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  1. K4040

    Thissinglemama #119 Whoosh every tattle helps 😂

    Thread title was another of mine. Prize was one partly used paid partnership with Tesco but I declined as I’m an Asda lady 😂 For weeks we’ve been complaining she’s been boring as hell and WHOOSH Tesco drama 😂 couldn’t have happened to a better person! Radio silence since she deleted her 2...
  2. K4040

    Thissinglemama #118 Puffy nips and fishy eyes constantly spouting out lies

    Well done @Ellen77 for the title - you win Aimee’s London outfit that she never got to wear and a lifetime supply of Vavrons rust blush! Aimee is a cunt Been floored by “period pains” that granny gash flash has had to come rescue princess pissy and parent the prenager brat Buying said brat...
  3. Johnson1901

    Thissinglemama #117 Maybe she was born with it. Maybe it was makebelieve and filtered

    Well done @mumz for your hilarious but true thread suggestion!!! You’ve won Aimless’s cleaning lady for a day! You too can have a “clean” house like she does!!! Congratulations 🥂
  4. Johnson1901

    Thissinglemama #116 Skippy skips, Chippy chips, Wonky lips & expanding hips

    Great thread title @Trapped_soul 👏🏻 Your prize is an appointment to have your eye bags done, so you too can look like you’ve done ten rounds with Mike Tyson 🥳 Apart from her lying about using filters, and sucking off bananas to cure anxiety, I don’t think she’s done anything else worth...
  5. K4040

    Thissinglemama #115 Aimee doesn’t read here.. She Brows 😂

    Thread suggestion was mine! Aimee’s the gift that keeps on giving, this time with the black brows looking like harpers been let loose with a sharpie 😂 Got daddy dearest (or is that uncle?) for tea all week, an extra plate of food for her to finger before serving
  6. K4040

    Thissinglemama #114 Not Spanish,not Scouse ,Shaimless is now the size of a house

    Thanks to @DaisyLou23 for the thread suggestion! We’re near the end of May and she’s eaten as many takeaways this month as most normal people eat in a couple of years. Chins and bellies growing by the day but she “forgets to eat” Yet another holiday that she’s made look boring and...
  7. K4040

    Thissinglemama #113 5 chins & 5 names, aimless crowded butthole will never take the blame

    New thread guys!! Thread suggestion was mine and the prize is a blue TikTok tick 😂 one previous owner smells a bit cat pissy! Quick update Aimee’s still a twat but with a tick ✅ Shirl the Queen enabling is rimming aimless more than before all because she’s finally got verified (should be...
  8. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #112 Drinks every night, dress sense is a blight, stinks of cat piss in her showroom

    I won 🤭 My prize is just being here 😉 Carry on my lovelies x
  9. K4040

    Thissinglemama #111 You wish you had a stalker, you leather faced porker 🐷

    Well done @ChubClubThug you win the pile of smashed Disney dinner plates but first you need to claim on your insurance to get them 🤣🤣🤣 The big filthy six toed narcissistic gremlin is gaslighting galore (she doesn't like cheese don't you know, but she’ll test cheese cake because she’ll do...
  10. Johnson1901

    Thissinglemama #110 Puffy nipples, big fat muff, always looking like a scruff

    Well done @Womblewoo for the quite apt thread title. I’ll get back to you about your winning prize once I’ve had a root around Aimless’s skip, sorry, house. Unless you want a kitten? There’s a few of them, take your pick. Ready to go now 👍🏻 EDITED TO ADD: Newbies to the thread, please read...
  11. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #109 Kalma is coming for you courtesy of the trowls

    @mumz You are our winner 🥳🥳🥳 Your prize is a £4k All Inclusive holiday with a dodgy kettle, 4 bags of Lays and a 4-pastry brekkie daily (no boozies tho 😭)
  12. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #108 Whinge and moan, she should’ve stayed at home!

    @Johnson1901 You are our winner!! 🥳🥳🥳 You win a 2l bottle of lemon Fanta (that's 25% vodka), 17 packs of Milka cakes (enough for 24hrs of snacking), and a one-to-one Holiday Makeup Tutorial from R-Shaimless (to get the hot sweaty mess look just right) 🤗
  13. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #107 4 tits, mouldy bits and mountains of wipes for the

    @K4040 You are our winner 🥳🥳🥳 You win a bland-paint voucher for B&Q and a 50p coupon for DUncle Gregory to decorate a room of your choice. MUST BE A MAJOR INCONVENIENCE TO SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T MATTER. And your body weight in chocolate - to be consumed in 24hrs. 🍫🍫🍫
  14. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #106 Compulsive spender, compulsive eater, compulsive liar, compulsive

    I've taken the executive decision for another doubke win today - because @Mrsturnerreturns made a brilliant comment, and @Womblewoo suggested it should be a thread title, and THAT comment got more votes than any thread suggestion... And i feel we can show @Mrsturnerreturns the love she...
  15. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #105 Bringing down trolls, she's got a crime number! Meanwhile H's dinner's a plate of cucumber

    @ZedsDead 🥳👏🥳👏🥳 You win a week day of Aimless nosh... probably will last you a month 🫣 ☕️🥐🥐🍾🥡🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟
  16. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #104 All aboard concord nose- fake anxiety/illness welcome! Get on a train you stupid witch 😉

    @Leighanne02 and @ChubClubThug are joint winners!! A superb effort to sum up the uselessness that is Aimless Crowded-Butthole 👏🥳
  17. K4040

    Thissinglemama #103 You reap what you sow, here comes the popo

    Congratulations @Trapped_soul you win a years supply of white beef 😂 What a week it’s been for the crowded butthole, the karma train is definitely on its way! Whoever’s bringing her down, about time 👏🏻
  18. Seeing_the_light

    Thissingleamama #102 Caught on TV, doing what she does best, stuffing her face and looking a mess

    @Faith61 You are our winner - Tesco finest sirloin pork joint on it's way to you (with the obligatory Kylie, spicy rice and fluff) Enjoy 🥳
  19. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #101 Just another Munchausens Monday

    @mumz You are our winner winner, wobbly chicken dinner!! 🥳 You win a dodgy drumstick 🍗 and a night in with "friends" 👏👏👏
  20. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #100 She wouldn’t lie straight in bed, welcome to crowded buttholes 💯th thread

    @K4040 You have the honour of naming the 100th thread of our beloved and worshipped Miss Aimless Crowded Butthole!!!
  21. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #99 Roses are red, Aimless is a scruff, her neck is fat and so is her muff

    @ChubClubThug You are our last pre-100 winnnnnnnnnnnner 🥳🥳🥳 You win a cooking class from ol' shirl, a classic frubalicious and two free interior design sessions with Aimless!! 🏆
  22. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #98 Attention seeker to core, what a bore, repetitive content... snore, H can always have more

    @This Is Not An Ad You win a bottle of malbec (if there's any left), and a lifetime supply of banana hair food, that doubles as humus if you're peckish 🥳🥳🥳 *had to edit for character limit*
  23. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #97 I’m going on a dick hunt, gonna catch a big one, I’m not scared, but he should be

    @Trapped_soul you are spoiling us with these thread titles 😂 You win a half-sucked mini egg, a used-once pussy suit, and a tkmaxx voucher for hairburst 🥳
  24. Seeing_the_light

    Thissinglemama #96 You’re not independent House you live in, dad bought it, Car you’re driving, dad bought it

    @Trapped_soul If you're quick, you win pudding and cust... oh sorry, she's inhaled it ☹️ Minor edit for character length 🥰
  25. Johnson1901

    Thissinglemama #95 2 ugly sisters who can’t get misters and mummy in the hat who raised the 2 brats

    Congrats to @Trapped_soul for another great thread title I’ll send aimless around to your house to cook you a three course takeaway