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The seventh series of Ex on the Beach, a British television programme that aired on 20 June 2017 on MTV. The group of cast for this series include Geordie Shore stars Chloe Ferry and Marty McKenna, Love Island contestants Max Morley and Josh Ritchie, as well as Beauty School Cop Outs cast member Savannah Kemplay. Star of series five David Hawley also featured in this series. Marty and Josh had also previously appeared in the third and sixth series of the show respectively.

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  1. Peakyblinders

    Che & Leonie Mcsorley #2

    Had to make a thread as the last one was about to be shut down… too many pages
  2. S

    Che and Leonie Mcsorley (@those_._twins)

    Saw someone mention that they haven’t seen a thread on these girls so here it isssss. Sound off 😂