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  1. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #20 The only thing he knows how to pack is packing on the pounds.

    Thread title courtesy of @airbusA330 Anyone up for a recap?
  2. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #19 Disney's Most Overrated and Biggest Click Baiter wannabe Vlogger.

    Your one stop shop for all of the Tea about diminutive Disney douchebag Kyle Pallo that he doesn't want you to know. We're not former fans he pissed off, we're just jealous of his success, obviously. Title by @AKW24 - congratulations! No recap because I don't pay him that much attention...
  3. S

    Kyle Pallo #18 Mighty Casey has struck out

    Hat tip to @ScoJo15 for the excellent title. I'd recap the last one, but it would make me too angry.
  4. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #17 The only thing ‘super dry’ about Kyle is Kyle’s date’s vagina.

    Title by @airbusA330 with 25+19 votes or so. From what I have gathered from here Kyle's still an obnoxious grifting asshole, but I can't do the recap because I've been too busy to watch Kyle's Daily Dumps and take notes, so please add your own.
  5. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #16 I might have a small penis, but I’m a huge dick

    Thread title courtesy of @wtc50e Anyone care to recap?
  6. S

    Kyle Pallo #15 Welcome back to your daily downvote

    Previously, Kyle enraged us all. Props to @ScoJo15 for the title.
  7. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #14 This thread had a funny title but Kyle deleted it.

    Welcome to your one-stop hog roast for Dinky Disney Dipshit, Kyle Pallo. Grab a chugger™ and some nummies™, pull up a chair and join the fun as us lowlifes™ and hatters™ critique the Daily Dump he calls a vlog. Personal note: this will be my last recap for a while, for positive reasons, I’m...
  8. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #13 Kyle checks in, viewers check out.

    Calling all lowlife’s (sic) and jealous hatters (sic) of Disney’s very own first-class-flying monkey, Kyle Pallo! Come and join us as we roast him for his continuing adventures in insulting his viewers’ intelligence, delusions of grandeur, shady grifting for easy money, sleazy thirst-baiting...
  9. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #12 Deep-Throating for DVC points!

    Calling all lowlife’s (sic) and jealous haters (sic) of diminutive Disney douchebag Kyle Pallo! Has Kyle recently ghosted you for daring to express an opposing opinion? Did you mortally offend him by not kissing his chubby, hairy little ass? Did you finally realize Covid isolation isn’t the only...
  10. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #11 He’s President of the Disney Grifter Gays for Trump Society!

    Welcome to the premier support group for people Disney douchebag Kyle Pallo has pissed off; not to be confused with that other forum where those of whom we do not speak seem to wish Kyle would piss on them. Ew, icky. They must enjoy smelling of cheese, shrimp and booze. In the previous episode...
  11. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #10 Kyle got lei'd by Dick Breed!

    In the last episode our hero made a radical departure from filming his feet, himself in the shower, himself eating like a caveman, himself getting drunk, car parks and concrete at Disneyworld to travel to Aulani in Hawaii (at the expense of pornstar-named stan Dick Breed) to film his feet...
  12. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #9 We may all be "low life's" but we're three feet taller than him.

    In the previous instalment of the ongoing adventures of grifty Disney doofus Kylow Rent our hero... Oh, wait. Our previous thread had so many new arrivals and so many posts in quick succession that it filled up before Kyle had much time to do anything of note. Not that he'd do much except...
  13. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #8 Grifting to new heights because he got screwed by two queens!

    Title by Michael Kay's Delusions (11 votes). In the previous episode of the ongoing adventures of grifty doofus Kylow Rent our hero bought an old BMW worth under $15K for the bargain price of $23K plus tax. Because it's Sexy! This upset most of the fans who had previously advised him to avoid...
  14. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #7 $4000 or more for a VIP Tour, but can’t use his car handle & door. Grifting for MORE!

    A long time ago in a Disneyworld far, far away, Kylow Rent wandered around complaining about everything whilst pointing his camera at concrete. Needing a break from his busy schedule he disappeared for a week only to return and tell us all he'd been doing exactly the same thing when he was away...
  15. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #6 Grifter Extraordinaire!

    Title by @Iwantallthetea In the previous chapter of the saga of Pallo's ongoing adventures in Disney our hero had visits from family and friend, spent obscene amounts of other people's money on luxury accommodation, VIP tours and alcohol, whilst whining about everything. Lately he's been...
  16. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #5 Tales of a Privileged, Self-Centered Chronic Complainer

    Title courtesy of @NanTeaDrew 👏
  17. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #4 Drink, eat, grift, repeat..

    Previously Kyle ate, drank, jumped in pools and took showers in his underwear, ate, drank, drank, drank, ate and posed for shirtless thumbnails. Occasionally he paused eating and drinking to visit Epcot and go on a couple of cruises, Starbucks in Chicago, New Orleans to play mini golf and whinge...
  18. S

    Kyle Pallo #3 Your Daily Dose of Douchebaggery

    Previously on Kyle Pallo: Kyle destroyed all the goodwill he'd built up for a lot of us being being a COVIDiot. He got depressed over a football game and his fitness, and proceeded to eat his feelings. Also, it was cold in the Northern Hemisphere in January.
  19. S

    Kyle Pallo #2 Oops I Forgot To Put On A Shirt Again. Pay Me Enough And I'll Forget My Pants.

    Previously, Kyle grifted some of us, and endeared himself to some of us, often at the same time.
  20. N

    Kyle Pallo

    Kyle has come up a lot recently in other threads, he probably deserves his is Kyle gay, or just baiting? Does he actually enjoy Disney, or trying to make an easy dollar? Finally, why does he insist on filming kids sections of water parks when he doesn’t even have a public boyfriend or...
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