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  1. PoopooKaKa

    Tracey Winter #4 Pip Queen Trace and her fibro face, our taxes pay to fund her place

    New thread about the fibro gypsy Queen and her dinlo family --- @HereforthedramašŸ˜ --- @only_you27
  2. Squashedbanana

    Tracey Winter #3 Christmas dinner served on the bed, as Tracey’s eyebrows slide of her head

    New thread, if someone could kindly do a recap šŸ˜Š
  3. PoopooKaKa

    TraceyWinter #2 Hello my Frwends, when will this lunacy ever end

    Tracey still rambling on, messed her daughters hair up badly & Marks still the self proclaimed King if Cheese
  4. Ems88ALFTYMAX


    Gypsy Lady on tik tok, married to the 'cheese man' mark.