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  1. Emsie

    The Fat Funny One #5 The fat unfunny one, own it fam

    New thread guys
  2. Begborrowsteal

    Thefatfunnyone #4

    At 54 pages, a new thread was needed!
  3. urghmummybloggers

    Thefatfunnyone #3

    Her ads are failing, her hair must smell sour. Jess stop selling your kids and get in the shower. @TheWitchIsBack for top thread suggestion had to shorten it slightly! Mod edit acronyms for obscure accounts aren't allowed in title and add a tag so we know who this is
  4. InstaFamousDoesntCount

    Thefatfunnyone #2 Fat but not funny she’s just rather gummy now give Jess all ya money!

    New thread... hope I’ve done this right! 😂😬 Thread suggestion from curtaintwitcher had lots of love so went with that one.
  5. urghmummybloggers


    Thoughts? I cannot stand her. The way she goes on about mental health and full blown lies to try and jump on a bandwagon and her awful hygiene - her hair is washed every 2 weeks. She’s got a narcissitic disorder to think she’s so great