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  1. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #42 Too terrified to open their front door, let alone the biscuits

    Most liked thread title suggestion pointed out by @bread-pitt. I found it hard to even write your username because it contains bread which is a carb. Now I’m going to have to hide behind the sofa in a survival ball😢
  2. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #41 A cesspit of superiority, casual racism, loathing, and tinkly laughter

    For anyone new to Mumsnet and needing a recap, this pretty much sums it up They hate: Fat people Kids Old people Their husbands Their husbands family Their neighbours Dogs Carbs Skinny jeans If you’re skinny and willing to spend £350 on a dress made from an old hessian sack then they’ll love...
  3. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #40 I sit on my throne of potatoes and I laugh

    Thread title thanks to @cat_follower. One of my favourites so far Recently we’ve learned that under no circumstances can you have a banana on Biwi’s bootcamp but you can have a semen parcel as it’s low carb
  4. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #39 Chatbot or fatbot?

    Well done to @sistersofpercy for this cracker of a thread title. Have a woolly hug and flowers💐
  5. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #38 imagine spending £100 on a notebook and writing 'bleach arsehole' in it

    Thanks go to @Duchessofmanchester and @holasun for this delight which was the most liked suggestion. You lot are filth
  6. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #37 Wipe down my cucumber and sanitise my Hovis, I need to get my dicks in a row!

    @Eurgh @Geetbo and @Ineedmorecoffee are all to blame for this delightful title Recently we've learned that mumsnetters are still having problems with wafty fannies, you should be kind to people who post close ups of their fannies on the internet because you never know what they are going...
  7. N

    Mumsnet #36 My mum died when a fat midwife fell on her so we moved to France

    New thread! --- Which one of you is this??
  8. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #35 we’ve lost sight of what a crucifixion looks like

    Seems a fitting title for an Easter thread
  9. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #34 beep beep witches!

    Credit to @NoddyFromToytown with this one and an epic entrance. If only all mumsnetters were such good sports --- @holasun following on from your question about ruining drinks. Back when making skittle vodka was a thing (is it still or am I that old?) my auntie thought it would be a great idea...
  10. Hollaaa

    Mumsnet #33 Cottaging is it a way to make money from Air BnB?

    Well done @Wackie Jeaver for this thread title. A washing machine-free zone, so far.
  11. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #32 Sex towels are for the obese

    Well done to @holasun and @Geetbo for this delight😆
  12. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #31 How on Earth do these people manage to exist on a day to day basis?

    No actual nominations for thread titles this time, but this comment from @YR80 had a lot of likes and is very fitting
  13. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #30 Six figure salary, never eats a calorie

    Well just at the last minute, @doctordoctor came along with this thread title suggestion which got the most votes. Also sums up most of mumsnet really
  14. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #29 A little site run on spite, misogyny and lame GIFs

    Thread title by @girlinbrum 🍷🎄 As usual, mumsnetters are miserable arseholes and are sucking all the joy out of Christmas --- Nominating this early for the next thread title!🤣
  15. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #28 Six figure job but dress sense heinous, here's a picture of my anus.

    Thread title again by the genius @ShopTilYouSlop 👏 If you have to ask what the thread title means, think yourself lucky that you didn't have to see it in all its glory
  16. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #27 If you're only coming to goad, you're not getting our bleeping codes

    Thread title based on @ShopTilYouSlop suggestion. Have a handhold Recently we've learnt - That you should never enjoy anything because of people in refugee camps Fanny wafts are a real concern if mumsnetters venture out into the wild If your child is struggling to make friends then you should...
  17. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #26 Fanny wafts and meany pegs, what goes on in mumsnetters heads?

    Thread title thanks to @sistersofpercy. Handhold and a head tilt for you Now we will all think of fanny wafts forever more *tinkly silvery laugh* Carry on!
  18. Thank(space)you

    Mumsnet #24 Tinkly of laugh, single of chin, not yet french but at least I'm thin

    Previous thread here:
  19. CrimsonCountess

    Mumsnet #23 Is this outfit okay for a hanging?

    Thanks to @PrincessCharming for the thread title and @Wackie Jeaver for pointing it out! Handholds and woolly hugs for you both🤝🏼 How do you recap a place that’s so batshit? Basically they all want to be French, they hate kids and god help you if you weigh over 8 stone
  20. cowtastrophe

    Mumsnet #22 Are you strange generally?

    Kudos to PsychoKitty for the title! head tilt To recap, we’ve learned that no matter how expensive your holiday, there may not be parasols, your children will be awful and your husband will be lazy. Also, some MNers need written instructions on making tea, why their anus is black and not to...
  21. G

    Mumsnet #21 First Greek holiday with large breasts

    It was the most liked post and it made me laugh, we are where we are. I never feel more helpful than when I do this. It's my only useful contribution to society.
  22. Itchy of Itchington

    Mumsnet #20 Shoes on indoors is gross but sucking cream off a stripper after 10 women is fine

    Thread title by Orangehead and nominated by Holasun. In the last thread we discussed outing body shapes (is your husband really Johnny Bravo), if peas are a garnish or a side dish to eggs and chips, why Toast (bread variety) is better than Toast (clothes variety). We are still undecided on...
  23. Itchy of Itchington

    Mumsnet #19 starting fights in empty rooms since 2000.

    In the last thread we learned that Leggings should only be worn by those who are not "large of thigh, or arse, or calf" and especially not nude colours. Unless you are a slender and toned size 8. Check with your husband if he isn't busy with his hobby. You can and probably should wear a dress...
  24. G

    Mumsnet #18 Only a calamity away from being an armadillo

    I cannot lie, the most liked posts were not thread title appropriate unless we wanted to derail ourselves before we even began. So, here we are, a happy band of survival balls. Summary - MN is weird. It's summer so the trampoline/paddling pool/shrieking children discourse has begun. They will...