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  1. ChubClubThug

    Thissinglemama #5 My name is Aimless I'll do anything to be famous!

    Thread title thanks to @Johnson1901 😄 love it! Recap; Next thread for our favourite tiktok attention seeker Aimee aka: 'this single mama'... habitual liar and all round drama queen. We've had a trip to London with Shirley The Hat, lies about a Tinder date, more ugly clothes, more M&S hauls...
  2. U

    Thissinglemama #4 Rotten to the core, Anxiety? Bananas are the cure. So full of it, still living in her pit.

    New thread! Congratulations to @nnnnnicki for posting the winning title. I had to shorten it though, so sorry! Could someone please do a catch up? I'm not great at them lol. I do just want to say though, we're always branded such masty trolls yet here we are saying we don't think social...
  3. Crumpet41

    Thissinglemama #3 Hoarding seltzer and spicy rice, thissinglemama can’t stop telling porky pies

    New thread for Aimee aka This Single Mama . Congrats to @Beanss12345 for the suggestion . This one had 14 votes :) As you were :) ( does anyone want to do a little catch-up ? Pls?) . I don’t have much time at the minute.
  4. Crumpet41

    thissinglemama #2This selfish mama, neglects her child and home, hair hasn’t been touched in years by a comb

    Thanks to @IR0201 for the thread suggestion . Chosen as it has 11 votes. @Beanss12345 has the same number so highlighting this suggestion too :- A ‘piece’ of crap written for womens aid, wearing bronzer in the wrong shade, knocking booze back like it’s lemonade update with Aimee :- Still...
  5. Crumpet41

    Thissinglemamaofficial Selfish Mama obsession with shopping, booze and drama

    New thread for Thissinglemama - Aka Aimee. Thanks to @hereforthecapri for the suggestion . All suggestions had 7 likes each so just went for the first one. Catch up :- Aimee spends her life on Tiktok doing lives . Ignoring Harper ( her daughter) Likes a takeway or two. Fish n chips being...
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