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  1. AdsB

    Declan Rice #4 Deccers just needs to make us all Preggers

    Welcome to thread 4 everyone. Let’s recap. 🔴 Dec went to Ibiza dressed as a plate from Weatherspoons. 🔴 The Arsenal transfer saga went on for 75 years. 🔴 Dec gave us some sexy content while training in Portugal. 🔴 Dec said goodbye to West Ham 😭. 🔴 Dec finally joined Arsenal and kept his...
  2. AdsB

    Declan Rice #3 who would’ve thought

    Welcome to thread 3 everyone. Thanks to @katiestewart for the shady thread title 🙄😂. Let’s recap. 🏆 @louise0408 compared Declan to Mr Tumnus 😂. 🏆 The Arsenal rumours started again. 🏆 @MissDolly found a shirtless Declan video because she’s secretly down for him. 🏆 The arrivals video arrived...
  3. AdsB

    Declan Rice #2 Beef chow mein declan riiiiiiiiice

    Welcome to thread 2. Thanks to @louise0408 for the fabulous title. So a quick recap of Declan’s debut rave thread. • @StephenTJackson wanted to lick Muller Rice from Declan’s body. We found a clause in his contract confirming we can also lick a Muller corner from his body. • @katiestewart...
  4. Spectacles

    Declan Rice - Rice rice baby

    Created for @AdsB @StephenTJackson and @louise0408 and all Feel free to share photos, stories of the DILF