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  1. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #5 Tales of a Privileged, Self-Centered Chronic Complainer

    Title courtesy of @NanTeaDrew đź‘Ź
  2. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #4 Drink, eat, grift, repeat..

    Previously Kyle ate, drank, jumped in pools and took showers in his underwear, ate, drank, drank, drank, ate and posed for shirtless thumbnails. Occasionally he paused eating and drinking to visit Epcot and go on a couple of cruises, Starbucks in Chicago, New Orleans to play mini golf and whinge...
  3. S

    Kyle Pallo #3 Your Daily Dose of Douchebaggery

    Previously on Kyle Pallo: Kyle destroyed all the goodwill he'd built up for a lot of us being being a COVIDiot. He got depressed over a football game and his fitness, and proceeded to eat his feelings. Also, it was cold in the Northern Hemisphere in January.
  4. S

    Kyle Pallo #2 Oops I Forgot To Put On A Shirt Again. Pay Me Enough And I'll Forget My Pants.

    Previously, Kyle grifted some of us, and endeared himself to some of us, often at the same time.
  5. N

    Kyle Pallo

    Kyle has come up a lot recently in other threads, he probably deserves his is Kyle gay, or just baiting? Does he actually enjoy Disney, or trying to make an easy dollar? Finally, why does he insist on filming kids sections of water parks when he doesn’t even have a public boyfriend or...
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