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  1. CrazyBaldhead

    Liz Tierney & Kris Boyson #3 It's completely insane. They've split up again!

    Thanks for your votes for my new thread title! Would anybody care to do a recap, although there's nothing interesting that happened apart from they split up yet again! šŸ˜‚ Will they get back together in this thread? šŸ¤” Previous thread...
  2. CrazyBaldhead

    Liz Tierney & Kris Boyson #2 Kringe can't access Liz's minge. Who's next in line for the cringesome Ginge?

    Well done to @AngelBabes for our title!! I had to shorten it to fit. Recap: Our thread lasted longer than their relationship! Everybody saw the signs apart from Kross Eyed Kris! What a doughnut!! What will happen next... The saga continues!! Previous thread...
  3. HaloGirl

    Elizabeth Tierney / Kris Boyson

    A thread to talk about Elizabeth and Kris. Pour the tea! From the previous thread