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  1. chlophia2505

    Malin Andersson #5 Victim of the Turkey Teeth

    Thank you to @teaforthree333 for the winning thread title! 🥳 if anyone could recap that would be great. Poll added 🤓
  2. chlophia2505

    Malin Andersson #4 Tattooed bouncer or Bedford baddy? Come on Malin, who’s the daddy?!

    Thank you to @MothersRuin for the cracking thread title! I have literally just had to follow the step by step to create this thread so I hope it’s right! If somebody could do a recap that would be amaze! ‼️PATERNITY IN QUESTION‼️
  3. That’sOk

    Malin Andersson #3 Plowing through Men, she has a new trauma and she’s single again..

    New thread… Thanks to @Jennytea for the winning thread suggestion. Anyone want to do a recap? @sharpie2021 do you have any more tea to contribute 😂
  4. M

    Malin Andersson #2 fights for causes that gains from financially

    Thread title won by @Zaflowhora ! Lots to catch up on so head over to Malins Wiki for more details. Latest is she has been offline since Wednesday with some sudden news today she announced she had miscarried however everyone feeling sceptical as she posted 3.5 weeks ago that she started her...
  5. A

    Malin Andersson

    I can’t find a thread for her on here so thought I’d start one. I love her honesty and body Positivity that she spreads but have to say her attitude on social distancing is bad. I saw this yesterday and saw a few people say how they love her but questioned social distancing. Which is completely...