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  1. teki_awas

    Alexandra Peirce

    Welcome to the first official thread for Alexandra Peirce, a.k.a HRH Collection. I came across Alexandra, for the first time, on Tiktok. There's something off about a person who's niche is to argue with imaginary people. Alexandra records herself in what seems to be daily vlogs. In the videos...
  2. F

    Hrh collection

    I have finally found or earned the post thread button!! Please please someone tell me the follow this monstrosity?! She has threads on guru gossip but that site is too much effort! She is absolutely horrific. Manic rants, excessive fillers, shopping, zero empathy & self obsessed . Please let me...
  3. leigh213

    HRH Collection/ Alexandra Peirce

    I couldn't believe there was no thread for her here, but we needed one, so here it is!! Boy where to start, her jewelry really isn't "her own" and she isn't in control of the process like she'd have people think because she just gets it from a supplier and knows nothing about it. Then the...