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  1. ChampagneBox

    Towers_Weightjourney #4 spoiler - he’s put it all back on

    New thread! Not sure if I’ve done it right, I went right back to page 40 of thread 3 and couldn’t see any other thread suggestions so apologies if I’ve missed someone’s! This is my first🥳🥳 Does someone want to do a recap?
  2. String Man

    Towers_weightjourney #3 All his donors Jack Towers mocks, while living it up in knee high socks

    Thanks to @JudgeyPants for the title suggestion
  3. M

    Towers_weightjourney #2 His fraudulent botched surgery is done, JT is now on the run

    New thread, title credit goes to @Queenie2019 (y)
  4. B

    Towers_weightjourney - Go fund his Chinese takeaways and designer clothes

    Seeing as there’s more posts about Tower than Harry in Harry’s thread I thought it was time to set up a thread for him. He makes me feel ill when I look at him to be honest and this way I can pick when I feel up to reading about him 😂 -----