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  1. SkinkaareFan

    Megsays_ #3 She doesn’t have a boyfriend but she does have a fringe

    Title from @Rayne ! What's been happening with Meg? Will came to his senses and they broke up, she kept it a secret for months because she enjoyed the attention. She got a new roommate that probably won't last because Meg is doing what she did with Will and over sharing everything. She got a...
  2. Rayne

    Megsays_ #2 What a sad little life Meg

    Welcome to thread 2 🥳🥳🥳 Recap: Meg is still insufferable as ever Cat, spinach on toast, Gousto posts on repeat She has a mirror at the end of the bed and her and Will are not afraid to use it Ambulances were called to the cottage because she had the shits She disappeared for January and...
  3. Rayne


    Setting this up as Megsays_ got a mention on another thread and i think it’s time she got a thread of her own. I have a lot of thoughts on Meg and interested if anyone else feels the same... • She started off as a blogger and writing about her chronic illness, I thought she was a good person...