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  1. Tom_Nook

    Phoebe & Me #3 She's actually doing Vlogmas!

    I created a new thread because it was long overdue. Never done this before so hope it works OK! Recap of the last thread Jess had her breast reduction, which was funded through Go Fund Me. She opted to go private and ask for donations instead of pursuing the NHS referral she was in the process...
  2. Oohthedrama

    Phoebe & Me #2 begged for then bagged 8.5 grand! Abandons her subs, it all feels a bit underhand?

    Think you very muchly @monga šŸ„°šŸ‘ new thread. same disappointment.
  3. B

    Phoebe & Me - begging her followers for 8.5 grand she can pay for a boob job & some bits from “bargs”

    The only mum youtuber I bother watching these days. I just wish she could upload more!