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  1. 4FoxAche

    Goodman Sisters #26 Lauryn Goodman the skidmark of society

    Winning title by @Lucymyers So... Grapeman - Still unwanted - Not bright enough to play her games - Dairy cow - Scared of DJ Hannah - Not claiming step-Daddy huuuuuge Pete - Slag, cunt and general waste of oxygen Chlo-job - Called out for supporting Helen - Embarrassment to Grunt - Ridiculous...
  2. PenelopePitstop

    Goodman Sisters #17 lots going on behind the scenes, hopefully that was a big spring clean

    Thank you to @Rose94 for the winning thread… I will do a small recap Kerching had a 4th birthday party with soft play Chloe had a joint birthday party with no soft play as it went to Sheridan Smith Beggy has now taken to bragging about their new move… to Begman Towers, but is obviously...
  3. L

    Goodman Sisters #11 She’s the most fertile infertile woman ever, FYI.. you’re a dog ✨💫

    Big congratulations to @Kjj & @Nonyaxx912 On the winning thread titles I managed to merge the two !!! Excellent work We may need a few recaps; Recap 1: It’s… a shock to say the least We got through 24 Lauryn Goodman Threads and 10 Goodman Sister Threads and i don’t think any of us could have...
  4. PenelopePitstop

    Goodman Sisters #10 We’re looking at your pictures smugly, we need no convincing, we know you’re ugly

    Congratulations to @TheLadyTea for the winning thread…. Carry on gossiping… can anyone do a thread recap
  5. 4FoxAche

    Goodman Sisters #9 Lauryn Goodman, the only pussy KW didn’t want to keep 🐈

    Thank you @TheLadyTea for the title. RECAP Lauryn is still bitter, deluded and despite all the beautification surgery, not aesthetically pleasing. Chloe is thicker than her older sister but actually seems to like her kids (more than Lauryn does anyway). Teeth are still ridiculous and...
  6. H

    Lauryn Goodman #24 Cairo Kilner Walker Goodman’s Mami, thinks she Elle Woods but she’s just a fanny!

    All, for the benefit of everyone and to stay out of any grey areas we cant have any information shared that compromises privacy. Even if an influencer has posted themselves pretty much making it easy to find we can't have it repeated here. I hope you all understand why we have to take this...
  7. L

    Lauryn Goodman #22 Español nursery for the bilingual King, tattlers still waiting for the canary to sing

    Congratulations to @PenelopeStraw on yet another winning thread tittle 🏆 Lauryn Squatman; It was bank holiday weekend at the age of 28 I realised that Instagram is just a stage. - Lauryn Goodman 3 holidays a year, designer queen, ex model 🤥 had a fun night of lambrini with 3 friends. We...
  8. L

    Lauryn Goodman #21 Kai Kai, why does your mami lie lie ? We all know when you went Dubai ai 🐷🍭

    Wow wow wow lads thread 21 ! Thanks for voting for me 🙏🏽 What a bloody belter thread 20 was !! Thread kicked off with Annie and #Kebabgate Absolutely blinding thread and made up for the disaster thread 19 was. Recap from last thread includes but is not limited to; Lauryn; Might be in...
  9. L

    Lauryn Goodman #20 Stalking again in Alderley Edge - What's that hiding in Kyle's hedge?

    Well done to @PenolopeStraw on the winning thread title ! Last Thread Recap; Well it was a really unusual thread and by right we probably should only be on page 15 of the last thread but we had an influx of newbies and lots of discussion of old talks Lauryn; The silent singing canary Done a...
  10. L

    Lauryn Goodman #19 Annie Are You Ok? You’ve Been Hit By, You’ve Been Struck By, A Benefit Criminal

    Last Thread Recap Well done to @Rose94 on another winning Thread Title !!! Ladies and gents it’s an unusual recap, reason being the first 10 pages were tattlers laughing about old things. Also the last half of the thread was sharing some excellent photos of our girl. An old pic resurfaced...
  11. TheLadyTea

    Lauryn Goodman #18 Nobody puts Lauryn in the corner, moments away from a public disorder

    Congrats to @Lizzy 93! You’ve done it again🥳 In true Lauryn style, there is only one right answer. Choose wisely……or I’ll cause carnage 😂 Short recap: Lauryn has been caught by tattle detectives sending messages to herself using many burner accounts. She has taught her son the N word And...
  12. L

    Lauryn Goodman #17 Annie and Sian Living It Up In Dubai, Whilst Lauryn’s Living On A PorkyPie 🐷🥧

    Thanks to @projectstadium for the winning thread title !! Recap of the last thread: New Words; Bunker Begman Rich Penis New Friends; Lisa Andrews 🥴 Lauryn; Was allowed out for TWOOOO nights in London😉 Uploaded an uncomfortable video of Kylow crying Sleep deprived, despite kerching...
  13. L

    Lauryn Goodman #16 Still on the dole, won’t shut her cakehole begging to be on the walker bankroll

    Thanks To @PenelopeStraw For The Winning Thread Title !! Recap of the last 10 days Wisdom Of The Last Thread; Kyle Walker, Man City and England star, plays football and travels twice a week, trains 6 days a week, married with three children, uses his limited spare time to set up fake...
  14. L

    Lauryn Goodman #15 Kyle Walker Took Me To Court & Told The Judge I’m An Expensive Escort 🐷🥧

    Recap: Begman’s Month Kylow wants to play football with the big boys Heidi is overweight Carron Julie’s carpet is fucked Lauryn saved a baby whilst in £1500 Moncler coat Lauryns birthday came… Lauryn’s birthday went… a bit like Kyle Walker Not a single soul wished her HBD Birthday spent in...
  15. L

    Lauryn Goodman #14 Mr and Mrs Walker.. still can’t shake their psycho stalker

    Thanks to @Kjj for the winning thread title ! The runner ups were; Annie now a Walker whilst Lauren’s still the stalker - By @coryc217 The name is Walker, MRS ANNIE WALKER - By @Belleboo
  16. L

    Lauryn Goodman #13 Keeping Up With Kyle & Annie, Did You Know KYLE WALKER left sperm in her Fanny

    Beggy Mitchell wants this thread alive So much so she has given us so much tatt !! We had great thread suggestions last week, but by two likes this was the winner ! Thanks for voting ! Recap: She’s still unemployed Kairo is bilingual - his word of the month was Ahmed although we think he just...
  17. PenelopePitstop

    Lauryn Goodman #12 The Brighton weasel can’t get no diesel

    I have open a new one... however it may take a while to fill up if we haven’t all bored off yet.. thank you to @So so able for the title.. based on most liked post.... Recap......she is private again.....that is literally it..😁😁
  18. Zantezoo

    Lauryn Goodman #11 anything negative or truthful she blocks, swipe up to see kairos socks

    Old thread here - Anyone want to do a recap? Prev thread she shifted from the Walkers to Cocomelon and so many swipe ups. We reckon she’s been gagged after her performances during the...
  19. PenelopePitstop

    Lauryn Goodman #10 The Walker stalker, bull talker with a gagging order.

    New thread tattlers.... thank you to @projectstadium for the suggestion.... she will be frothing when she sees this... Recap....Lauryn has been slagging off Kyle during the games and now suddenly stopped... gagged... she is in full despo mode and is now posing in front of the big screen instead...
  20. PenelopePitstop

    Lauryn Goodman #9 Chloe & Amelia watch your men, Sis is wearing bracelets to get preggo again

    All things Lauryn... she checks this thread... keep the tea coming ladies.... feel free to do another recap.....we are limited on the number of characters in the line for the next thread
  21. PenelopePitstop

    Lauryn Goodman #8 wants to be Mrs Annie Walker but she’ll just have to be Kyle’s stalker

    Thanks to @Lucymyers for title suggestion... recap someone is working on
  22. Moe

    Lauryn Goodman #7 Lauryn acting like a tit Kyle Walker don’t give a

    Hope I’ve done this right. Thanks to Lala1804 It had the most likes had to shorten it a bit. Anyone up to doing a recap?
  23. PenelopePitstop

    Lauryn Goodman #6 The baby is called Kairo? LaurYn’s off to collect her giro?

    Continuing the thread... Thanks to @CheshireTea for the thread name...... as your where.....
  24. PenelopePitstop

    Lauryn Goodman #5 Junior is an advanced talker, did she mention his dad is Kyle Walker?

    New thread on Lauryn all news posted here about crap advice, crap bangles and crap products 😁😁😁 Top voted title @Rosie94
  25. R

    Lauryn Goodman #4 raking in maintenance, stealing giro, is the baby’s name Kyle or Kairo

    The thread title suggested by me @Rose94 got the most votes, very closely followed by Cheshire teas suggestion “In love with a man who keeps his distance, power pumping to stay in existence.“ 😂