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  1. J

    That Wilkes Woman #6 Here today, gone tomorrow, here today.

    Credit to @SoManyLiars for the title. Thought I’d best make a new thread even with the last one having gone very quiet. But with the lockdown, I’m sure it won’t be long until Leasa and Ellie come to blows and the moaning vlogs come back in full force. Also wanted to say, with everything going...
  2. lemonelmo

    That Wilkes Woman #5

    Title was How could dear old me be all the way in Bristol when I can't even juggle Removed just because it's a slow moving thread and it's getting too busy with long titles If this is the wrong title with the most votes please correct me! First time attempting to make a new thread so please do...
  3. J

    The Wilkes Family #4 Dear France, We Don’t Want Her Here Either.

    Took the liberty of making a new thread (look at me taking liberties. Must be channelling my inner Wilkes) Hopefully I didn’t mess it up. Credit to @SoManyLiars for the title.
  4. Porkiepies

    The Wilkes Family #3 The very unPC exPC

    Title Credit to @SoManyLiars 🙂 At the time of posting her latest vlog about paedophiles only has around 400 views. Has anyone here watched her recently?
  5. westcoaster

    The Wilkes Family #2 Vlog On Or Jog On?

    Welcome to another lovely day to discuss the latest from the Dog Hill of Dorset!
  6. M

    The Wilkes Family

    Many members appear to want to talk about her and baby bear.