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  1. Jelly Bean

    Winter Love Island 2023 #4

    Hopefully these two new ones will be good!
  2. Thank(space)you

    Winter Love Island 2023 #3

    Previous thread
  3. Thank(space)you

    Winter Love Island 2023 #2

    Previous thread here: Let the cringe continue!
  4. Holmessk

    Winter Love Island 2023

    Almost time to tattle, time to tattle, time to tattle. Can't wait to watch this religiously every day, get outraged and then instantly forget about it 😂❤️
  5. Rach88

    Ex-Love Islanders #3

    Got through that last thread pretty quickly 😂 Link to previous thread here I'd do a recap on whos still together but dont think its changed from last thread anyway
  6. Rach88

    Ex-Love Islanders #2

    New thread guys other one was too full Link to previous thread here Continue :) Recap on whose still together as of November 2022 S8 Ekin Su and Davide Dami and Indiyah Tasha and Andrew S7 Faye and Teddy S6 Eva and Nas Paige and...
  7. throwawaykid12

    Antigoni #2 Tiggers & The Mysterious Case of the Caribbean Michelle Keegan

    Thanks to lovely @lavendervase for the fantastic thread title ⭐️🔍🌴 … Recap anyone? 😆
  8. whatstheteab

    Love Island 2022 #60 ❤️🏝

    Continue on!
  9. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #59 ❤️🏝

    Continue here hun bums. 🤗
  10. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #58 ❤️🏝

    The islanders are enjoying life outside of the ❤️🏝 villa.
  11. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #57 Or whatever…🥴

    The ❤🏝 2022 reunion was as boring as Gemma’s personality 😶 and as entertaining as Indiyah playing the recorder. 🎶
  12. Q

    Love Island 2022 #56 Gemma was in it for the cash, and Luca’s just bringing in the trash

    New thread guyssss 🥰 Luca will be the bin man from now on as Gemma is set to look after herself and no one else🤣🤣 Antigoni needs to get a life, fuck me this one never quitssss
  13. Q

    Love Island 2022 #55 lieair, actrezz, winner 🏅

    New thread guyzzzz for our queen
  14. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #53 Licked a tit or whatever

    Me at Gemma and Luca not being forth:
  15. stardust21

    Ex-Love Islanders

    A space to put all the z-list Love Islanders together to gossip, as most of them aren’t interesting enough to warrant their own thread! This is a list of all the couples who are still together (01/08/22) Series 2: Cara & Nathan (Married) Olivia & Alex (Married) Series 3: Jess & Don (Married)...
  16. L

    Love Island 2022 #52 Let’s hope karma is a Bish!

    Final baybay!
  17. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #51 It’s the final countdown!

    It’s been fun guys xoxox
  18. L

    Love Island 2022 #50 The final is on Monday night!

    New thread early as wanted to poll it ahead of the vote to get an idea:
  19. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #49 Lobe you honey bums!

    It’s the final week of ❤🏝 and we lobe the honey bums! 🫶
  20. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #48 Final Week!

    Partial recap of tonight’s ❤🏝 episode. - The girls and boys reflect on their time on ❤🏝 - Everyone’s falling for each other and love is growing. 💕 - Adam and Paige went on their final date on a boat. 🛳 They’re done with playing it cool. 🥶
  21. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Love Island 2022 #47 We don’t like the terrace!

    Partial recap of tonight’s ❤️🏝 episode. - Danica and Jamie were dumped. 👋🏻 - Then there were 5 couples left. 👩‍❤️‍👨 - Johnsons wet wipe Luca and Gemma have made up. 💞
  22. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #46 Gemma’s got 99 problems, but a Bish ain’t one!

    Thread Title: @Laika1234 Me dancing at Gemma finally realising how much of a plonker Luca is: Round up from @aimzalicious 😊 I've tried to do a @Prefrontalmedialcortex style round up of tonights ep so far: - Davide and Ekin arguing, no one really knows why 🍝 - Paige wins the Mile High Club...
  23. stardust21

    Love Island 2022 #45 Queen Ekin 👸

    Amazing recap by @Prefrontalmedialcortex Recap of tonight’s ❤🏝 episode because I was utterly bored beyond belief: - Some of the couples spoke about being boyfriend and girlfriend or exclusive. 👩‍❤️‍👨 - The salon was open for some. 💇🏻‍♀️💈 - The boys made brunch for the girls. Luca came up...
  24. aimzalicious

    Love Island 2022 #44 Exclusive Tiramisu

    Using @Prefrontalmedialcortex round up of the latest episode: - Tasha wants to wear a black wedding dress. 👰🏼‍♀️ - Luca has ugly feet. 🦶🏻 - Andrew dropped the egg in the sports day games. 🥚 - The red team won. 🏆 - Reece and Nathalia friend-zoned each other. ❌ - Davide made tiramisu, it was a...
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