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  1. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #74 His Brain is Like a Tire Rotation. Just Spinning Around.

    Time for a new thread about our empty-headed lil' Squirt. Thanks to @tnutz for introducing the tire rotation topic, as Kyle showed us that his stupidity knows no bounds. The guy is absolutely useless as a vlogger, a boyfriend and general human being. Are we beginning to see the end of Casey...
  2. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #73 your insecurity is fascinating to watch

    Congrats @adtl3100 for the winning thread title. Recap, oar boy is loving his solo cruising being able to chow on pizza and other things ;), drink as much as he wants and blow $300 in 8mins within the on board casino.
  3. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #72 More hair on my back, than grass in my yard.

    Congratulations @grundel for the winning thread title. :D Way too much to unpack for a recap, apart from Kylie as always is going against his stans and deliberately trolling with clickbait titles and thumbnails after it was pointed out to him from his stans in the comments. #savecasey
  4. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #71 Divulging Olive Carts While My Hair Departs

    Congrats @TheInfamousPotatoIncident for the thread title. Does anyone fancy doing a recap? All I can say is his birthday celebrations have lasted longer than the last thread (thread was a 8 days). BTW you can choose two choices in the poll. :D
  5. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #70 30 Going on 3

    Congrats @tnutz on an amazing thread title. Re-cap, oar boy is on HIS kiddie's birthday cruise, btw it's HIS bday cruise no one else's. Zach will be a member here in half a year to a year. Vlogs are still trash and personally, I'm waiting for Pallo to electrocute himself when he tries to...
  6. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #69 Welcome Durliat Family! #Hosted by Casey and her Disney Discount

    Title by @GreenIsNotACreativeColor. In the previous thread Kyle did the same thing he's done in the previous 67. Spouting ill-informed rubbish, buying stuff he doesn't need, pretending we're all jealous of his fabulous lifestyle, etc. Please add further details if you like.
  7. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #68 I like my chicken cutlets flat and dry... just like my Girl Friend

    winning thread title courtesy of @AKW24 Congrats!! Previous thread here - Someone else can do the recap
  8. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #67 Kyle Pallo bought a $755,000 Fixer-Upper

    Thank you to @GreenIsNotACreativeColor for our winning thread title. We're moving on into a new chapter in the Palloverse. KP has his name on the deed to an overpriced shit shack on Cesspool Place in Kissimmee. Bets are still out on the long game of this place. Will Jer Bear and Sour Sue...
  9. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #66 Big Tough Neo-Nazi Online, Total Coward in Real Life

    Congrats @jipeta2021 for the winning thread title. Oar boy has moved into his new luxurie house but is frightened someone will guess where he lives by having the blinds down and cardboard over the front door window. Neighbours probably think he's setting up a grow, 😉
  10. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #65 He thinks he's the hit. He isn't even the fart!

    Thanks to @Iwantallthetea for our newest thread title. We're at the beginning of a series (already feels like it will never end) of Kyle vlogging his mundane life from the inaugural sailing of the Icon of the Seas. While he and Casey may be on a brand spanking new cruise ship, this truly feels...
  11. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Kyle Pallo #64 Vlogger with the smallest..vocabulary

    Thank you @Hardly Here for the new thread title. There was a tie, but this one showed up first. Mod edit swear words aren't to be used in titles.
  12. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Kyle Pallo #63 Kyle gets cock blocked by Minnie Mouse

    Thanks to @onechanz for suggesting the winning thread title and @AKW24 for nominating it.
  13. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #62 Seething as his peers are succeeding

    Congrats to @Vyle Pallo (with an assist from @Wusubby) for our first thread title of 2024!
  14. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo # 61 Ask me about my pink armpit nipples.

    Congrats @Hardly Here on an amazing title. as 2023 comes to a close, will we see kylie in his new house in 2024? A potential wedding? Big, big things happening in 2024, and that's not the 6 cruises booked and *cough* paid for. But his booty butt getting bigger.
  15. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #60 Just call me Icon of the Sleaze

    Have at it guys, first time starting a thread. --- Congrats @Hardly Here for the winning titles. :)
  16. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #59 When a guy has bigger boobs than his girlfriend, sorry just not attractive.

    These threads are just flying by. Thanks to @QueenC17 for the newest thread title. I’m not doing a recap, because I’m too excited to see what the next mental health check in from the family brings tomorrow. Since we know that the Pallo Clown Posse is all in on the channel, I can only assume...
  17. M

    Kyle Pallo #58 Who Needs a 401k When You Have Lorcana Cards?

    Thread title courtesy of @tnutz. Unfortunate timing, however, as Kyle seems to have given up on them after spending hundreds of dollars because they're "impossible" to get (even though someone here pointed out almost all are still available on ShopDisney).
  18. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #57 He isn’t obese so he’s okay

    The newest thread title courtesy of @airbusA330 👏
  19. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #56 Kyle's shy little Peter is finally exposed

    Congrats to @GreenIsNotACreativeColor for our new thread title. Anyone care to do a recap?
  20. starri

    Kyle Pallo #55 Hosted in His Mind, Roasted By the Truth Online

    @tnutz I believe starts us off. Previously, our boy KP was caught with his pants down by some stellar detective work.
  21. DonnyBergerStan

    Kyle Pallo #54 The Roasted Nuts Era

    Congrats to @Chernabog for the thread title. Welcome, friends, to the newest volume of honest and uncensored criticism of Disney Park’s favorite fit vlogger apparently. The photo pass pics say otherwise! 😂 Last vlog Kyle started on his series of THE BIGGEST EVENT Disney has ever invited him...
  22. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #53 Dance Like No One’s Watching, Because They Aren’t

    Here we are at our next thread. Great title thanks to @tnutz. In this coming thread we’re going from not watching Kyle dance to not watching Kyle run. Should be a good sh@t show incoming. As you were.
  23. DonnyBergerStan

    Kyle Pallo #52 First Class Dreams, Low-Class Schemes

    Congrats to @txtwin69 on the new thread title! Another week, another thread! Last time we spoke Kyle just got back from his trip to Disneyland, where his parents and his sister all shared a bed while Casey sadly missed out on the invite. Casey also missed out on the invite of many trips to...
  24. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #51 Big Dwarf meets Little Giant

    Congrats to @DisneyTrolls for our newest thread title! I'll let someone else do the recap.
  25. DonnyBergerStan

    Kyle Pallo #50 If his mouth is open he’s either lying or deep throating a churro

    Congrats to @GreyStroke for the thread title, very fitting profile image as well! I adjusted it slightly in case the original goes against the guidelines. It's 100% factual though, there are hundreds of videos online to back it up. Who wants to recap the last three days since the last thread...