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Maria Catherine Fowler (born 15 August 1986) is an English television personality and model. From 2010 to 2011, she appeared in the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex.

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  1. crap Bag thanks

    Maria Fowler #3 Maria, pay for anything? Not on your Nellie !!

    Continue begging here…. Thanks @ohdoris for the thread title.
  2. calmyourritas

    Maria Fowler #2 Now Maria can no longer sell her muff, she’s always begging for free stuff

    New thread guys! Thanks to @KateToTheParty for the thread title! It was a tie with @Melmoo but that one was said too early to be officially counted so I hope you don’t mind - still hilarious though! Beggy Batey is furloughed in bed, I'm after a korma with extra naan bread.. Recap: Maria is...
  3. H

    Maria Fowler / Project in a Village

    Maria Fowler from towie She’s driving me nuts- loads of stuff in her new house is gifted or an ad and she never declares it Latest comment “anyone know where we can get bar stools” cringe 😡😡 Enjoy it while it lasts z lister , next time you will have to buy them 👋