Thank you @Zigamelleen for the title ♥️ Happy Tattling Ladies Old thread -
  14. phoneymaloney

    Tracy Dimarco #95 best summa ever that neva happened

    Welcome to the best summa eva that never happened plus some square titties. I’m not good at recaps so someone else have at it link to previous thread
  15. S

    Tracy DiMarco #94 i don’t photoshop, my phone is naturally wavy”

    "The best summer of their lives" she said... August 8 and these poor children do not seem to have done exceptional things this summer. But luckily Tracy's tummy tuck is booked! (and that's the most important thing) Tracy, think about making an appointment for Mama Maloney because you edit her...
  16. S

    Tracy DiMarco #93 Im an amazing mom who teaches my kids snitches get stitches

    Well that thread went by fast .... Anyone want to do a recap?
  17. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #92 Bitter Baby Mama + Baptism

    Here we go again - thread #92!! Link to previous thread
  18. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #91 Girrrrl how are you going to quote JayZ wearing a fake Burberry bathing suit

    Welcome Back to The Messy Life of Tracy Maloney – Thread 91! We have come such a long way with our dumpster fire iNfLuEnCeR. We are still photoshopping ourselves and Skylar, Jayden and Julian. Nothing new! Skylar is always inappropriately dressed for her age. Tracy is trying to make Skylar her...
  19. S

    Tracy DiMarco #90 Sweaty Ortley Trashbag and her discount ducked up titties

    Welcome to thread #90 (90 being Tracy's skin age and brain cell count) The last few days have been more than interesting. Maloney has finally moved on! She tried to get as much help and as much free services as possible. (No cleaning time for princess Maloney) We've already had a few glimpses...
  20. S

    Tracy DiMarco #89 Shein Queen Lives with Mr. Clean

    Well another thread and still the same shit from Shein Queen who hocks her $6 clothes for 10x more. She is claiming today is moving day but so was last month. She claims to do it all on her own, but yet the only thing she does on her own is show the world she is mentally unfit. She wishes...
  21. S

    Tracy DiMarco #88 Sunset lippies and macho man titties, (•)(°)hhhhh yeahhh!

    Welcome Ladies! Tracy is moving!!! We are so excited because it's a new and huge step in her life as a liar, profiteer.... 🤢 Will everything go well? Free movers? Free help? Friends and family present? Free cleaning? Free furniture? Nothing to do except film and take pictures? With a bit of...
  22. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #87 Princess Shein and her GlamarAss Life

    Thank you @phoneymaloney for the title ♥ Last weekend was Maloneys Christmas and she got to be a drunken slob kebab for four days. But for anyone wondering, she OnLy DrAnK on one day. Oohhh and she doesn’t drink and drive bc she has three miracles at home. But she will film herself driving and...
  23. phoneymaloney

    Tracy DiMarco #86 Sponge Bob Square Tits

    Whooooo got fake titties that look hard as rocks SPONGEBOB SQUARE TITS When we left off Tracy got her tits done, she had no scarring and no pain, her perfect Sicilian skin healed so perfectly, and her surgeon Dr FuckASS is so pleased. Pleased enough he posted her bathroom selfie of her pointing...
  24. remi85

    Tracy DiMarco #85 Affordable Housing & Affordable Tits

    Thank you to @phoneymaloney for the thread name Tracy has finally gotten into her new APARTMENT and thankful for the sleuths we have here, we found it in no time.Trash has alluded that she was having a home built, but it was really new construction for a townhome/apartment complex. T is...
  25. T

    Tracy dimarco #84 Shien fits and life vest tits

    [] Thanks to @Simiauci for the previous thread! Ok ladies I really hope I just did that right!?!? One of our more eloquent ladies wanna take the recap also she is way more chill about getting her account back this time
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