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I couldn't believe there was no thread for her here, but we needed one, so here it is!!

Boy where to start, her jewelry really isn't "her own" and she isn't in control of the process like she'd have people think because she just gets it from a supplier and knows nothing about it. Then the markups are highway robbery.

When will her next trip to Paris be? Can she stand the sight of all the actually-fashionable and high society people, or will it be too much to handle and will spar another Michael Keaton-style Meltdown?

Will finding the right coffee prove to be too tall of an order? And what will happen when all the local grocery stores are sold out of Fiber One's all at the same time?

And finally, will the Chinese Billionaire's Daughter make a reappearance?? Dun dun dun...
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God I can't stand her. I hoped it would all crumble down after her "dying to be Asian" thing and saying she knows all about Asian culture because she has two Asian assistants and her dog gets groomed in a Korean Salon.

I blame Gwen Stefani, she shouldn't have got away with what she did either!
^^ She got loads of bad publicity ( which was all the publicity she has gotten) after that one video, but the thing is, she still has these people who worship or fake- worship just for shits.
So glad I found the HRH thread! Can't believe there aren't more people here with how whack she is. Has anyone been keeping up with her recently?? She continues to lose her tit and is now going hard about not wearing a mask in public and how everyone is a sheep. She has been posting pics of anyone that leaves her a negative comment on her insta stories calling them ugly and bullying them basically.

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Never known someone to be so fake! I can’t believe people actually believe this is her personality. She acts like a spoilt little shouty brat for the views etc. Her “jewellery line” is a joke, it’s clearly from places like ali express/wish! YouTube have created monsters!
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She is trash. Her style is trash. She thinks her views are down on her last video because no one saw it was posted. Uh no. No one wants to see a whiny entitled brat go off on normal people. I really can’t stand her. I’m glad that her last video only has 11k views and it’s been up a week. Maybe she will realize no one likes her anymore.
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Is she actually like in her videos or does she play a character ? She looks so immature for her age
Feel like there should be a thread on Reddit in regards to her instagram and/or youtube. I made a purchase that recently raised some red flags... unfortunately then I did some research and a shocking amount of people have had bad experiences... I want to collect some statements for legal purposes...