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  1. eggfriedrice

    Jordan Lipscombe #3

    So here we go 🥰 I can’t even be bothered to do a recap (can someone do one please!) but a new thread needed to be made!!
  2. G

    Jordan Lipscombe #2 Blackfishing fool, boyfriend’s a tool, doesn’t have mates, bought a dog to look cool

    Had to shorten the title to fit, hope it’s okay! Roundup: - Jordan was accused of Asian fishing in a video on how to do fox eyes, people also brought up her black fishing and it was a huge scandal, she deleted the video and brushed over it - Bought a 5 bed house which she lives in with Jake -...
  3. GossWhore

    Jordan Lipscombe - 50 shades of the wrong foundation

    I don't get why her foundation is so dark Also she's a copycat. Got big copying Patricia Bright buying videos which Patricia called her out for (I'll try find the receipts)
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