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  1. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2022 #60 ❤️🏝

    Continue on!
  2. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #59 ❤️🏝

    Continue here hun bums. 🤗
  3. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #58 ❤️🏝

    The islanders are enjoying life outside of the ❤️🏝 villa.
  4. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #57 Or whatever…🥴

    The ❤🏝 2022 reunion was as boring as Gemma’s personality 😶 and as entertaining as Indiyah playing the recorder. 🎶
  5. Q

    Love Island 2022 #56 Gemma was in it for the cash, and Luca’s just bringing in the trash

    New thread guyssss 🥰 Luca will be the bin man from now on as Gemma is set to look after herself and no one else🤣🤣 Antigoni needs to get a life, fuck me this one never quitssss
  6. Q

    Love Island 2022 #55 lieair, actrezz, winner 🏅

    New thread guyzzzz for our queen
  7. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #53 Licked a tit or whatever

    Me at Gemma and Luca not being forth:
  8. stardust21

    Ex-Love Islanders

    A space to put all the z-list Love Islanders together to gossip, as most of them aren’t interesting enough to warrant their own thread! This is a list of all the couples who are still together (01/08/22) Series 2: Cara & Nathan (Married) Olivia & Alex (Married) Series 3: Jess & Don (Married)...
  9. L

    Love Island 2022 #52 Let’s hope karma is a Bish!

    Final baybay!
  10. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #51 It’s the final countdown!

    It’s been fun guys xoxox
  11. L

    Love Island 2022 #50 The final is on Monday night!

    New thread early as wanted to poll it ahead of the vote to get an idea:
  12. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #49 Lobe you honey bums!

    It’s the final week of ❤🏝 and we lobe the honey bums! 🫶
  13. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #48 Final Week!

    Partial recap of tonight’s ❤🏝 episode. - The girls and boys reflect on their time on ❤🏝 - Everyone’s falling for each other and love is growing. 💕 - Adam and Paige went on their final date on a boat. 🛳 They’re done with playing it cool. 🥶
  14. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #47 We don’t like the terrace!

    Partial recap of tonight’s ❤️🏝 episode. - Danica and Jamie were dumped. 👋🏻 - Then there were 5 couples left. 👩‍❤️‍👨 - Johnsons wet wipe Luca and Gemma have made up. 💞
  15. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #46 Gemma’s got 99 problems, but a Bish ain’t one!

    Thread Title: @Laika1234 Me dancing at Gemma finally realising how much of a plonker Luca is: Round up from @aimzalicious 😊 I've tried to do a @Prefrontalmedialcortex style round up of tonights ep so far: - Davide and Ekin arguing, no one really knows why 🍝 - Paige wins the Mile High Club...
  16. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #45 Queen Ekin 👸

    Amazing recap by @Prefrontalmedialcortex Recap of tonight’s ❤🏝 episode because I was utterly bored beyond belief: - Some of the couples spoke about being boyfriend and girlfriend or exclusive. 👩‍❤️‍👨 - The salon was open for some. 💇🏻‍♀️💈 - The boys made brunch for the girls. Luca came up...
  17. aimzalicious

    Love Island 2022 #44 Exclusive Tiramisu

    Using @Prefrontalmedialcortex round up of the latest episode: - Tasha wants to wear a black wedding dress. 👰🏼‍♀️ - Luca has ugly feet. 🦶🏻 - Andrew dropped the egg in the sports day games. 🥚 - The red team won. 🏆 - Reece and Nathalia friend-zoned each other. ❌ - Davide made tiramisu, it was a...
  18. aimzalicious

    Love Island 2022 #43 Ekin Who? 🦉

    Continue here! Who we voting for? edit: added a poll for the vote! 🙌🏻
  19. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #42 Deji is like when you order Ovie off wish

    Thread title: @watermelon sugar This is me at Nathalia tomorrow for going at Ekin-Su. ES is the only redeeming feature of this series and I will protect her at all costs.
  20. ATV2021

    Love Island 2022 #41

    Get a new thread ready for...probably not alot going on in tonight's episode 🤣
  21. Diagnosis123

    Love Island USA 2022

    Anyone watching? The new season has started and can be streamed on Peacock TV available on SKY and NOW TV in the UK and Ireland 🔥 Strong first episode with a raunchy game, heads turning and a strong set of OG islanders. I'm loving "momma's boy" Andy with his cheesy charm and mile wide smile...
  22. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2022 #40

    New thread for tonight!
  23. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #39

    Please can we replace all of the men from the villa? Also. How the fuck is Adam Fucking Collard the best man in villa?! Also also. Fuck off Luca. ALSOOOOOO: fuck off Dami too.
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