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  1. eoinindahouze

    Who should present Love Island 2022?

    AJ Odudu would be my choice
  2. A

    Love Island UK 2022

    Too early? :LOL: The usual run of eight weeks is a long time but this year they want you available for at least ten weeks, so you could easily be gone for three months!!! When you flog your franchise too...
  3. sassylash

    Love Island 2021 #38 Loveislanders old and new most of them make me want to spew

    Most liked thread suggestion by: @lockdown sux ! Let’s continue here. Latest: Olivia Bowen S3 is having a baby!
  4. Diagnosis123

    Love Island 2021 #37 Dwindling fame and no fans in sight. Future Prospects? Certainly not bright

    A final farewell to those we watched and loved. Good riddance Failing to capitalize on any post show opportunities, the Islanders can now be found propping each other up on Instagram, in a bizarre reality TV star pyramid scheme of fame.
  5. Jelly Bean

    Love Island 2021 #36 Who will still be together by the end of this thread?

    Re thread title - hopefully not Faye and Teddy.
  6. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2021 #35

    New thread before the results start!
  7. S

    Love Island 2021 #34 It’s the final countdown

    Go go go! I’ll miss you guys so much. Cheers for making this series so much fun ❤️
  8. Platformcrocs

    Love Island 2021 #33 End is near & clear these fakes are hoping for a dollar, they’ll be lucky to get a holler

    New thread for tonight 😊 only a few days to go! Tonight we have yet more dates...brace yourselves. Spice bags at the ready as its Friday and all that 👀 Shout out to @stardust21 for the title! Had to shorten slightly but it still works. Previous thread...
  9. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2021 #32 The final nears, Lib is in tears, Faye has scared off all of her peers

    New thread for tonight! Title credits to @Pheelin24
  10. Lmkgirl

    Love Island Series 1

    All of us coming together to keep the vibe going ❤ Welcome everybody ❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I'm coming from present Love Island Series 2021 and hoping others will join in going back to the start, Series 1. Being a newbie to LI I'm really looking forward to going back watching the legendary LOVE ISLAND from...
  11. aimzalicious

    Love Island 2021 #30 Goudabye Prett, they didn't brie-long together

    These cheese puns are really grate-ing ;) Continue here everyone, and prepare your eardrums for Hurricane Faye vs Snakey Jake tomorrow night! Previous thread:
  12. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2021 #29 Mummy, Gnomeo’s stormed out!

    Continue on!
  13. eggfriedrice

    Love island 2021 #28 “YoUrE mY gOrLfRiEnD”

    Carry on here you lovely lot 🥰
  14. D

    Love Island 2021 #27

    Link to old thread Summary - Faye said sorry, Priya picked brains over beauty
  15. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2021 #26

    Continue on!
  16. Platformcrocs

    Love Island 2021 #25

    New thread in time for 9pm! Carry on and don't forget your little orange numbers. Previous thread:
  17. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2021 #24

    New thread for tonight!
  18. GossWhore

    Love Island Season 3

    It made some great TV. RIP Mike xx I'm watching it again for the bants. Come relive the memories. #BringBackTheSmokingArea
  19. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2021 #23

    Continue on!
  20. aimzalicious

    Love Island 2021 #22 We’re done

    Had to go with @Dwightschrute suggestion for the most straight-forward title in Tattle history Previous thread here:
  21. Platformcrocs

    Love Island 2021 #21 Little orange number

    Just in time for the dumping! Previous thread:
  22. D

    Love Island 2021 #20

    And so it continues Has Millie even tried to get to know other boys? I'd love her to pick someone else & see how long before Liam drops the hand on someone else?
  23. Calmyourtitsdown

    Love Island 2021 #19

    New Thread! As you were…. Mods, in my excitement; I’ve cocked up with the title… can it be altered to #19 please?
  24. aimzalicious

    Love Island 2021 #18

    This episode is so stressful Liam is a twat Faye is a twat (#justiceforteddy) Jake is a gremlin twat Abi is a mug Millie is a queen Toby is iconic Previous thread here:
  25. Penguin86

    Love Island 2021 #17

    Previous thread
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